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World Tourism Day 2023

World Tourism Day 2023

Today, September 27, is World Tourism Day. A date that, because of our current activity, but also because of the baggage we carry with us, touches us very closely. This year, the theme is a declaration of intent: Tourism and green investments. Sustainability, in short, or what the vast majority of us understand by this concept.

The RAE has not exactly broken its head when referring to sustainability as the "quality of being sustainable". However, we like another of its meanings much better and it represents very well, in our humble opinion, the magnitude of the term: a characteristic of development that ensures the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

As you can see, this applies to everything. And in our field, it constitutes a way of proceeding that can be applied to the most diverse fields. From the obvious, such as the effort to use, as far as possible, so-called clean energies, to make responsible use of resources, valuable and scarce in equal parts, such as water, or to reduce our carbon footprint, to issues perhaps not so closely associated in the collective imagination with sustainability, such as care, and, above all, the imperative need to foster greater collaboration between public and private entities to create a tourism model that contributes, through the promotion of destinations (their services, gastronomy, culture, nature, business fabric, etc.), to their deseasonalization. ), to its deseasonalization, and therefore, to favor the preservation and development of its charms, and a harmonious coexistence between its local population and those who decide to visit them.

None of us are going to change the world (a facile argument), but we can contribute to do so (another hackneyed phrase). Whether forced, or out of conviction, that is the way forward. The roadmap we need to set ourselves. We can believe in climate change. We can embrace conspiracy theories and deny its existence or, at least, the real impact of our actions on its future. It matters little. Because the reality is that, beyond the convinced environmentalists and vehement deniers, all these steps are good for the place where we live (we are not talking about the earth as a planet, but also about our country, our city, our municipality) and for the professional activity we have chosen: hospitality. It is very hospitable to ensure the needs of our present, without compromising those of future generations. Or is it?

Moreover, it turns out that the traveler of our time has spoken out and we have the obligation to listen (if not out of conviction, let's do it because there is a lot at stake). Large corporations offer the possibility on their digital platforms to record our actions in this regard (it is no coincidence that they have worked to give them the visibility they deserve), and we know for sure that tourists value them more and more, and that they are willing to invest more in their getaways, vacations or business trips, when they are aware of their small contribution (and consequent conscience-cleansing). An unwritten win-win pact. Greenwashing is not, logically, the ideal model, but it all adds up, why deny it. And if it serves as a pretext to get the batteries (or solar batteries), it's a good thing.

Anyway.... Sharing this brief reflection with all of you is just an excuse to wish you a happy Tourism Day.
Hotansa and Paraty Tech take the direct channel to second position in sales volume

Hotansa and Paraty Tech take the direct channel to second position in sales volume

Hotansa, a hotel manager with 18 establishments located in different destinations in Andorra, and Paraty Tech, a company that provides services to hotel establishments with the aim of boosting their direct sales, joined their paths in 2021, when they decided to lay the foundations for a comprehensive collaboration.

The project included the design and development of the official websites of each establishment and the group's corporate page, all of them equipped with the reservation engine of the technology company located in Malaga, and the contracting of other products such as Price Seeker (platform price intelligence), Paraty Digital Suite (digital marketing) and Paraty Metas (metasearch engine management).

In the words of Gloria Paris , commercial director at Hotansa, “every year with Paraty Tech we have improved our numbers.” A statement fully aligned with the results obtained in the 2022-2023 winter season , which reflect an increase of 54.5% in direct reservations compared to the same period of the previous year.

Not in vain, as Daniel Sánchez , CRO at Paraty Tech, comments, “this data is very positive, but it is not the only one to be proud of.” And, thanks to Hotansa's balanced distribution mix, between both entities, combining know-how, technology and efforts, they have achieved that the direct channel , with a 12.5% share , rises to second position in volume of sales, equaling the main OTA and only below the number one national channel in ski travel.

Still, far from settling, "this year our goal is to position direct sales first, to be the first to sell our own product," says Néstor Hernández , marketing manager of the hotel management company, who sees the increase in the budget in digital marketing one of the keys to achieving this, trying to reach an audience located one or two levels lower in the sales funnel, and enhancing the relevance of markets such as the British, French or German.

A strategy that they believe they can afford due to their careful control policy, which has led them to maintain the average cost per direct reservation at very low levels, around 4.2% , and to invest 24% less than estimated in platforms. such as Google Ads and Google Hotel Ads. A situation consistent with the metrics and analytics they manage, which indicate that almost 70% of sales come from organic traffic.

The ultimate goal, Gloria concludes, is none other than “positioning Hotansa as the best option in Andorra, placing the direct channel, our official websites, in first position in sales volume, even if it entails a higher average cost per reservation.”
Price Seeker detects Smart, Atrápalo's new loyalty program

Price Seeker detects Smart, Atrápalo's new loyalty program

Vamos a tirar un poco del hilo. Las alertas, nunca mejor dicho, saltaron cuando Price Seeker detectó una serie de inesperadas incoherencias de precios en Atrápalo, provocando importantes diferenciales entre el precio que ofrecía este canal y el de la página web oficial. Nuestra herramienta estaba extrayendo y mostrando el precio sin saber que, en muchos casos, se estaba aplicando el descuento Smart, lo que generaba importantes disparidades con el canal directo.

Price Seeker ya extrae el precio más barato

Conocedores ya del nuevo programa de Atrápalo, es importante saber que nuestra plataforma de inteligencia de precios Price Seeker ya recoge el precio más barato que ofrece la OTA, esté o no incluido el hotel durante esas fechas en el programa Smart.

Además, estamos trabajando para poder indicar próximamente si dicho precio es con el descuento Smart y, de ser así, mostrar también el porcentaje de diferencial. Dicho de otro modo, el precio que recogemos es el más barato que puede terminar pagando el usuario en caso de registrarse al programa. De no hacerlo, pagará más, pero nunca menos del precio que muestra nuestra plataforma.

Del retail al travel

El comercio electrónico se reduce, en esencia, a la compra y venta de bienes y servicios utilizando Internet. De acuerdo a esta definición genérica, la reserva online de habitaciones, con independencia del canal por el que se lleve a cabo, entraría dentro de lo que se conoce comúnmente como e-commerce.

En más de una ocasión hemos comentado que el sector hotelero tiene mucho que aprender e importar de otros, como el del entretenimiento audiovisual o el de los marketplaces. Apoyándose en el vasto volumen de datos que generan sus usuarios a través de sus hábitos de navegación, consultas y adquisiciones, estos players son expertos en ofrecer experiencias hiper-personalizadas y en desplegar agresivos y efectivos mecanismos de fidelización que ayudan a retener a sus clientes, garantizando futuras compras.

Pues bien, parece que algunos ya están tomando nota de este modus operandi. Este es el caso del nuevo programa de fidelización de Atrápalo. Como ya hemos avanzado, el chivato encargado de alertarnos de su existencia no ha sido otro que Price Seeker, nuestra plataforma de inteligencia de precios para hoteles.

¿En qué consiste Smart?

Para asegurarnos de que comprendes bien en qué consiste, vamos a establecer un breve paralelismo con Amazon Prime. Seguro que lo conoces, pero de no ser así, te recordamos cómo funciona. Los usuarios de Amazon tienen a su disposición la suscripción Prime, consistente en abonar una cantidad anual (actualmente asciende ya a 49,90€ aunque en sus comienzos suponía la mitad de este coste) a cambio de disfrutar de una serie de ventajas:
  • Envío rápido y gratis en una amplia selección de productos
  • Acceso gratuito a Prime Video
  • Acceso gratuito a Prime Reading
  • Acceso gratuito a Prime Music
  • Prime Day: un día de ofertas exclusivo para clientes Amazon Prime
  • Almacenamiento ilimitado en Amazon Photos
Privilegios que no solo se traducen en los ingresos derivados de la cuota de suscripción, sino que, en última instancia, invitan al consumidor a comprar de forma repetitiva en el marketpalce Amazon y a hacer un uso reiterado de sus servicios complementarios. Pero lo más importante es que creada la necesidad, con el cliente ya atrapado en sus redes, este último queda, de algún modo, a merced de sus intereses comerciales.

Smart de Atrápalo se basa en este modelo de suscripción anual, e incluso el coste (50€ al año) guarda un sospechoso paralelismo con el de Amazón. A cambio de esa cantidad, el usuario “podrá comprar con ellos de forma ilimitada beneficiándose de descuentos exclusivos durante la vigencia del periodo de suscripción” en determinados productos ofrecidos por la OTA e identificados con la etiqueta “Smart”, como vuelos, hoteles, vuelo + hotel.

Atrápalo ha sido hábil en la confección de este programa de fidelización porque en sus bases legales no especifica ni que productos gozarán del distintivo Smart, ni a cuánto ascenderá el descuento. Por tanto, todo parece indicar que su estrategia está ideada, por un lado, para captar clientes repetidores y, por otro, para promocionar aquellos productos que más les interese vender.

¿A cuánto ascienden los descuentos de Smart de Atrápalo?

Esta es la pregunta del millón y, para poder responder con la mayor exactitud posible, hay que tener en cuenta el producto que se está reservando y el valor de la reserva, porque la horquilla de descuento es muy holgada.

En el ejemplo que mostramos a continuación, una búsqueda para Málaga en el mes de agosto, los descuentos aplicados a los distintos hoteles se mueven entre el 6% y el 12%. Sin embargo, en vuelos y trenes puede llegar hasta el 30%.
La suscripción al programa Smart se realiza durante el mismo proceso de compra y en futuras compras, será necesario loguearse para beneficiarse de los descuentos asociados al mismo. Algo similar a las tarifas bloqueadas de los clubes de fidelización que implementan determinados hoteles, que se muestran en todo momento y se pueden seleccionar, pero, llegado el momento de completar la reserva, es necesario unirse al club para disfrutar del mejor precio.
Así es como describen el programa en su sitio web:

“La suscripción Smart es un nuevo servicio de suscripción anual ofrecido por Atrápalo para comprar Vuelos, Hoteles y Vuelo+Hotel con descuentos exclusivos para clientes SMART. La suscripción se contrata de manera simultánea a la compra de un vuelo, tren u hotel. Al comprar te ofrecemos la opción de suscribirte a Smart y empezar a disfrutar de descuentos exclusivos en Vuelos, Hoteles y Vuelo+Hotel. Al suscribirte a nuestro programa Smart te beneficias de descuentos exclusivos en los precios de nuestros vuelos, trenes y hoteles durante 12 meses. De esta forma puedes comprar con nosotros de forma ilimitada beneficiándote de estos descuentos durante el periodo de subscripción.”

Y aquí pueden consultarse las condiciones generales de contratación.
Paraty Tech continues to boost travelers' experience in partnership with PortAventura World

Paraty Tech continues to boost travelers' experience in partnership with PortAventura World

The company has integrated its hotel booking engine with the resort to facilitate the purchase of tickets for visitors when selecting their accommodation in the area.

The technology company Paraty Tech, which provides services to hotels and hotel chains with the aim of boosting their direct online and offline sales, takes another step forward in its commitment to the sale of experiences at source, by establishing a direct integration of its booking engine with the PortAventura World resort. The incorporation of Transfers & Experiences into the Paraty World Group in 2021 was a declaration of intent in this regard. Specializing at the time, as its name suggests, in the sale of experiences of all kinds and transfer services, mainly on the Costa del Sol, its imminent integration with Paraty Tech's booking engine represented the opportunity to offer hotels the possibility of providing a better experience for their guests, avoiding tedious and usual negotiations with local suppliers and providing them with an additional source of income. All this without having to intervene in the management of the service, nor undertake any investment.

The Paraty Tech - Transfers & Experiences alliance has taken a giant step forward in 2023, exponentially increasing the number of destinations they serve and developing their own API. The API facilitates the process of connecting new suppliers, who, as with hotels, have a lot to gain from this initiative with which expanding their online distribution network becomes a very simple task.

This is the case of PortAventura World, one of the most popular theme resorts in Europe, located in Tarragona (Costa Daurada), the new connectivity will allow hotels in the area that operate with Paraty Tech's booking engine to incorporate this add-on and thus offer users of its official website the possibility of buying their tickets to visit any of the three theme parks offered by the resort at the same time they book their accommodation.

