Rate Shopper:
parity and competition under control

Paraty Tech's Rate Shopper is called Price Seeker. Having a Rate Shopper can make the revenue manager's day to day a simpler task. Save time and money with a tool that works for you and helps you optimize your revenue management strategy.

Rate Shopper:
questions and answers

What is a Rate Shopper for hotels?

A Rate Shopper for hotels and hotel chains is, in essence, a price control tool. Properly configured, it allows the hotelier to know both the status of the price of his hotel establishment (s) in the different channels with which he operates, as well as the prices set by his main competitors in the different channels in which they are present.

What does a Rate Shopper provide for hotels?

For the Revenue Manager of a hotel, having a Rate Shopper is very useful to optimize their revenue strategy, detect relevant disparities, keep up to date with the price of the place, identify future trends, etc. Automating regular searches or configuring and scheduling reports and alerts will save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on tedious manual searches.

Can you configure as many hotels and channels as you want?

It depends on the Rate Shopper. Usually both the number of channels and the number of competitors is limited.

Does Paraty Tech have its own Rate Shopper?

Yes. We have one of the most advanced Rate Shoppers on the market, Price Seeker .

What main features should a Rate Shopper offer?

The functionalities of a Rate Shopper may vary between providers, but it should at least respond to a series of needs: monitor the prices of your hotel in the different channels in which it is present, monitor the prices of your competitor hotels in those channels in those that are present, allow future periodic searches and reports, allow the configuration of automated periodic reports, have an alert system that reports relevant disparities, offer a suggestion of the optimal sale price, online reputation data, etc.

Is Price Seeker available to customers of other booking engines?

Yes. Price Seeker works independently and is custom configured for each hotel establishment or hotel chain. At Paraty Tech we help you identify both the channels to monitor and your competitive set, and we take care of customizing the tool to respond to your needs and satisfy your interests.

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