Fuerte Group's Black Friday campaign surpasses that of 2019 in sales thanks to the strategic union with Paraty Tech

Marketing 17/12/2020

The results achieved by Fuerte Group (Fuerte Hoteles, Amare, and Olée Holiday Rentals) with Paraty Tech reveal a strong demand and desire to travel.

  • With conversion rates between 50% and 70%, the sales from their Black Friday campaign have surpassed those of the same period last year.

  • Fuerte Group, always a pioneer in direct sales, has been collaborating with the technology company Paraty Tech for two years.

In the current turbulent scenario caused by Covid-19, where mobility restrictions have hindered normal hotel activity as a preventive measure, there was inevitable skepticism and even founded fears regarding the potential sales during the Black Friday campaign.

In 2020, a point was reached where comparing data with the previous year had lost all meaning. According to Martín Aleixandre, Commercial Director of Fuerte Group, which includes Fuerte Hoteles, Amare, and Olée Holiday Rentals, "the results achieved in our Black Friday campaign have been a double surprise. On one hand, they have revealed that the demand is still there, that there is still a strong desire to travel, and on the other, the figures from 2019 have been surpassed. This confirms that the revenue strategy adopted has been successful. Despite offering discounts of 25% or more, we managed to increase the average price. Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Fuerte Group and Paraty Tech joined forces over two years ago, and time seems to have justified that decision. According to Franz Matheis, CTO of Paraty Tech, "working with Fuerte Group was a significant challenge for many reasons, mainly because they are a demanding client, a leader in their destinations, already working perfectly and taking direct sales very seriously. It was essential to meet the expectations placed on our solutions." Throughout their relationship, Franz continues, "we have spared no efforts or resources to adapt to their way of selling and their commercial strategy, optimizing our engine to the maximum and constantly improving it, especially in terms of speed and conversion."

The data collected after the conclusion of the Black Friday campaign in 2020 speaks for itself, providing encouraging figures for the upcoming season. "It is important to be cautious because, with the Coronavirus, everything can change from one day to another, and what are reservations today may be cancellations tomorrow," adds Martín. Nevertheless, the conversion rate, around 50% - 70%, depending on the channel analyzed, cannot be ignored. It represents a significant sign of recovery and embodies the appearance of those long-awaited green shoots.

In conclusion, Manuel Redondo, Marketing Director of the hotel group, believes that "in my opinion, the sales success of the campaign has been mainly due to three factors: the excellent performance of the booking engine and the conversion funnel - thanks largely to the personalization work carried out by the Paraty Tech team, aiming to implement the strategy designed by our commercial team - its extraordinary reach in terms of visibility and the use of channels, and the perfect coordination between the Fuerte Group and Paraty Tech teams."