As David Gil, CEO of Transfers & Experiences explains, “a careful two-step purchase process, designed to not negatively influence the conversion rate of the engine, allows the potential guest to add this experience as an additional service in the second step of the process, right after the room selection”. After completing the accommodation booking, the guest is informed to finalize the ticket purchase. At that moment he is redirected to the PortAventura World payment gateway, where he will pay for his order, obtaining his tickets with immediate confirmation. Therefore, the hotel does not intervene in the management of the payment of these.

According to Mireia Bové, Head of Sales at PortAventura World, “thanks to our collaboration with a partner such as Transfers and Experiences, we are able to be present at such a decisive moment for our potential clients as the booking of hotel accommodation in our area. For us, the fact of complementing in such a simple way a hotel reservation with the hiring of an experience in the destination undoubtedly contributes to raise the expectations and satisfaction of travelers who visit the Costa Dorada”.

Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech, is convinced that “the sale of experiences at source, in addition to being an unquestionable resource with which to increase their average ticket, brings great value to hotels, while helping them to offer a better service to their guests, who can complete their accommodation experience, in the same process, with a visit to the main attractions of the destination, as PortAventura World certainly is for the Costa Dorada”.

About PortAventura World Parks & Resort
PortAventura World Parks & Resort is one of the largest family leisure and vacation destinations in Europe. Throughout its 28-year history, it has received more than 100 million visits. With a privileged location close to Barcelona, the resort operates 5 4-star themed hotels and 1 5-star hotel (PortAventura Hotels) and has 2 hotels under management outside the resort grounds, with nearly 2,700 rooms, and a convention center (PortAventura Convention Centre) with capacity for up to 6,000 people. PortAventura World Parks & Resort also has a theme park, a Ferrari Land park, the only one of its kind in Europe, and a water park that is a leader in Europe with a range of world-class attractions. In April 2023 it received the B Corp certificate, which recognizes the company's work in terms of sustainability, social responsibility and good governance.
Booking Engine·16/08/2023
Paraty Tech incorporates Alejandra Hernandez as Business Development Manager in Colombia

Paraty Tech incorporates Alejandra Hernandez as Business Development Manager in Colombia

Paraty Tech, a technology company specialized in the development of solutions and tools that aim to enhance direct sales of hotels, hotel chains and other tourist accommodations, expands its team in LATAM with the incorporation of Alejandra Hernández as Business Development Manager Colombia.

With headquarters in Spain and branches in Portugal and Mexico, the opening of its commercial presence in Colombia gives continuity to its internationalization strategy and, in particular, to its expansion plans in Latin America, after the establishment of a permanent team based in Cancun last year, in whose hotel zone it is already the booking engine that manages the most beds.

Paraty Tech, which arrived in Latin America in 2017, already has several clients in the Andean country, including independent establishments, such as Hotel Soratama, and hotel chains, such as Spiwak Hoteles and EM Hotels. In the words of Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, "the incorporation of BDM responds not only to the intention of continuing to grow in Colombia, but also to the need to offer a better service to its clients there". A country that, she continues, "has great potential in direct sales and where we can provide great value, backed by our extensive experience in various international markets".

Alejandra Hernández, who assures that she faces this new phase with "high doses of motivation and optimism", has spent a large part of her professional career in the hotel industry, with extensive experience in opening markets, working on both sides of the board. She has served as product and operations manager at technology companies such as Erbon software and Price Travel, and as revenue manager and ecommerce director at Continental All Suites Hotel and Park Inn by Radisson, among others. In her opinion, "having hotel know-how and supplier experience" has allowed her to develop a global vision of the sector, better understand the needs of potential clients and know what the role of each player is at any given moment and situation.

"We are convinced that our differential suite of 360º services will arouse the interest of many other establishments in the country, which will soon benefit from our technology and the permanent support of our team of account and revenue managers", concludes Daniel Sánchez, the company's CRO.
Paraty Tech, the first booking engine to offer experiences at source with immediate confirmation

Paraty Tech, the first booking engine to offer experiences at source with immediate confirmation

The sale of destination experiences is a widespread practice. However, if we talk about sales at source, with immediate confirmation and through the hotel's official website, without having to do anything and charging commission for each purchase made by any user, things change. This is already a reality with the Paraty Tech booking engine.

Destination is The King

The traveler does not choose the destination based on the hotel. The process is just the opposite. First you decide where you want to go and then you look for accommodation in that location, except on very few occasions. The sooner we assume it, the sooner we will also understand the importance of trying to go much further than offering a merely accommodation service.

Let us not be misunderstood. The benefits (in terms of gastronomy, entertainment, well-being, security, etc.) that the guest can enjoy behind closed doors of the establishment are essential. The first thing to take care of is our product, of course. But if we are able to complement your stay by making available to you the possibility of contracting experiences (from those usually in demand at the destination, to more exclusive ones, practically tailored to your tastes and preferences), we will be gaining money to capture your attention. , significantly improving the perception of the service you are acquiring.

We are very aware of how tedious it is to negotiate with one and other suppliers to, ultimately, try to resell their products to our guests, once they are in our facilities. In addition to the wear and tear caused by this simple process of closing all these agreements individually, we must add the effort that we must carry out, first, to make sure that our client is duly informed when he arrives, and then, to encourage him to end up hiring one of those activities. To make matters worse, the competition in this sense is fierce, because it is almost a rarity that a hotel does not offer the purchase of experiences at the destination. So how do we differ?

Marketplace of experiences and transfers

At Paraty Tech we knew how to identify this problem years ago and we took an important step by incorporating a very well-positioned company in the world of complementary offerings into the Paraty World group. This movement would allow hotels to have their own marketplace of experiences and transfers with immediate confirmation, under the protection of their own brand, also charging commissions for each sale generated. This meant killing two birds with one stone because, on the one hand, they avoided the problem of dealing with various suppliers and, on the other, they began to have a new source of income that also significantly improved their service in the eyes of their guests.

Obviously, we are not stopping there and we continue working tirelessly on this field of hotel marketing, seeking to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding traveler profile eager for new sensations. We knew of the attraction potential of a resource of these characteristics.

Only a few months later, it was already possible to contract a transfer service as an additional service within the reservation process on the official website, nullifying the efforts of the OTAs to differentiate themselves from the direct channel (for example, giving away the taxi with the reservation) and facilitating a lot of life to the tourist when it is time to set up your vacations.

Sale at source, a novel differential factor

It was about time. The good reception of this add-on to our booking engine pushed us to continue developing in the same vein. Today, the integration with the complete catalog of experiences is already a reality. As we said, the sale at destination is available to anyone. Now, if we talk about sales at source, the spectrum is reduced. And if we add immediate confirmation to the formula, it directly becomes a one-of-a-kind feature.

If you work with the Paraty Tech booking engine, users of your official website can already book their room and, in the second step of the booking process, as if it were an additional service to use, add any experience they want live during their stay at the destination, and do so with immediate confirmation. Meanwhile, the hotel, which does not have to do anything, continues to commission each of those sales.

We already have API: providers, you are welcome

In parallel, the development of our own API, not only speeds up the integration and start-up procedures of the service, but also greatly facilitates the adhesion of new providers, also avoiding that you have to give up your usual partners, who can now connect with us in a much faster and easier way.

From Paraty Tech, hand in hand with our partner Transfers & Experiences, a company also belonging to the Paraty World group, we have proposed to professionalize the non-hotel activities sector, with a platform that facilitates the connection of local providers with hotels, through of our API, favoring the B2B sale of these at the destination, and the B2C sale at origin, through the official web pages of the tourist accommodation.
Booking Engine·11/07/2023
Paraty Tech integrates with BeSafe at a key moment

Paraty Tech integrates with BeSafe at a key moment

We integrate with BeSafe

Paraty Tech, hotel booking engine, integrates with BeSafe to offer a prepaid rate with insurance included, flexible and easy to integrate into the sales strategy of each accommodation, at a key moment and boom in travel policies.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world hard. Travel was paralyzed and millions of people were forced, first, to cancel their vacations and, later, when mobility was reactivated, with the virus still very present, to assume medical expenses derived from their health care outside their countries of origin. . Once the worst of that situation has been overcome, today we know that many of the steps that were taken then to try to alleviate, to some extent, the drama that it entailed and its most direct consequences, are here to stay.

In the travel sector, one can openly speak of an obvious change in trend. Both in the type of experiences that have become more in demand, and in relation to the preventive measures that travelers seek to safeguard their rights in the event of an unforeseen event. Security and the contracting of flexible insurance policies linked to hotel reservations are a priority for what can already be classified as a new traveler profile and a new way of traveling.

We have a very recent example of an insurmountable setback in the early call for general state elections in Spain, scheduled for July 23, that is, in the middle of the summer campaign. A decision that implies that the options of millions of Spaniards, fearful of being called to occupy a polling station or willing to vote in person, are basically reduced to three: not traveling during those dates, risking having to cancel without guarantees refund in case of being summoned or contracting an insurance policy such as BeSafe Rate PLUS.

Flexible insurance, the safe way

It is for this reason that the integration of the Paraty Tech booking engine with BeSafe comes at a key moment, precisely when travelers need it the most to ensure their vacations, offering a safe way that everyone wins, hoteliers and guests alike.

Thanks to the suite on which BeSafe operates, whose main differential value lies in its flexible nature, the service directly connects the insurer with the hotel's booking engine, offering travelers a prepaid rate with insurance included that adapts their coverage to the type of establishment and its main customer profiles. In the event of cancellation or accident, the hotelier will not have to worry about managing the reimbursement request procedures. BeSafe will take care of it, regardless of the variant contracted:

  • BeSafe Rate: indicated for hotels that want to offer security to their guests, offers coverage in case of cancellation or illness. The cancellation guarantee covers the reimbursement of up to 100% of the amount in case of unforeseen events, such as illness (COVID-19 included), hospitalization, accident, etc. While the assistance coverage during the stay, valid from arrival to departure, allows you to enjoy medical and health assistance, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance.
  • BeSafe Summer: indicated for hotels that operate during the summer season, offers medical assistance for outdoor activities and civil liability coverage.
  • BeSafe Business: indicated for mainly urban hotels, it offers a refund in case of canceled meetings, transport delays, etc. The ideal option for business trips.
  • BeSafe Winter: indicated for hotels that operate during the winter season, it offers mandatory civil liability coverage, medical assistance in case of injury, reimbursement for rescue on the ski slopes, etc.
  • BeSafe Rate PLUS: indicated for hotels that want to offer all refund guarantees to their guests, it is similar to the BeSafe Rate, with the exception that it offers almost revolutionary coverage in the event of cancellation, taking as valid any documentable reason, guaranteeing refund in 7 days, through your automated Refund & Go refund claims portal.

Both companies very satisfied

The integration process is now complete and it is possible to see this product in operation at the Nura Boreal hotel, which belongs to the Nura Hotels chain. Representatives of both companies state that they are very satisfied with this alliance.

Thus, in the words of Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech, "the integration with BeSafe Rate should favor the resurgence of the non-refundable rate, which was almost extinct during the Pandemic, by encouraging guests who are reluctant to pay in advance to book without fear of losing the money for their trip in the event of an insurmountable setback and, consequently, allowing the hotelier to once again enjoy the cash flow provided by this type of rate" .

For his part, Alessandro Bartolucci, CEO of BeSafe Rate, assures that "they are delighted to join forces with Paraty Tech and to embark together on this path towards the digitization of the sector, combining their experience with this innovative hotel booking engine" , and adds which "intend to provide hoteliers with a unique offer that helps them increase their income with a flexible insurance solution, to ultimately protect guests during their stays" .
The Rooming List of your booking engine, every day in your email

The Rooming List of your booking engine, every day in your email

Do not lose detail of your last reservations

It's not artificial intelligence, but hey, it is an intelligent novelty, because we know that it responds to a real need. As much as technology evolves, we will always end up reviewing the list of reservations for the day, paper and highlighter in hand, checking that everything is in order to offer the best guest experience.

