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At Paraty Tech, we seek to adapt to the different needs that arise in the sector. By choosing our booking engine, you will have access to all the following tools for your establishment.

Online Check-In

We respond to the needs of the market with our own developments. The pandemic demanded social distance. Hotel staff demanded more time to better serve guests on site. And we reacted by launching our own Check-In Online system, fulfilling the objectives of automating processes and optimizing resources.

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Agencies and Companies Modules

Agencies and companies can book with special conditions, 100% tailor-made. Set conditions for those companies that decide to book at your hotel and allow travel agencies to generate reservations through your engine.
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Special features before, during and after the stay

The official website must ensure that guests feel special before, during and after their stay. For this we offer a series of resources that, in addition, will contribute to increase the conversion of the direct channel.

  • SALES INCENTIVES: Increase conversion with dynamic and personalized messages during the reservation process.
  • SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRES: Set them up to get only the information that interests you the most. The important thing is to listen to your customers.
  • PRE-STAY EMAIL: On the one hand, you solve possible last minute doubts. On the other, you grant the opportunity to upsell the booking...
  • BIRTHDAY GREETING EMAIL: Greet your guests on their day. It is only a gesture, but it's the thought that counts. You can take advantage to give them a gift in the form of a discount promocode
Increase the value of your reservations
Satisfaction is synonymous with loyalty
Every tool, every gesture, contributes

We adapt the engine to your business

Your establishment may not live only from the rooms. At Paraty Tech we can develop a specific booking engine for your other lines of business: ticket sales, treatments, spaces, activities ... of any service. Allow your clients to buy them, whether they stay or not, discriminating by days, people and even time slots.
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Displacement of Cancellations

In 2020, the pandemic sparked a surge in cancellations. At Paraty Tech, we support the "Don't cancel, postpone" campaign.

First, with a reinforcement video, under the slogan "Hotels host your dreams... and ours."

Then, developing a functionality specifically designed to minimize the impact of mobility restrictions. With our Cancellation Displacement module you can avoid inconvenient refunds by persuading customers to postpone their reservations instead of canceling them.

  • MODIFICATION OF RESERVATIONS: For all purposes, it lets the customers modify their bookings.
  • PROMOCODE: It allows to encourage the displacement through a discount promocode that would be executed internally.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Through BI it will be possible to monitor the effectiveness of the functionality.

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Vouchers as a form of Reimbursement

In times of uncertainty, reservations that accept vouchers as a form of reimbursement are a very useful alternative to combat the intention to cancel or face a reimbursement that comes through external causes. Postponement without the need to specify a specific date also opens a door to customer loyalty that will not only be satisfied, but will probably end up staying at the establishment in question.
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Gift Vouchers

Giving a stay is giving an experience. Turn your hotel into the perfect gift with our Gift Vouchers module. The user will only have to:

  • Select the amount in euros to give away
  • Enter your details as a buyer
  • Enter the beneficiary's data

Everything is well thought out. Check-ins are subject to availability and the services included can be configured according to the needs and strategy of your establishment.
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Tourist Vouchers

Any initiative aimed at reviving tourism is welcome such as the tourist vouchers of various autonomous communities. At Paraty Tech have put our efforts so that your guests can benefit from them through your official website. And you don't have to worry about anything.
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