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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of business management that expands the traditional economic vision of organisations and includes the concept of sustainable development as a strategic positioning tool, the final aim of which is to create a socially, economically and environmentally responsible business model.

CSR and Paraty Tech

As we are aware of the importance CSR has come to enjoy in recent years, the team at Paraty Tech would define itself as a responsible company. For this reason, we have specified our business values in a code of conduct where we establish the nature of relationships with our clients, employees and providers.

Our clients

We know that hotel behaviour has changed in recent years. Currently, the majority of hotel establishments design their strategies in terms of social and environmental costs. At Paraty Tech we will accompany you on this journey by incorporating our values of environmental protection and the efficient management of energy resources.
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Our employees

The responsible management of our employees is one of our mottoes. As a consequence, issues such as diversity, the conciliation of personal life with work, and non-discrimination have always enjoyed an important position in our company. Paraty Tech backs a relationship with employees based on trust, respect and communication.
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Our providers

Knowing as we do that our providers directly contribute to maintaining the balance of our chain of value, we at Paraty Tech give priority to relations with providers who promote the development of responsible practises in their companies by considering environmental and social dimensions in the selection of these.
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