For the enemies of Anglicisms, the rooming list is nothing more than a document used in the hotel industry to provide detailed information on the distribution of rooms and the guests who will occupy them, during a certain period of time. The rooming list is important to the hotel as it helps organize and allocate rooms efficiently, and to guests as it ensures a smooth stay and allows them to confirm that their booking details and preferences are correct prior to arrival.

At Paraty Tech, as hoteliers that we are, we know that, although there are many procedures that continue to be carried out, commonly said, "on the old lady's account", it is essential to be able to contribute to their streamlining and efficiency, thus optimizing the productivity of the establishment staff and favoring its natural operation.

From the direct engine to your email

A new functionality of our booking engine saves the hotelier from having to access the extranet to check the day's reservations generated through the official website, which will now be sent daily to your email (or to the email accounts you indicate ). A very comfortable way of respecting current processes, improving them in terms of efficiency.

In that email the hotelier will have in a very accessible way data such as:
  • reservation identifier
  • Origin of the reservation (mobile, Google My Business web, call center, etc.)
  • Check-in and check-out date
  • Country
  • Occupation
  • Fee
  • promo code
  • Room
  • Regime
  • Comments
  • Price
  • Additional services
Activating this functionality is as simple as adding an advanced configuration, indicating the recipient emails. You still do not have it active and you would like it to be like that? Get in touch with your account.
Seguro de Asistencia en Viaje como servicio adicional dentro del proceso de reserva de tu web oficial

Seguro de Asistencia en Viaje como servicio adicional dentro del proceso de reserva de tu web oficial

The alliance between FlexMyRoom and Paraty Tech takes a new giant step with the launch of a new product that will allow hotels to include travel assistance insurance as an additional service in their online booking process.
The Pandemic, and the insecurity of travelers as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, highlighted the need to take out travel insurance that guarantees the reimbursement of your reservation, in case you are forced to cancel your trip, and/or the coverage of health expenses in case of contracting the infection and needing medical treatment. Once the worst of this tragic situation has been overcome, this type of product continues to be in high demand, both by the guest and by the hotelier.

In addition, as a curious fact, the launch could not come at a more opportune moment, because due to the next general elections that will take place on July 23 (in the middle of the summer vacation campaign), after being called in advance by the current Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, there has been an understandable slowdown in bookings and a certain fear of an increase in cancellations. On the one hand, due to the obvious desire to exercise their desire to vote, but also due to the fear of Spanish citizens of being forced to cancel their vacations if they are called to fill a position at one of the polling stations. A circumstance that would not be so dramatic if you had travel insurance.

What is truly new?

Until now, insurance used to be packaged with a specific rate, forcing the user to select it if they wanted to enjoy the benefits associated with contracting this product, thus limiting their options and preferences. And, in parallel, this format also prevented the hotelier from marketing their inventory with full freedom. For this reason, after months of work, listening to requests and receiving feedback, carrying out tests and carrying out improvement work, we are very happy to announce the launch of a new optional assistance product that adds to those already active in FlexMyRoom and Paraty Tech.

As of today, hotels can now offer their clients, through the official website, travel assistance insurance as an additional service, in the second step of the reservation process, regardless of the rate selected by the user, improving thus retention and loyalty, and matching the offer of most OTAs.

It should be remembered that the disparities are not only in price, and with this novelty, this particular form of disparity is also put to an end, while a positive disparity is generated with all those channels that do not have this alternative.

Over the last year, the purchase of travel insurance has grown remarkably. A situation that has not gone unnoticed by insurers, and which has also been echoed by the main hotel distribution channels, which have already made a move, as Miguel Signes, CEO of FlexMyRoom, explains:

"Every day, the industry continues to move towards hyper-segmentation and personalization of the customer experience. For this reason, most OTAs already allow users to purchase travel insurance on their platform during the booking process. From Hence, from FlexMyRoom, in collaboration with our partners and hotels, we have developed this new product so that the traveler continues to find the best, most competitive and customizable option, on the hotel's own website.We are really excited that this new product by finally see the light and take one more step towards that personalization of experience, both for the hotelier and for the traveler."

What are the advantages of including travel assistance insurance during the booking process?

By offering travel insurance, the hotel provides protection for its guests and demonstrates that it cares about the well-being and safety of its guests during their trip and stay.

In other words, it constitutes a competitive advantage, in the form of peace of mind, which will allow travelers to enjoy their stay without unnecessary worries.

This new product is added to those already active and will allow the customer to take out travel assistance insurance and customize their vacation directly in the booking process without having to leave the hotel's website.

Just as some OTAs or tour operators already include this service on their platform, with Paraty Tech and FlexMyRoom the hotel can also offer it to its direct customers and, thus, improve retention on its booking engine, avoiding unnecessary leaks, and increasing the satisfaction of its guests.

You want to know more?

You can contact your Paraty Tech Account Manager directly or, if you prefer, follow the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Access the FlexMyRoom website and go to products.
  2. Click on LEARN MORE and fill in the form, selecting the product "Optional travel assistance insurance".
  3. We will contact you to see the connection details.

If you already have the Paraty Tech booking engine, activating it will be a matter of minutes.
Booking Engine·07/06/2023
TH Forum: el complejo mundo de la distribución hotelera, a debate

TH Forum: el complejo mundo de la distribución hotelera, a debate

One of the highlights of the first day of the TecnoHotel Forum was the panel The complex world of hotel distribution, under debate , in which we had the pleasure of participating, represented by Daniel Sánchez , Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech . From the start, he had it all, and he did not disappoint. Accompanying our colleague was a daring, funny, expert and hotelier moderator, committed, between laughs, not to mention the word "parity", for a matter of principle and maturity ( Alfonso Pérez , from Only YOU Hotels), a representative of the company that owns the metasearch engine that has grown the most in recent years ( Zuriñe Eguizábal , from Travel at Google), a specialist in one of the most anticipated markets and with the greatest projection for the future ( Guillem Gisbert , from Ctrip) and a true heavyweight in hotel distribution ( Xavier Cortés , from Keytel).

On the table, the most diverse topics and of great interest to hoteliers, especially taking into account that we are facing a rarefied scenario, in which a long period of increased demand, with a customer willing to pay more, It collides head-on with a slowdown in the rate of reserves over the last few weeks and an economic context still marked by an always threatening inflation. The order of the day was established:

  • What role will the Asian market play next and when?
  • Why invest in Google Hotel Ads
  • How to sell more through the direct channel
  • What are the potential and emerging markets
  • Omnichannel
  • Artificial intelligence

Less little birds in the head, better foundations

Although, as we have already mentioned, we are experiencing a period of excess demand, the reality is that this is not the case in all markets and, depending on the destination, these indicators behave unevenly, making it necessary to resort to a mix of channels more varied and appropriate to the destination, without failing to take advantage of the billboard effect of large companies such as Booking.

Daniel Sánchez , Chief Revenue Officer at Paraty Tech , confirmed that "in Spain, the ones that continue to pull the bandwagon the most are the UK, Germany, the US and France" . The rest of the markets represent more residual percentages and to capture demand you have to spend more, knowing that the ROI will be lower. And, although it seems that only digital marketing formats are valued, Daniel assures that "things go beyond online marketing" and that "in certain markets it is essential to have a physical presence" .

What do we have to do to sell a lot through the direct channel?

To the million dollar question, Daniel responded forcefully: less little birds in the head, more building a good foundation . Immediately afterwards, he finished explaining himself: "The motor always goes to our heads, but there is an offline part, the telephone, which does not stop growing, especially in vacations, in which important disbursements are made, and the telephone builds trust."

There is no magic formula to sell a lot, but there are some minimums that must be met: "Have a good price, develop a 360 strategy, invest in marketing, be well positioned... start rolling with this and, from there, think about incorporating some of the multitude of add-ons that exist. We have reached a point where the engine and the web are now just commodities, what is important is everything that surrounds it: loyalty, crm, Wi-Fi connection… the options are endless” .

"There is no need to put a ceiling on investment in marketing"

The thing was to obtain irrefutable answers, universal truths, in which to take refuge to increase profitability. However, the goose that lays the golden eggs exists only in stories. An important step, in terms of online marketing, is to assume that investments are being made, not expenses, because there is always a return. For this reason , "there is no need to put a ceiling if the ROI is good, because limited budgets limit the hotelier" . Everyone seems to already agree that direct sales can end up being as expensive as brokered ones, "but, even if it ends up costing us 15 or 18%, it will always be more interesting to sell direct than through an OTA" . For this reason, Daniel advised to stop thinking in net amounts to start working with “floating budgets, and establish an affordable cost translated into a percentage” .

We hope that 2024 will be the year of full recovery of the Asian market

Despite the fact that in May the volume of international searches grew by 60% and that of reservations by 40%, perhaps the number of Chinese visitors is still not as expected. Something that Guillem Gisbert , Country Manager Spain & Portugal at , who is confident that 2024 will be the year of full recovery for this market, attributes to different factors: "China has suffered the biggest lockdown in the world, although its de-escalation has also been faster than that of any other country . Just like in Europe, now that borders have just been opened, they are traveling mostly locally, to the places they know and where they feel comfortable. But it is also that there are handicaps that condition international travel, "we must recover the air routes and solve the issue of visas," he says.

Like the rest of the speakers, Guillem agrees on the importance of knowing the particularities of each market in order to be able to offer travelers the product they want, through the channels in which they feel comfortable, just when the one who demand it. But when we refer to the Asian market, and more specifically, to the Chinese one, this question directly becomes one of the most important.

There you can't kill flies with cannon shots. It is not enough to make a literal translation of our website into your language and wait for reservations to start coming in. Of course, there is the issue of language, but also that of influencing those issues that are most interesting to them, in offering them the payment methodologies that generate confidence: "with them, credit cards are not going to work, translating for the sake of translating It's not going to work either, you have to go further, have someone who speaks the language, maybe set up a Chinese breakfast corner, get to know their needs well, those of each existing profile”. For example, "the generation of the only child is the one that is now traveling the most and has the greatest purchasing power," he says. Not surprisingly, China has 1.4 billion potential tourists, but only 150 million have high purchasing power: "It's about making Spain a top of mind destination for Chinese customers," he concludes.

Hotel demand is growing at double digits

The presence at the table of Zuriñe Eguizábal , Industry Manager at Travel at Google , had also generated great interest. Due to the position he occupies within the American giant, Zuriñe has access to an infinity of data associated with the travel sector. Circumstance that, from the start, allowed him to begin by stating that "hotel demand is growing at double digits in most of the key markets" . In his opinion, the pandemic has brought about a great change in people, in all of us, and now we appreciate living experiences more. A circumstance that continues to have a direct impact on tourism, "a vertical that grows more than other verticals" .

Again very aligned in his answers with many of the opinions of his panelmates, Eguizábal insisted that "it is important to understand which market you are targeting and adapt your recruitment strategy" , and he attributes a good part of the success of Google Hotel Ads, one of the goals that has grown the most in recent years, due to its versatility: "There are different strategies depending on the objective: increase traffic (invest in clicks), generate reservations (CPA), profitability (capture reservations from a minimal return) .

All players invest in metasearch engines and bid for the same terms as hotels, including even their own brand. A practice as unethical as widespread. Competing with giants like Booking or Expedia as a brand defense strategy is profitable, as commented by moderator Alfonso Pérez , Corporate Sales and Marketing Senior Director at Only YOU Hotels . However, he was wondering how to compete with the multi-million dollar investments of other players in generic search. As our CRO already said, the Google representative spoke of assuming a "structural and financial change" and asking herself "how much am I willing to pay for a direct sale by brand, and how much for one from someone who doesn't know me" because, Obviously, we are talking about a very different investment volume.

The distribution is not complex, the complex thing is to find a balanced distribution

Xavier Cortés , Managing Director at Keytel , was expected, above all, to shed some light on the complex (or not so complex) world of current hotel distribution, in which, in his opinion, "there is a loss of control, due in part to the redistribution exercised by all the actors . The hotelier perceives and is aware of this reality, which has led him to bet on the channel that makes the most sense, direct. The truth is that this loss of control translates into a generalized lack of traceability, and the direct channel is the exception that confirms the rule.

