Growth could be our 2022 summary word

Corporate 29/12/2022

Everything that has happened this 2022

The year is ending and it is time to take stock. As always, our blog has been the epicenter of our communications, and the posts it contains, the best possible common thread to recap the highlights of our activity. The ideal place to check the latest releases and improvements to Paraty Tech products and services, but also to find out everything related to the hotel sector and the Paraty World ecosystem. Will you join us on this walk?

We start 2022 by catching up on the most important news from Google . The famous "Google Tax" gave a lot of talk and had to be updated to be able to explain it clearly. We learned and, at the same time, we continued to train, sharing tips and advice associated with the main tools used in our day to day: we have talked about Instagram , Metasearch engines , Google Analytics4 , Google My Business , Google Ads ... It is essential to be aligned with our clients in terms of knowledge, and we are always willing to write an article to further this trend.

Success Stories Series As usual, we also wanted to focus on our clients. This is where the Success Stories Series arose, a space dedicated to publicizing their success stories , which we inaugurated with Vik Hotels. A different way of discovering the tricks and strategies that, with our help, have led them to make the most of their hotel establishments.

Renew or die, another of our mottos, which has been able to find its best scope of application in the development of new tools to continue contributing to the increase in direct sales of hotels and hotel chains. Call Seeker came stomping in. An innovative product that emerged from active listening to the sector, with the aim of simplifying the arduous task of quoting reservations, but which also includes a wide range of very useful functionalities for reception, sales, etc. departments.

During the first months of the year, we boosted our presence in Mexico with the opening of our office in Cancun and the establishment of a permanent team there to offer better service to customers in the area, and to make our technology available to as many possible from hotels in Caribbean destinations. In fact, our spin-off focused on the voice channel, Ring2Travel , also crossed the pond, determined to raise awareness there of the importance of setting up a Customer Experience Center. A turning point in our international expansion process that experienced a great advance with this milestone.

With the arrival of spring, like flowers, events bloomed. Own and others. Fairs, loyalty appointments, training meetings... The parties celebrating our 10th anniversary made us especially excited, both in Spain and in Portugal . In both we were able to meet again with clients and collaborators, enjoy with our closest friends, in wonderful surroundings. Unique opportunities to chat and toast in confidence for these 10 years. And let it be another 10 more!

Internally, it is always important to foster relationships between colleagues. Something that the Pandemic had worked hard to avoid, forcing us (among many other things) to cancel our traditional Christmas lunch in 2021. The best vaccine we were able to find to alleviate this side effect of the virus was the #ParatySpringParty or "No Christmas Food" . A meeting in which our large family had a great time in a cocktail-type event at the Hotel La Barracuda.

At Paraty World we are committed to our employees and their well-being. Following the path of offering a healthy and pleasant work environment , we implemented our Paraty World All Inclusive project, which came to complete the in-house English classes, with the inclusion in March of a free daily buffet and, just a couple of months later, Wellness activities: nutrition, yoga and breathing sessions taught by Lidia Cruzado from @liluonthemat . A success to make the work environment a more complete and healthy experience.

The heat was brought by the arrival of summer, and the warmth came from our partners. Companies made up of great professionals with whom we share a customer-centric approach and philosophy. Incredible alliances that have helped us offer more to the hotel establishments with which we collaborate. PayNoPain , Asksuite and Hotelverse have contributed to making our tools more complete and efficient solutions. In addition, we became the only booking engine to integrate Transfers & Experiences , offering the possibility of booking transfers and excursions directly during the booking process , with immediate confirmation and without the need for third-party intervention. Gold for hotels.

September is always a decisive time and we decided to prepare our particular "Back to school". Paraty Academy was born from the signing of the collaboration agreement with Turiscool . A virtual space, free for our clients, with more than 50 courses on the most varied topics. Learning has never been so easy!

An initiative that came to add to other indicators of our unquestionable commitment to training, such as our status as sponsors of Travel Tech , one of the most important free discussion forums worldwide, with specific sessions for each geographical area: Brazil & Portugal , USA & Canada, APAC, EMEA and Spain & LATAM. In all these appointments we had the pleasure of participating twice (discussion table and pitch session).

At the end of the year, a very special Christmas gift arrived... The launch of Price Seeker v4 and the possibility of enjoying the tool for 14 days totally free . This version represents a comprehensive renovation of our acclaimed rate shopper, which has undergone its most ambitious reform in this update and its mutation into a price intelligence platform. It was already extraordinarily powerful, but now it is also a more intuitive and complete solution: new functionalities, display formats and indicators, more in line with current times and current work methodologies.

Recovering old pre-covid customs, in 2022 we have been able to celebrate our #ParatyChristmasParty . If our impromptu spring party was a success, this one, steeped in the Christmas atmosphere, was even better. Cocktail, invisible friend, photo booth and a rap to remember, put the finishing touch to the group's internal events. We are already looking forward to the next one!

Finally, we cannot stop talking about the exponential growth that we have experienced in Paraty World. The 4 companies that make up the group and its 3 offices around the world have not stopped expanding. The same fate has run the team. We have gone from being 71 people in 2021, to more than 120 today, integrating talent as young as necessary.

Incorporations that have led us to expand our headquarters in Torremolinos (Málaga), whose offices now exceed 600 m2. We now have more meeting rooms, 3 kitchens, height-adjustable office tables for those who want to work standing up, a grassy area to disconnect and an endless number of open space -type workstations, which help us all feel more united and connected.

In short, it has been an intense year in terms of work and activity, during which we have enjoyed, learned and evolved. But this wheel does not stop turning and we can already anticipate that 2023 will come loaded with surprises , like the Three Wise Men.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!