The pandemic was a turning point in distribution. As a consequence, the hotelier has reduced channels and there the direct channel has taken advantage, but it has not been the only beneficiary of this situation, as Xavier highlighted when he assured that "the great winner of the Pandemic has been Booking" .

Cortés also shared that feeling of slowdown in reserves in recent weeks: “Europe has behaved very well until this last week, in which there are certain flattening indicators. Internationally, the Latin American market offers very good prospects (especially Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) and the Middle East is also doing very well. It is also hopeful that next year we can once again count on the Chinese market and India, a country with even greater possibilities of adapting in the short term, with fewer cultural and technological barriers". highlight the determining role played by knowledge of the different markets: “Understanding the markets will allow us to diversify better” .

There are markets with a very important offline component. The Latin American, for example, which is controlled by a few operators, and some global player as well. In fact, on occasions, the fact that the two large OTAs are present in certain markets leads us to think that they are enough, but it is a mistake: "It makes us depend, especially at a time like the present, of overdemand, in which everything seems easy. However, when there is a correction in the demand, that is when you see if I have really done my homework."

In short, the key is to manage not to give up any market, to any segment, and it is not just a question of reducing channels, but of finding the ones that generate value for me in each market.

What to expect from artificial intelligence?

It is on everyone's lips and, who else, who less, everyone has an opinion about it, including the participants in this interesting table in which practically nothing was left unanswered.

While Daniel Sánchez was convinced that, in terms of direct sales, "the possibilities of AI are endless" (for content generation, to work on SEO, etc.), Xavier referred to generative AI as "the future of the way to search for trips” and to the blockchain as a technology with “a long way to go” . For his part, Zuriñe spoke of the possibility of "colliding the data we have with that of the hotel's own CRM to find the most profitable customer, who is most interested, and thus end up paying for each channel based on the value it generates, not not just today, but 5 years from now." Lastly, Guillem recognized that Ctrip is already integrated via API with OpenAi (Chat GPT), both internally and at the user level, which translates into greater ease when searching, to they avoid leaks in search of additional information.
Park Royal Hotels & Resorts chooses Paraty Tech to boost its direct channel

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts chooses Paraty Tech to boost its direct channel

The hotel chain has been in business for more than 30 years

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain with more than 30 years of experience and presence in the best destinations in Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico and Argentina, chooses Paraty Tech as a technology provider to boost the sales of its direct channels.

Paraty Tech, with headquarters in Torremolinos (Spain) and branches in Cancun (Mexico) and Albufeira (Portugal), specialised in the development of technological solutions aimed at increasing the direct reservations of hotels and hotel chains, continues its incursion into Mexico with a firm step, incorporating the hotel chain Park Royal Hotels & Resorts to its portfolio of clients.

The choice of Paraty Tech by Park Royal Hotels & Resorts is based on the vast experience of the technology company, as well as its wide range of services, which translates into greater agility of implementation, favours the integration and interconnection between modules and tools, significantly reducing the number of interlocutors and favouring client-supplier communication.

With this partnership, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts has satisfied its need for renewal, evolution and adaptation to the present time, betting even more on its direct channel to achieve its objectives. Seeking to squeeze the maximum potential out of their official website, they have completely re-launched it with a daring integral renovation of image and usability, which has led them to gain positioning, freshness and user experience. This is how Claudia López Huesca, Corporate Marketing Manager of the hotel chain, explains it:

"We know the potential that our direct channel has. Our expectation and challenge is for it to reach a sales share of 20% of our annual closing. The objective of this evolution, in addition to improving the experience and usability of our current and potential customers with a fully optimised website for any device, is to take advantage of technology to simplify processes and be more productive, focusing more on planning strategies and being able to configure them in the system in a quick and easy way. And what could be better than to be accompanied at all times by experts who share our same objective: to maximise the direct channel. It was necessary to dare to make a big change and we are convinced that Paraty Tech is the best option, and they have demonstrated this from the beginning".

The project has ranged from the design of the website, 100% customised, with independent versions for desktop and mobile devices, to the implementation of the booking engine, loaded with new ad-hoc functionalities and directly integrated with Duetto, the chain's RMS, including the loyalty programme, Loyalty Experiences by Park Royal, the Park Royal Pro module for professionals and the deofuscation of the blog, now much more visible for Google, and loaded with resources to get to know and enjoy the facilities of its heterogeneous offer of establishments and the destinations in which they are located. A complete and enriching experience for potential and current guests.

The agreement also involves the adoption of the role of digital marketing partner by Paraty Tech. Through its Paraty Digital Suite division, the company is carrying out, from day one, a meticulous work of positioning the official website and generating traffic to it, which is already bearing its first fruits. It includes the management of metasearch, SEM and Social Ads campaigns, the creation and sending of newsletters, and meticulous SEO and UX work, "an indestructible tandem in the direct channel" according to the words of Carlos Mérida, Product Designer at Paraty Tech:

"The new Park Royal Hotels & Resorts website is a clear success story in many ways. For example, it has gone from 9500 keywords positioned in October 2022 to more than 25700 today. The information architecture has also been improved, reducing the number of URLs with Thin Content (content of little value) in favour of landings for each establishment, loaded with content of interest to the user. All of this paying special attention to accessibility (outlining the brand's corporate colour palette and adapting texts), giving great importance to the attraction power of video, cleaning up online reputation (disavowing fraudulent links) and optimising international labelling (language codes for the main core markets)".

One of the main challenges when undertaking such an important change was to ensure that the diverse range of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts brands, associated respectively with the different types of accommodation they manage, coexisted in harmony within the corporate site. Rafael Sandoval / Commercial Director at Park Royal explains:

"Park Royal Hotels & Resorts has a brand manual that represents the values that mean everything to us, but we felt that our previous site did not reflect them properly. It was crucial that Grand Park Royal Luxury Resorts, Park Royal Beach Resorts, Park Royal City and Park Royal Homestay could share the spotlight but without losing their identity and market, each product needed its own space and images and a cleaner, brighter, fresher and more modern website, without giving up its content, that is, its own autonomy and identity. An objective that we are sure we have achieved thanks to the commitment and involvement of Paraty Tech".

This is undoubtedly a very ambitious step for the hotel chain, to which Paraty Tech has responded, above all, with a sense of responsibility, always aware of the complexity and importance of the assignment, according to its CEO & Co-founder, Gina Matheis:

"From the beginning of our discussions with Park Royal we understood perfectly what this project represented for both of us. From their perspective, a commendable vote of confidence. From ours, it was a golden opportunity to make our mark on the Mexican hotel industry, demonstrating that the big players are betting on our technology. We knew that it would mean putting all our heart and soul into it, and that is what we have done from the very first second. Starting with a good, solid and stable foundation, and finishing off the work with a host of tweaks that make it very different from the rest".

When she talks about "tweaks" she is referring to those little details that make the difference, such as the browser tab titles, which confess to "missing you" if you change tabs, independent and coherent colour palettes for each brand, the display of rooms in list mode or in mosaic mode, a blog that allows you to filter by theme, the display of a featured hotels module when you click on "Book" without having previously chosen an establishment, the new flexible calendar, the option to change currency in real time or to hire a transfer with immediate confirmation during the booking process, or a mobile version that is independent and optimised to the highest level.

In conclusion, Daniel Sanchez, Chief Revenue Officer at Paraty Tech, reminds us that:

"Bringing the project into production is only the first step. Our work includes exhaustive, daily monitoring, so that absolutely everything is always optimised, with no margin for error: prices, parity, meta search engines, offers, incentives, content, page speed, general stability of the site... We want to demonstrate the extraordinary growth potential of the direct channel and to be able to do so hand in hand with Park Royal is a precious gift".
Turistech Day will present the latest trends in technology applied to tourism

Turistech Day will present the latest trends in technology applied to tourism

Paraty Tech sponsors Turistech Day

  • It will be held on May 25 via streaming and in the metaverse of the school for free
  • It will feature speakers such as Alfonso Pérez Liñán, Corporate Sales and Marketing Sr. Director at Only YOU Hotels, Elena Mateos, CEO & Founder of HotelSAAS and Jesús García González, Co-Founder of Xperiencia Virtual, among others
Barcelona, May 15, 2023.- Technology has had a profound impact on all industries, and tourism has not been an exception. This is how the Turistech concept was born, which aims, thanks to digitization, to promote sustainable and inclusive tourism that benefits both travelers and the local population and their environment. For this reason, IEBS Digital School celebrates Turistech Day , an event that will bring together experts from the tourism industry to discuss the new trends and opportunities that are emerging from digital transformation, which we at Paraty Tech have the great pleasure of sponsoring.

The use of digital tools is key to attract increasingly hyperconnected tourists and to engage with them in an intelligent and scalable way. In this context, Turistech Day was created to offer tourism professionals a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and challenges in the ecosystem.

The event will feature recognized experts in the field of Turistech, who will share their experiences and knowledge on how to implement new technologies in tourism businesses. They will talk about, among other things, marketing and innovation in tourism 4.0, how to create immersive experiences using the Metaverse, key technologies for personalizing the tourist experience in hotels and future technologies in the tourism sector, among others. things.

The speaker's agenda will feature recognized professionals in the sector, such as Alfonso Pérez Liñán, Corporate Sales and Marketing Sr. Director at Only YOU Hotels, Elena Mateos, CEO & Founder of HotelSAAS, Jesús García González, Co-Founder of Xperiencia Virtual, José Luis Fernández, Chief Commercial Officer at Jacidi & eRoom Suite, Jorge Vallina, Managing Partner & CEO at Global Consulting and Tourism and Rocío Rojas, founding CEO of Turistech, among others.

Turistech Day is a free online event that will take place on May 25. It can be followed in streaming or in the metaverse from anywhere in the world.

Lastly, and for all those professionals in the industry, IEBS offers the Postgraduate in Tourism Transformation: Turistech and Traveltech, a program to learn to adapt to the changes that occur in organizations and the needs of an increasingly demanding and documented.

You can register for the event here

About IEBS Digital School

IEBS is the 1st online digital native school in Spanish in the world. It was born in 2010 with the purpose of improving society with quality education at a fair price, thanks to technology, automation and the use of artificial intelligence. Since its inception, IEBS has trained more than 123,000 students in 53 countries with its more than 350 programs at the forefront of innovation. It is considered the 1st online business school in Spain according to the CSIC ranking and the 2nd in Latin America according to the Ibero-American ranking.

About Paraty Tech

At Paraty Tech we have spent a decade optimizing our solutions and promoting direct sales of more than 3,000 hotels, hotel chains and other tourist accommodation. Reducing the dependence on OTAs thanks to our booking engine, the most advanced revenue management tools and a wide range of online marketing services, including connectivity and metasearch engine management. In technology we trust .
To be or not to be in parity: an error of approach

To be or not to be in parity: an error of approach

Times have changed

Although it is unthinkable now, there was a time, many years ago, when there were satisfied or dissatisfied customers. A comment could be positive or negative. In other words, there were no degrees of satisfaction, because there was no way to quantify it, to assign it a value.

Then came companies like Booking and Tripadvisor which, even back then, understood and anticipated the leading role that guest reviews would play in the future, and invented a new way of measuring the degree of satisfaction, offering the possibility of assigning a rank to the reviews. Not only that, but different aspects of the stay could also be rated by giving different grades for issues such as cleanliness, location, staff treatment, facilities, gastronomic quality, etc. Nowadays, we apply all these values together to define the quality of a service.

Price parity does not exist

Something very similar happens with parity. Beyond those who speak of the end of parity, or refer to it as a utopia, the truth is that almost everyone tends to simplify the analysis of parity, reducing it to two possible options: I control it (I am in parity), or I do not control it (I am not in parity). Once again, this is a very biased view, which avoids an approach to which we do give a great deal of credit: the degree of parity. An indicator that has a direct impact on a hotel's operating data and, therefore, on its income statement.

We will not deny the evidence. It is indisputable that avoiding disparities 100% is practically impossible, as it does not depend solely on our distribution network, nor on our work. Unfortunately, and sometimes, contrary to what is specified in the contracts we sign, certain channels have, in turn, many other collaborators who are the ones who end up selling the beds that we had given to the primary collaborator.

And in this "chain of favors", it is very difficult to maintain control and detect certain disparities. But this is one thing, and to resign oneself to it, or what amounts to the same thing, to forget about price parity, under the argument that, whatever I do, it is beyond my control, is quite another. Price parity is one of the basics of hotel direct selling, and measuring it is essential to guarantee the success of our strategy.

Precisely for this reason, at Price Seeker we decided to "cook" the Parity Index, an exclusive indicator based on our own algorithms, which establishes a system for measuring parity management, assigning it a value that moves in a range from 0 (the worst possible management) to 100 (the best possible management). In short, the Parity Index offers a very interesting reading that tells us how efficiently or poorly we are managing parity.

Today, there are already many large hotel chains on the national scene that are governed by this criterion. The Parity Index works for them as a guide for the preparation of a clear commercial strategy and a healthy distribution mix. It also serves as a tip-off that identifies and minimizes channels that operate without control and that only contribute to generate discrepancies that damage the brand image and prevent a defined and efficient revenue management.


Next, we will try to explain in a simple way how the Parity Index works, although it is important to take into consideration that the algorithm has defined a very precise valuation that responds to the heterogeneous casuistry of the different types of tourist accommodation.

Rating system

  • Parity Index is 0: all searches are in discrepancy.
  • Parity Index is 100: all searches match the official price.
  • Parity Index is any value between 0 and 100: this value corresponds to the degree of discrepancies detected, based on different criteria, such as discounts, visibility, commission and conversion, among others.

Price Seeker V4 users have the Parity Index at their disposal to manage their parity, and the best way to exploit the potential of this indicator is to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Price Seeker V4 environment with your credentials.
  2. In the Easy Track Dashboard, identify the Parity index and your Top Offenders (the channels that are generating the most disparities).

  3. Access the Parity dashboard by applying the desired filters.

  4. Detect the metasearch engines and OTAs that have the lowest Parity Index and are offering the highest differential.

  5. Check the main table paying special attention to the numbers marked in red to verify the prices offered.
  6. Detect disparities through the OTAs and Metas detail table.
  7. Go as deep as you want using the filtering system.
Paraty Tech y la Fehm firman un convenio de colaboración

Paraty Tech y la Fehm firman un convenio de colaboración

We bring our technology even closer to the Balearic Islands

The first step was to establish a permanent team there. Specifically, in Palma de Mallorca. The objective was none other than to improve our customer service in the Balearic Islands through greater proximity and accessibility. Now, with the collaboration agreement reached with the FEHM Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, we bring our technology even closer to the Majorcan and Balearic hoteliers with the intention of taking their direct sales further, to another level.

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most popular locations, both by national and foreign tourists. The direct sales potential of the establishments located there is enormous and, by making the appropriate resources and know-how available to you, we are convinced that we can contribute to making the most of it.

Over the last two years we have been gradually increasing our presence on the islands, a variant of tourist destination, for different reasons, full of particularities: the types of accommodation they house, the visitor profiles they attract, the way in which these arrive at the destination, the services they demand, etc. And at Paraty Tech we have a complete 360º suite of products, tools and solutions that come in handy, and that include the booking engine, custom web page design, revenue management tools with specific functionalities and specifically developed indicators. for independent hotels, chains and resorts, digital marketing services, metasearch engine management and a hotel call center with which to enhance your voice channel.

The work that the FEHM has been carrying out for the benefit of its associates, always led by the omnipresent María Frontera, has been truly fantastic for many years now. That is why we have placed great hopes in this strategic agreement, through which we are convinced that we will be able to contribute our bit to consolidate, once and for all, the role of direct sales in hotel marketing.

Special conditions for associated hotels

As part of the collaboration agreement reached with the FEHM, we have prepared a package of special conditions for its associated hotels, with which we hope to favor conversations with the Mallorcan hotelier, facilitating the contracting of our services:

  • 3 months free of Price Seeker: our recently renewed rate shopper , now a price intelligence platform, more accessible than ever.
  • Elimination of engine implementation costs: Over a decade of optimizing our booking engine has led it to offer one of the highest conversion rates on the market.
  • 3 Months Free x2 Call Seeker Jobs: Booking quotes and pre-booking generation will no longer be a problem for reception and sales teams thanks to Call Seeker .
Paraty Boosters: increase conversion with real-time incentives

Paraty Boosters: increase conversion with real-time incentives

Discover our incentive generator in real time

When we talk to hoteliers, it is increasingly common for terms such as autonomy, data, analytics, sales tools , etc. to come up in these conversations. In short, they seek more freedom, they yearn for greater self-management capacity, they demand effective and agile commercial resources on which to rely to boost their direct sales, without losing control over the decisions they make and the solutions they implement.

We come to respond to all these requests from Paraty Tech with Paraty Boosters , one of the latest modules developed for Hotel Manager, the back-office of our booking engine. An even more effective tool when combined with others such as Rate Check and Rescue Seeker , with which we seek to improve results by increasing direct bookings.

What is Paraty Boosters?

Paraty Boosters is a generator of incentives in real time, 100% configurable and measurable at any step of the reservation process or section of the official website. The appearance that the incentives can acquire is varied, and the activation possibilities and functionalities associated with them, very numerous.

From traditional popups, to floating elements of limited duration, through banners, subscription boxes for the newsletter, the loyalty club or the application of promocodes, countdowns, impulse sales accelerators or flash offers, responses to periods of inactivity of the user or abandonment intention, etc.

How does Paraty Boosters work?

Paraty Boosters has an intuitive interface integrated into the extranet of our booking engine. Through a simple drag & drop system that, first, allows you to select the type of incentive, second, offers the possibility of customizing the content and, third, select its location and configure its behavior.

  1. Access the Paraty Boosters module on the Extranet
  2. Choose your template and give it a name
  3. Use the Drag & Drop system to add or delete elements
  4. Edit the available text and image fields
  5. Customize the aesthetic by adding your corporate colors
  6. Define the sections or stages of the reservation process in which it will be displayed
  7. Sets the status to active or inactive
  8. Ready! Prepare to witness the results of your action

And also, A/B Testing

Any implementation carries a risk and we want you to always be sure that the incentives you apply are as effective as you expect. Therefore, you can also decide to activate them in A/B Testing mode.

In essence, A/B Testing enables the option to activate the incentive for only half of the users who access the website, allowing you to analyze the differences between the conversion rates of the website when the incentive is active and when it is not. it is. Information that you will have at your fingertips in the BI of Paraty Boosters.

Advantages of having a real-time incentive generator

A real-time incentive generator on your hotel's official website is a very valuable resource to improve the guest experience, increase their satisfaction and degree of loyalty, and increase the conversion rate of the booking engine.

Paraty Boosters is a commercial resource with which you can launch special offers, accommodation packages and activities or services, additional discounts, loyalty bonuses or any other initiative you can think of. The possibilities are endless and all of them increase the degree of motivation of the potential guest during the reservation process, always eager to find the best possible offer for their future stay. With Paraty Boosters you will make them feel valued and appreciated by giving them special treatment, with which they will feel more comfortable and satisfied.

  1. Increase the conversion rate
  2. Improve user experience
  3. Increases the degree of guest loyalty
  4. Get data that helps you get to know your audience better
  5. Get a higher level of personalization of your offer

Combine Paraty Booster with Rate Check and Rescue Seeker

In order to make the most of the potential of the tools we make available to you, we suggest you combine Paraty Boosters with two other top tools: Rate Check and Rescue Seeker.

Our price comparator with OTA's and Goals within the reservation process, Rate Check, can only add up. Not being afraid to show OTA prices is a clear sign of transparency and trust. Values perceived by your users, who also appreciate the comfort of having everything in the same place, and the satisfaction that this site is the official website. Rate Check integrates with your booking engine to offer your clients OTA prices for their same search criteria, always according to your business rules. In other words, if the price of the OTA or the Metasearch engine is lower than that of the official website, it will not be displayed.

On the other hand, Rescue Seeker, our active retargeting platform, launches to the rescue of lost reservations, tracking the footprint that your users leave when browsing and using it to offer them real-time solutions that respond to their behavior: recovery of reservations left by half way, dissuade users from leaving the website, give them that necessary push after periods of inactivity, a clear sign of uncertainty, etc. Rescue Seeker reduces the bounce rate and contributes to increasing the conversion rate.

Next, we leave you with a short video of Paraty Boosters. You want it? Ask your account for more information.
Booking Engine·17/03/2023
Paraty Tech will attend the Tianguis Turístico in Mexico City.

Paraty Tech will attend the Tianguis Turístico in Mexico City.

Tianguis Turístico will have its own party

Cancun, March 15, 2023

Paraty Tech, a leading technology company for the hotel industry, is proud to announce a new appearance at the Tianguis Turístico, one of the most important events in the sector, which this year will be held in Mexico City, from March 26 to 29.

The agendas of our representatives from the offices in Cancun and Malaga (Spain) have been open for weeks, including that of their CEO, Gina Matheis, who will be part of the five-member delegation that will travel to the country's capital with the aim of to present our most recent solutions to boost direct bookings for hotels, hotel chains and other types of tourist accommodation.

Among them, it is worth mentioning the design of custom web pages, our booking engine, optimized for more than a decade, our suite of digital marketing services, which includes a platform for managing campaigns in metasearch engines, and our wide range of tools revenue management, led by Price Seeker v4, our comprehensive price intelligence platform.

Paraty Tech has just celebrated the free Tech Trendy Tips '23 training sessions for hoteliers with enormous success (March 1-3), framed within our usual Roadshow MX . On this occasion, the chosen destinations were Cancun, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta , and for them we counted on the invaluable collaboration of Duetto and Asksuite , technology companies that will soon be joined by Hotelinking , for the organization of the great party for customers and business partners with which Paraty Tech plans to put the icing on the cake for our presence at the tourism fair.

Baptized under the name of HOTEL DREAMS / Tianguis CDMX Travel Tech Party , this exclusive meeting with limited capacity and aimed at hoteliers, will take place on Tuesday, March 28, starting at 7:00 p.m., at Janis Palmas, a distinguished nightclub located only 10 minutes from the Citibanamex Center. The party will be attended by the main hotel groups and independent hotels in the country, and will be enlivened with live music, drinks, canapés and gifts for the guests. Tickets can be purchased through the following link .

Gina Matheis , CEO of the company, assures that "at Paraty Tech we are excited to be able to present, for yet another year, our technological innovations at the Tianguis Turístico, and excited about the idea of rewarding the loyalty of our collaborators, offering them a high-quality party." level in which to be able to chat in a relaxed environment in equal parts playful and professional”. With these actions, we ratify our firm commitment to continue providing full support to the Mexican hotel sector, through the development of new products and innovative tools and careful customer service, two of our main hallmarks.

For more information and appointments, from Paraty Tech we invite you to visit our website or contact us via email:

daniel romero
WhatsApp: (+34) 952 230 887
Phone: (+34) 666 592 008
Paraty Tech obtains Google Partner Premier 2023 recognition

Paraty Tech obtains Google Partner Premier 2023 recognition

We are Google Partner Premier

The creation of Paraty Digital Suite was in its day a declaration of intent by this technology company based in Torremolinos (Málaga) and offices in Cancún (Mexico) and Albufeira (Portugal). This important step, in addition to ratifying the growing role of digital marketing within the commercial strategy of hotels, implied, above all, the firm determination of Paraty Tech to strengthen this department, considering it as a fundamental pillar for direct sales. hotel industry , ranking at the same level as others such as the official website, the booking engine or the revenue management and price control tools.

Today, this change of course and the strong investment in resources and personnel associated with it, recently reinforced with the incorporation of Bárbara Balderas as director of digital marketing , has borne fruit. And it is that Google has recognized this work by granting Paraty Tech the status of Google Partner Premier 2023 , granted only to 3% and reviewed annually.

To select this select group of collaborators, Google takes into account variables such as the volume of investment and campaign optimization, channel diversification, technology, or the degree of specialization and certification of the team members who manage all of this. .

Paraty Tech has spent more than a decade developing solutions and implementing tools aimed at promoting direct sales of hotels, hotel chains and other tourist accommodation. This recognition constitutes not only indisputable proof that, far from having stagnated, they continue to update their range of services according to the new needs of their clients, but also represents a well-deserved award both for them and for the hotel establishments with which they who work, who have placed all their trust in the Paraty Tech experts and have made the relevant investments, always guided by the recommendations of the Paraty Digital Suite members.

In the words of Bárbara Balderas, director of digital marketing at Paraty Tech, "we cannot be happier with this recognition that, on the one hand, clears up any possible doubts about the contribution to direct sales of digital marketing and the importance of not setting a ceiling investment in this field as long as the return is as expected, on the other, it further increases my degree of confidence in this wonderful team that I have just joined (all the credit goes to them) and, finally, it opens many doors for us to finish positioning ourselves definitively as authentic specialists in the field”.

For her part, Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, is aware that "thanks to the extraordinary work of the team, we will now enjoy multiple advantages associated with this recognition that will allow us to improve even more, such as access to new Google products in the beta, to the latest statistics and trends, and to exclusive events hosted by the American tech giant.”

Net sales of Spanish hotels through the Call Center increased by 73.8%

Net sales of Spanish hotels through the Call Center increased by 73.8%

The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) adds Ring2Travel as a new partner in the Call Center area.

The objective of this association is to incorporate a new resource with which to continue reinforcing the advisory work of the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) . Through the accession ofRing2Travel , they continue to expand the range of tools that they make available to associated hotels, on this occasion, adding a service that is currently in high demand by hotel establishments and their guests. A trend supported by the data from January 2023, which have registered an increase of more than 50% in the number of calls answered, and 73.8% in net sales, compared to the same period last year.

The Torremolinos-based company offers solutions both for those hotels that already have telephone service personnel and what they are looking for is to improve interaction with their guests, automating workflows and expanding their commercial capabilities, as well as for those who feel the need to Include this channel in your sales strategy , outsourcing this service to avoid making new investments.

Julián Alcolea , Head of Operations at Ring2Travel, explains that : "The traditionally called Call Center has never ceased to be there, but over the last few years the voice channel has gained in relevance, confirming itself as one of the most profitable and demanded by the guest. We are certain that by joining the ITH we will be able to make hoteliers aware of its growing importance, as well as open their eyes to the multiple benefits of incorporating it into their direct sales strategy”.

For his part, the general director of ITH, Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz , points out that: "There is no doubt that the Customer Service department is key and indispensable for the tourism sector, it provides considerable value and is essential to create adapted strategies and well defined. Through this department, empathy is created and the best moment to generate a relationship of trust to advance guest loyalty. For this reason, we see it as opportune to work hand in hand with Ring2Travel and bring this necessary solution closer to the sector that differentiates us and provides us with excellence”.

About Ring2Travel

Ring2Travel is the customer experience center or contact center of the Paraty World group, designed to complete the direct sales strategy of hotels, hotel chains and other tourist accommodation, regardless of the booking engine, the destination and the markets with which they work. Specialized agents act on behalf of the hotel, presenting themselves as hotel staff, offering telephone service in up to 5 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ring2Travel's range of services includes attention to incoming calls, outgoing pre-stay and cancellation recovery campaigns, outgoing calls as reinforcement for campaigns on key dates (Black Friday, Valentine's Day, etc.), call overflow service, click to call campaign on the website, management of chats and mailboxes, etc. In addition, they also offer the Call Seeker solution, a reservation quote and pre-reservation generation tool for establishments that already have their own reservation agents.
Know the benefits of SEO for your hotel

Know the benefits of SEO for your hotel

Beneficios del SEO para hoteles

El posicionamiento SEO para hoteles puede beneficiar al incremento de las ventas directas de tu hotel o negocio turístico. ¿Cuáles son las estrategias y herramientas que utilizamos en Paraty Tech para conseguir este objetivo? Acompáñanos, te lo contamos todo.

El posicionamiento SEO en el sector hotelero

Primero, vamos a echarle un vistazo al sector hotelero, según un informe de la consultora We are Marketing, en los próximos años las reservas online crecerán un 261% gracias a la digitalización. Las OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) son unos de los canales de reservas más consolidados y preferidos por los usuarios. ¿Qué se puede hacer para incrementar las reservas directas? La respuesta es una buena estrategia de marketing online.

Los usuarios buscan en internet y comparan precios y servicios antes de realizar una reserva, como consecuencia, el sitio web de tu hotel o complejo turístico tiene que operar de forma correcta (tanto el motor de reserva, como todas las funcionalidades integradas en él). Si la página no es atractiva o no funciona correctamente, afectará a tus reservas y al posicionamiento SEO de tu hotel.

Estrategia SEO para hoteles

La estrategia de SEO para hoteles empieza por un estudio del cliente potencial y su recorrido hasta formalizar la reserva, estos datos se obtienen de la propia base de datos del hotel y herramientas, como por ejemplo, Google Analytics. Una familia que busca un alojamiento, no tienen las mismas necesidades e intereses que un solo traveller, por lo tanto, hay que tener en cuenta estos factores para trabajar en función de eso.

Investigación de palabras

Una investigación de palabras clave mejorará el tráfico de tu sitio web, incrementará su visibilidad y posicionamiento en los resultados de búsqueda (SERP). Hay numerosas herramientas para realizar este tipo de estudioso, pero una de nuestras favoritas es SEMrush. El sector hotelero es un nicho de mercado con gran demanda y competitividad, por lo tanto, la estrategia de palabras clave a atacar deberían ser long tail y relacionadas con la intención de búsqueda de los usuarios, por ejemplo:

  • Precios de los servicios (hotel + ubicación + ofertas): nombre de hotel en Málaga, ofertas.
  • Nivel de los servicios (hotel + ubicación + con servicio): nombre del hotel en San Sebastián con parking.
  • Público objetivo y localidad (hotel + público objetivo + ubicación + servicios/nivel de servicios): nombre del hotel para familias en Tenerife.
  • Público objetivo y servicios (hotel + público objetivo + ubicación + servicios/nivel de servicios): nombre del hotel para familias en Tenerife promociones.

Una vez que se ha diseñado la estrategia de palabras clave, estas se utilizarán para:

  • Diseñar u optimizar la arquitectura web y morfología de sus URLs.
  • Curación de contenido para posicionar servicios y productos.
  • Actualizar o crear contenido para el blog (recomendamos que tu sitio lo tenga).
  • Optimizar sus elementos on page (título y metadescripciones).

Compatibilidad móvil

Según el informe mobile 2021 de Ditrendia, España es el país europeo donde más tiempo dedicamos al móvil y el 76% de los usuarios, ya ha comprado a través de sus dispositivos móviles.  Por lo tanto, el sitio web de tu hotel tiene que ser compatible, funcionar correctamente y estar optimizado, para que tu cliente potencial pueda realizar reservas a través de su móvil.


SEO local para hoteles

El posicionamiento SEO local es primordial para tu hotel, otorga visibilidad a tu negocio para los usuarios que efectúan una búsqueda geolocalizada, te ayudará competir contra las OTAs e incrementará las ventas directas. La ficha de Google My Business es la estrella del SEO local. ¿Cómo puedes optimizarla? Estas son algunas de nuestras recomendaciones son:

  • Sube fotos y un vídeo 360º.
  • Revisa y contesta a los comentarios de tus visitantes.
  • Asegúrate que esté actualizada.


Resumiendo, si dejas en manos de nuestro equipo de profesionales, los cuales implementarán las técnicas descritas anteriormente y utilizarán las herramientas correctas; te diseñarán una estrategia de SEO para hoteles que te aportaría los siguientes beneficios:

  • Aumentar el tráfico orgánico.
  • Incrementar su visibilidad en las SERP'​​​​s
  • Mejorar las reservas de tu canal directo.
Paraty Tech, Asksuite and Duetto will offer free training for hoteliers in different cities in Mexico the first week of March

Paraty Tech, Asksuite and Duetto will offer free training for hoteliers in different cities in Mexico the first week of March

Start Trendy Tech Tips '23


Registration to attend these face-to-face training sessions with limited capacity is already available through the following Eventbrite links, the only essential requirement being to use the corporate email of the hotel establishment that those interested in booking represent. your square:



They repeat after the success of 2022

After the success of last year's edition, Paraty Tech (booking engine), Asksuite (chatbot) and Duetto (revenue management system) repeat the initiative and organize their Roadshow México 2023. The event, consisting of a series of training days free networking and exclusive coffee-break for hoteliers, under the title "TTT: Trendy Tech Tips '23", will take place throughout the first week of March in different key cities of the country.

Representatives of each one of the companies will offer 40-minute presentations in which they will make a complete tour of the technological trends that this tourist season has in store for us in their respective areas of expertise, offering tips and lines of action to hotels with the objective of maximizing their income, improving their customer service and increasing their sales through the direct channel.


The training sessions will take place between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. of the dates marked on the calendar by the organizers, the first being in Cancun (03.01.23), which will be followed by those in Mexico City (02.02.23) and Puerto Vallarta (03.03.23), with a program which will be replicated to the three destinations:

10:00 a.m. -Asksuite
Trends for high performance management of reservations teams
Karen Mantilla , Account Executive LATAM

10:40 a.m. -Paraty Tech
Direct channel: the future depends on you
Daniel Sánchez , Chief Revenue Officer

11:20 a.m. - Networking Coffee Break

12:20 p.m. - Duet
Trends and predictions to drive revenue strategies
Arturo Gracia , Director of Hospitality Solutions LATAM
Patty Alton , Sales Director LATAM

About the organizers

About Paraty Tech

Paraty Tech is a technology company with offices in Cancun, Albufeira and Malaga that focuses its activity on promoting direct reservations for hotels and hotel chains, both online and offline. Developer of one of the world's leading hotel booking engines, they complement this system with a wide range of 100% in-house revenue management tools, web page design, a complete suite of digital marketing solutions, including the management of campaigns in metasearch engines, and his own hotel call center, Ring2Travel. More than 4,000 hotel establishments around the world rely on its technology.

About Duetto

Duetto offers a suite of cloud-native SaaS applications for hospitality businesses to optimize every booking opportunity for greater revenue impact. The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership drives Duetto to seek innovative solutions to industry challenges. The SaaS platform enables hotels and resorts to take advantage of real-time, dynamic data feeds and actionable insights into prices and demand.

More than 4,000 hotel resort properties in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto's applications, which in both 2022 and 2023, was named the world's #1 revenue management system at the HotelTechAwards.

About Ask Suite

With over 2,000 customers in over 40 countries, Asksuite's AI Booking Assistant is linked to a powerful omnichannel service platform, ensuring that hotels can respond to all customer inquiries (both during and after business hours). , also helping teams to organize the workflow with a unified inbox that includes all communication channels. In 2023 Asksuite has been recognized as the best Livechat & Chatbot Website at the Hotel Tech Awards, in addition to occupying the number 3 position in the Best Places to Work ranking and number 5 in the Hoteliers Choice Award, both created by Hotel Tech Report. .
2023 trends in hotel marketing and distribution

2023 trends in hotel marketing and distribution

Hosteltur Premium Experts Table, January 26, 2023

From a panel like the one that Hosteltur had been advancing for weeks, only something very good could come out. And the truth is that the Table of Premium Experts, under the title "What are the new trends in tourism marketing and distribution, that you should not miss?", framed within the cycle of actions of Hosteltur Academy, has undoubtedly been lives up to expectations.

Oliver Espinosa, director of RIU Hotels & Resorts, Daniel Sánchez, CRO of Paraty Tech, and Chema Herrero, CEO of Bedsrevenue, accompanied Neus Tarrés in his role as moderator. Before giving way to the first of the speakers, he was in charge of opening the session by recapitulating the keys to the delicate global context in which we find ourselves immersed, and wondering how it can affect tourism distribution and direct hotel sales in 2023, even when the The most recent edition of Fitur, concluded last Sunday, left a very good taste in the general mouth and expectations of prosperity.

Oliver Espinosa: "The democratization of technology has generated a complex distribution environment"

The opinion of Oliver Espinosa, director of RIU Hotels & Resorts, is that, over the last few years, there has been a process of democratization of technology that has resulted in a complex environment in which wholesalers are dedicated to buying already sell and the hotel ends up losing control over its rate and its inventory. He was referring to the concept of "hyperconnected distribution", in which the B2B to B2C and B2B to B2B to B2b to B2B models coexist...

Given this scenario, the retailer, one of the most affected parties, has ended up demanding a direct relationship with the hotel, which is becoming more and more widespread. A new mode of relationship characterized, fundamentally, by an unmediated dialogue and an improvement in information. For the hotelier, it constitutes a way of diversification, while gaining clarity in the face of hyperconnection and reducing its distribution costs. For its part, for the retailer it means, among other things:
  • Have access to a greater number of product versions and additional products
  • Meet orphan demand
  • Access the complete inventory
  • Enjoy immediate commissions
All this is possible thanks to technology and there are different implementation formulas. However, although the advantages of this marketing format are clear (greater adaptability, less investment and B2C segmentation, cost reduction in technological terms, etc.), Oliver concluded by emphasizing that the challenges to be overcome are not few: widespread credit, PVP and Net parity, metasearch agent, limited product selection, billboard effect, commercial consistency...

Daniel Sánchez: "Process automation is the key to many of the trends that 2023 holds for us"

Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech, has focused his speech on identifying the trends that 2023 holds for us in terms of direct sales. Specifically, he referred to ten that, in his opinion, will largely mark the path that hoteliers must follow to obtain the expected results, and in which automation has a lot to say.

Some are old friends in the industry that have resurfaced in the wake of the pandemic, others are something of a novelty for many. Even so, as Daniel commented, the technology and resources exist to implement all of them.

1.Ancillary Revenue

We are not only referring to upselling and cross-selling. We must focus on moving from RevPar to TrevPar. Increasingly, this is about personalizing the experience, probably the best way to compete with OTAs and tour operators. And for this, it will be necessary to be prepared to be able to sell services beyond accommodation, even independently and through automated processes.

2. Voice channel

Although there is a general lack of specialization in the telephone service, if hotels were aware of the potential of this direct channel, which has gained integers as a result of the pandemic, they would take much more care of it. The voice channel has one of the highest conversion rates and, combined with a good CRM, which facilitates the follow-up of leads through automated tasks, its potential is extraordinary.

3. Direct “Pro” module

Coinciding with everything expressed by Oliver, Daniel has influenced how this module is becoming more and more like the Loyalty Clubs for guests. Work is being done on incentive programs and differentiated strategies for each agency. It is a very profitable sale that also contributes a lot in terms of attracting databases.

4. Artificial intelligence

Without the need to think about the hotel Minority Report, the truth is that artificial intelligence is not the future, it already lives with us, and is present in the generation and application of business rules, automated sales tips, follow ups of potential customers and conversations with guests.

5. Immersive Shopping

A trend that is making its way by leaps and bounds and that promises the highest level of customization, while increasing conversion and improving ancillary revenue.

6.A/B Testing

There is no better way to ratify the suitability of the actions we carry out than through A/B Testing, something that hotels are increasingly aware of. Improve ratios, build trust, increase conversion and enrich the user experience.

7. Advanced Digital Marketing

It seems that the idea of not putting a ceiling on investment in digital marketing is gradually being internalized. Hotels are incorporating specialists in this field, including new channels and models to combat OTAs and squeezing the potential of metasearch engines.

8. Loyalty

Before practically relegated to the big chains, today a must for all establishments, almost a mechanism for attracting the first reservation and, perhaps, also the last. Loyalty is experiencing a new stage of splendor and the variety of existing programs are a great ally to get to know the guest better, improve the customer journey and, of course, try to ensure a repeat customer profile.

9. Omnichannel

In the same way that the client can try to contact us through the most diverse channels, the hotel must be able to assist them in all of them in a coordinated manner, online and offline, demonstrating that it knows their preferences, and automating as much as possible the tasks associated with communication flows.

10. Direct channel vs. tattoo

The tour operation has reactivated a lot and it will do so even more throughout 2023. Be very careful with opaque packaging, with opaque disparities, because this player wants to recover its status and the hotel cannot allow them to be the ones that sell the most juicy from your inventory.

Chema Herrero: "The numbers have improved a lot, but not because of a change in strategy, but because of a very special situation"

The latest intervention from the premium panel of experts came from Chema Herrero, CEO of Bedsrevenue, who began by highlighting that, indeed, in 2022 there has been a general improvement in the figures associated with hotel sales, with increases in occupancy (33.1%), ADR (11.9%) and RevPAR (49%), but qualifying that it has not been due to changes in strategies, but rather to a situation that has been given to us, a “ special situation”, dependent on highly changing variables. He spoke of good forecasts but that must be interpreted with caution. After this brief introduction, he focused his speech on the importance of finding the unicorn, understood as the Buyer Person, and on the need to ask the right questions: who sells me, how and when they do it, how much does it cost me, how profitable is it? at the RevPar / TrevPar level, how loyal is that client and what do we really know about him.

With regard to distribution, he also emphasized a recurring idea but still considered a pending issue: it is not enough to limit yourself to signing contracts. Their recommendations go through establishing an intermediation scoring to achieve the long-awaited healthy channel mix. The objective is none other than to identify which distributors are not necessary because it is increasingly difficult for a distributor to provide a specialized niche that really helps make a difference. It is therefore a question of defining economic objectives, but also of defining operational objectives with each of the distributors: budget and action plan, in short.

In the second block of his speech, he spoke of a "return to the pre-pandemic past", referring to a trend in which the hotelier fits into a mix dependent on the tour operation, a player who is working very hard to occupy the position that I had before the pandemic. The customer has changed and we must be able to reach them without depending on third parties. Something that the OTAs are very aware of and that, relying on the technological evolution within the distribution, they execute perfectly.

Therefore, the roadmap seems clear: we must identify the buyer persona and get fully involved in the battle for the customer, our present and future buyer. The gold of our time is data, and the cleaner it is, the easier it will be to work with. We should not be afraid to differentiate between profitable customers, less profitable customers, and customers who simply aren't.

To achieve impact in each phase of the conversion funnel, we must come up with a strategy that adds value before, during and after the stay, understanding the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as a piece of information that must always be on the table. The technology to do it is within our reach and the ROI it brings is fantastic. It is time to practice, and we quote verbatim, a surgeon's income.

Bullet point recap

  • Direct sales connection - retail
  • Increase TrevPar
  • Establish a distribution score
  • Get to know the customer in depth to increase CLV
  • Pay special attention to the advance sale of the distribution
  • Be very careful with the US market and nearby markets
  • Very aware of the application of NFTs and blockchain technology
  • How to incorporate gamification in distribution
Paraty Tech's booking engine integrates with Duetto RMS

Paraty Tech's booking engine integrates with Duetto RMS

Paraty Tech integrates with Duetto

We are pleased to announce the direct integration of the Paraty Tech booking engine with Duetto , one of the world's leading revenue management solutions, with the aim of simplifying the distribution of hotels in Spain.

The association was made public during the recent edition of FITUR and has been designed to help hoteliers streamline the reservation and pricing processes. The direct integration connects the booking engine with the revenue management system (RMS) without the need to go through a channel manager, and allows the seamless transfer of data on:

  • Minimum length of stay (MLOS)
  • Closures on Arrival (CTA)
  • Closures on departure (CTD)
  • and other restrictions

  • This helps revenue teams to better dynamically price and distribute their room rates in real time:

    The integration between Paraty Tech 's booking engine and Duetto will allow hoteliers to automate more processes within their pricing and distribution strategies. Duetto now sends rates and restrictions directly to Paraty Tech's booking engine, helping teams eliminate unnecessary manual work. This simplifies the distribution path and allows hotels to dynamically set prices, ensuring they are selling the right room at the right rate at the right time. Guido Salvatori, Senior Director of Duetto Integrations

    With this direct integration between Paraty Tech and Duetto, hoteliers can send their prices and business rules directly from their RMS to the booking engine, helping them create a unique strategy for their direct channel. This allows hotels to drive a higher conversion rate through their direct channel, leading to a reduction in commissions paid to third parties such as OTAs. Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech

    The integration features are now available to all joint customers of Duetto and Paraty Tech .
    And we returned to a Fitur like before

    And we returned to a Fitur like before

    Fitur 2023: we were really looking forward to it

    Like before what? Well, you can imagine... The Pandemic was a drastic turning point in many ways, but without a doubt, any face-to-face activity was affected to a greater extent. Events, in particular, suffered greatly. Fitur too, despite the efforts of his organization, determined to row against the tide and public opinion, for not surrendering to the devastating power of the virus. A stubbornness as laudable as criticized , which they have shown off for two eternal years and which, in the end, has been, in some way, rewarded.

    both laudable and criticized Contrary to what happened with other major international fairs, this one never fell into easy temptation, it never bit into the poisoned apple of cancellation. Because, no matter how hard it might be to resign yourself and let yourself be swept away by the avalanche of caution, the comfortable (prudent?) would have been to follow in the footsteps of the majority and wait for better times to come. However, they never did. This quote is different, it is made of a different material.

    They created Fitur Live Connect, their virtual platform, aware that the hybrid format, as with cars, offered greater guarantees. They also established strict security protocols, implemented a host of preventive measures and made payment and "no-show" policies more flexible (revenue management in its purest form). They stayed that way until the last moment. Trembling, surely, but firm, with your head held high.

    In the end, they had no choice but to postpone, but even doing so, they had set a precedent and sent a message that went very deep: Fitur does not wrinkle. The 2021 edition was reduced to a kind of ghost edition, exceptionally celebrated during the month of May, unanimously remembered as a sad and devastating encounter. However, above all, it was an unmistakable symbol, perhaps the first, of the process of recovery of world tourism. We did not dare then to appear as exhibitors, but we understood that the right thing to do was to attend. To be, had to be .

    Just eight months later, in January 2022, the picture was already quite different. In our country, the worst of Covid-19 was behind us. While people lost count of the number of waves surfed, the Coronavirus lost lethality. The vaccine had done its job and society learned to live with this uncomfortable companion, exchanging fear for respect. And Fitur returned to the cold of the capital in winter. It was still easy to find the seven differences between that fair and its pre-pandemic version, but there were clear signs of normality. Once again, Ifema distributed the right dose of optimism that the sector demanded to metabolize so much hardship and impotence.

    Last year ended up being a record year in many ways. It would not be fair to say that it has been a bed of roses, but the truth is that nobody seemed willing to turn the other cheek after such a slap in the face. Thus, despite the innumerable crises derived from the war in Ukraine, despite inflation, despite the recession... The whole world has traveled again. No matter who likes it. And at Paraty Tech, we finally returned to a Fitur like before.

    With booth. No masks. With sweets. Without hydroalcoholic gel. With quotes. No screens. With desire. No hard feelings. The figures for this edition, recently concluded, have exceeded all expectations: 66,900 net exhibition m2, 222,000 attendees, 136,000 professionals, 8,500 companies, 131 countries, 755 main exhibitors. We are talking about parameters very close to those of his historical record. Something unthinkable weeks ago.

    The 40 m2 of our stand have fallen short to satisfy the agendas of the 16 colleagues who have traveled to Madrid. There wasn't room for one more coat in the warehouse, you practically had to take a number to fill one of the six available jobs, and both the cups of coffee and the bottles of water have been gradually gaining ground as the seasons have progressed. journeys.

    They have been three intense, exciting, exciting and emotional days, in which we have taken the opportunity to sow, but also to collect. To discover and to spread. To establish new alliances, strengthen relationships and consolidate positions. Except for an alien invasion (the only thing that remains for us to see now), we predict a great 2023 and a long life for the queen (of fairs).
    5 digital marketing trends for hotels in 2023

    5 digital marketing trends for hotels in 2023

    Get ready for the New Year

    Back to the routine after these holidays and it's time to catch up. In order to help you plan your marketing plan for this new year, from Paraty Tech we have gathered 5 digital marketing trends that will be present in the hospitality sector, during 2023:

    Metasearch engines

    It is possible that the first thing you ask yourself is: metasearch engines, what is that? the different OTAS.

    Some examples of these platforms are: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Skyscanner, etc.

    Once again, Google is on the podium, achieving a very competitive advantage that others do not have, since it is the most used search engine in the world, and that is that with Google Hotel Ads, the results of the metasearch engine appear directly when performing a search in Google.

    If your hotel's official website does not appear in the metasearch results list, you are losing sales share to OTAs.

    Google allows you to be in these results for free (free booking links) and paid, through ads (Google Hotel Ads), however, for either of the two options you need a company that is an official Google Partner, such as This is the case of Paraty Tech. If you want more information, do not hesitate to ask your account.

    Mobile Marketing

    Leaving home without your mobile is already unthinkable, right?
    In just a few decades, mobile phones have become an indispensable object in our daily lives and some even classify them as an extension of the human being.

    If before they were only a means of socializing and connecting, today, mobile phones allow access to services, banking applications, work tools, tickets (plane, concerts, events), GPS, etc.

    It is up to companies, in this case hotels, to make the best possible use of mobile devices to add value to the guest journey . As examples of how we can use mobile marketing, we can find: pre-stay SMS sending, online check-in/check-out, mobile keys, booking a service directly from the mobile, Apps that allow room control, TV remote and geolocated notifications, etc.

    CX – Customer Experience

    The customer experience is the qualitative sum of all the contact points between the brand and the guest, before, during and after their stay . If the booking process on the website is stressful for the client, it will already add negative points to the quality of the experience. Yes, on the contrary, after the stay there is extra attention that makes the guest feel special, this will add positive points to the experience.

    Basically, we have to see the customer experience as a whole, and not just the experience during the stay (the famous "operation"), since this is only one of the phases.

    When charting the complete customer journey, we must pay special attention to customer frustration points, such as queues or long waits, and develop more customer-friendly solutions by digitizing processes. Mobile marketing, as we saw in the previous point, is one of the resources that allow this digitalization focused on the consumer.

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing will continue to grow, and not just in the large business market. For small and medium-sized accommodations, using digital influencers is an excellent way to expand the reach and awareness of the brand . And although there is still some reluctance to this type of collaboration, it is a trend that will be present in 2023.

    When inviting an influencer or saying "Yes" to a collaboration, it is important to study the influencer and verify that their followers fit with the hotel's target audience, as well as that the values they transmit are in line with those of the hotel. brand. Only in this way can the hotel secure a strategic position in the markets of interest and, consequently, obtain adequate profitability.

    Video content on social media

    It is a fact that the tendency to share video content has been with us for a few years. But this year it has taken on a new dimension. Because, if before, the production and editing of videos only depended on the experts. Today, this process is carried out by the content creators themselves and "ordinary" users, in Reels (Instagram) and Tik Tok.

    These short and vertical videos are increasingly consumed on social networks and, in turn, increasingly valued by the social media platforms themselves , which means they have a greater reach.

    Integrating this type of content into your accommodation's social media planning, in order to engage and inspire your audience, is an important step to gain visibility and drive the desire to visit you.

    If you need support in this creation, you can always make photo and video collaborations with influencers, in exchange for content to use!

    Is your hotel already following any of these digital marketing trends? Take them into account when developing your hotel's marketing plan for 2023, in order to maximize your value proposition consistent with your establishment's resources.

    Growth could be our 2022 summary word

    Growth could be our 2022 summary word

    Everything that has happened this 2022

    The year is ending and it is time to take stock. As always, our blog has been the epicenter of our communications, and the posts it contains, the best possible common thread to recap the highlights of our activity. The ideal place to check the latest releases and improvements to Paraty Tech products and services, but also to find out everything related to the hotel sector and the Paraty World ecosystem. Will you join us on this walk?

    We start 2022 by catching up on the most important news from Google . The famous "Google Tax" gave a lot of talk and had to be updated to be able to explain it clearly. We learned and, at the same time, we continued to train, sharing tips and advice associated with the main tools used in our day to day: we have talked about Instagram , Metasearch engines , Google Analytics4 , Google My Business , Google Ads ... It is essential to be aligned with our clients in terms of knowledge, and we are always willing to write an article to further this trend.

    Success Stories Series As usual, we also wanted to focus on our clients. This is where the Success Stories Series arose, a space dedicated to publicizing their success stories , which we inaugurated with Vik Hotels. A different way of discovering the tricks and strategies that, with our help, have led them to make the most of their hotel establishments.

    Renew or die, another of our mottos, which has been able to find its best scope of application in the development of new tools to continue contributing to the increase in direct sales of hotels and hotel chains. Call Seeker came stomping in. An innovative product that emerged from active listening to the sector, with the aim of simplifying the arduous task of quoting reservations, but which also includes a wide range of very useful functionalities for reception, sales, etc. departments.

    During the first months of the year, we boosted our presence in Mexico with the opening of our office in Cancun and the establishment of a permanent team there to offer better service to customers in the area, and to make our technology available to as many possible from hotels in Caribbean destinations. In fact, our spin-off focused on the voice channel, Ring2Travel , also crossed the pond, determined to raise awareness there of the importance of setting up a Customer Experience Center. A turning point in our international expansion process that experienced a great advance with this milestone.

    With the arrival of spring, like flowers, events bloomed. Own and others. Fairs, loyalty appointments, training meetings... The parties celebrating our 10th anniversary made us especially excited, both in Spain and in Portugal . In both we were able to meet again with clients and collaborators, enjoy with our closest friends, in wonderful surroundings. Unique opportunities to chat and toast in confidence for these 10 years. And let it be another 10 more!

    Internally, it is always important to foster relationships between colleagues. Something that the Pandemic had worked hard to avoid, forcing us (among many other things) to cancel our traditional Christmas lunch in 2021. The best vaccine we were able to find to alleviate this side effect of the virus was the #ParatySpringParty or "No Christmas Food" . A meeting in which our large family had a great time in a cocktail-type event at the Hotel La Barracuda.

    At Paraty World we are committed to our employees and their well-being. Following the path of offering a healthy and pleasant work environment , we implemented our Paraty World All Inclusive project, which came to complete the in-house English classes, with the inclusion in March of a free daily buffet and, just a couple of months later, Wellness activities: nutrition, yoga and breathing sessions taught by Lidia Cruzado from @liluonthemat . A success to make the work environment a more complete and healthy experience.

    The heat was brought by the arrival of summer, and the warmth came from our partners. Companies made up of great professionals with whom we share a customer-centric approach and philosophy. Incredible alliances that have helped us offer more to the hotel establishments with which we collaborate. PayNoPain , Asksuite and Hotelverse have contributed to making our tools more complete and efficient solutions. In addition, we became the only booking engine to integrate Transfers & Experiences , offering the possibility of booking transfers and excursions directly during the booking process , with immediate confirmation and without the need for third-party intervention. Gold for hotels.

    September is always a decisive time and we decided to prepare our particular "Back to school". Paraty Academy was born from the signing of the collaboration agreement with Turiscool . A virtual space, free for our clients, with more than 50 courses on the most varied topics. Learning has never been so easy!

    An initiative that came to add to other indicators of our unquestionable commitment to training, such as our status as sponsors of Travel Tech , one of the most important free discussion forums worldwide, with specific sessions for each geographical area: Brazil & Portugal , USA & Canada, APAC, EMEA and Spain & LATAM. In all these appointments we had the pleasure of participating twice (discussion table and pitch session).

    At the end of the year, a very special Christmas gift arrived... The launch of Price Seeker v4 and the possibility of enjoying the tool for 14 days totally free . This version represents a comprehensive renovation of our acclaimed rate shopper, which has undergone its most ambitious reform in this update and its mutation into a price intelligence platform. It was already extraordinarily powerful, but now it is also a more intuitive and complete solution: new functionalities, display formats and indicators, more in line with current times and current work methodologies.

    Recovering old pre-covid customs, in 2022 we have been able to celebrate our #ParatyChristmasParty . If our impromptu spring party was a success, this one, steeped in the Christmas atmosphere, was even better. Cocktail, invisible friend, photo booth and a rap to remember, put the finishing touch to the group's internal events. We are already looking forward to the next one!

    Finally, we cannot stop talking about the exponential growth that we have experienced in Paraty World. The 4 companies that make up the group and its 3 offices around the world have not stopped expanding. The same fate has run the team. We have gone from being 71 people in 2021, to more than 120 today, integrating talent as young as necessary.

    Incorporations that have led us to expand our headquarters in Torremolinos (Málaga), whose offices now exceed 600 m2. We now have more meeting rooms, 3 kitchens, height-adjustable office tables for those who want to work standing up, a grassy area to disconnect and an endless number of open space -type workstations, which help us all feel more united and connected.

    In short, it has been an intense year in terms of work and activity, during which we have enjoyed, learned and evolved. But this wheel does not stop turning and we can already anticipate that 2023 will come loaded with surprises , like the Three Wise Men.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
    Paraty Tech incorporates Miguel Pretel, former CEO of BeSoccer, as financial director

    Paraty Tech incorporates Miguel Pretel, former CEO of BeSoccer, as financial director

    Paraty Tech has confirmed the incorporation of Miguel Pretel, former CEO of BeSoccer, as CFO or financial director.

    His arrival coincides with a key moment for hotel technology, which this year completes a decade of experience focused on the development of technological solutions aimed at increasing direct sales of hotels, hotel chains and other types of tourist accommodation.

    Miguel Pretel has held various positions of responsibility mainly associated with accounting and finance in various entities, highlighting his time at Price Waterhouse Coopers (a member of the Big Four), Acotral, the Illustrious Official College of Nursing of Malaga and, more recently, BeSoccer, where he started as CFO until he ended up occupying the position of CEO in his last stage.

    It should be remembered that Paraty Tech is the parent company of the Paraty World group (completed by Ring2Travel, Data Seekers and Transfers & Experiences), a conglomerate of technology companies that operates mainly in the tourism sector, but has also been able to find fields of application for its tools. price control and catalog in the world of ecommerce.

    According to the words of Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, this new incorporation meets the need to order, professionalize economic management and optimize the profitability of the different business verticals of the group, ten years after its founding, throughout which they have increased their workforce and their portfolio, to over 120 employees and 3000 clients respectively.

    For his part, Miguel assures that this new adventure, which responds to a personal interest in diversification and professional growth, constitutes a very motivating challenge, but also entails great responsibility, as it is a highly consolidated group, with a high degree of digitization , in which the introduction of possible changes must be undertaken in a very gradual and thoughtful way so as not to alter the formula that has led Paraty Tech and the rest of the group companies to position themselves as leaders in their segments.
    Price Seeker v4 from €49 per month: the day has come

    Price Seeker v4 from €49 per month: the day has come

    Price Seeker v4 Official Release

    We are excited. We already told you a few weeks ago and, finally, the day has come. After months of work, we launched Price Seeker v4 and you can already contract it directly online, from €49 per month + VAT (exclusive launch offer). Also, if you want to try it beforehand to convince yourself of its potential, you have a free 14-day demo at your disposal.

    Our rate shopper has undergone a comprehensive renovation to become a comprehensive price intelligence platform and adapt, once and for all, to your needs as a revenue manager .

    We have no doubt that Price Seeker was already one of the most powerful tools on the market in its segment. But we have always been very open to listening to those who are called to be its main users, and we are aware that certain aspects required a rethinking.

    The keys to change

    The Price Seeker update has been attacked from different sides. The objective, in addition to making it a more intuitive and "hotel friendly" solution, was fundamentally to incorporate new functionalities, display formats and indicators , more in line with current times and with current work methodologies. Next, we detail some of the keys of the change.

    user experience

    A simply essential point. And although you will have video tutorials and user manuals available, it was important that, from the outset, you be able to move freely through the different dashboards, and that reading the data was clear and simple. We've reordered elements, changed the naming and expressions, and added new display formats, such as the calendar view. We hope you love the end result as much as we do.

    New features

    This point deserves a separate article and, in fact, it will come. But, for now, we will limit ourselves to highlighting some of the most interesting new features.

    Opportunity cost

    A proprietary algorithm, which takes into account different variables, will be in charge of indicating how much revenue the detected disparities are costing you. Because knowing that you have disparities is not the same as knowing how much they cost you.

    Real Time Parity

    One of the fundamental advantages that all our tools are developed internally is the fluid communication that is generated between them. In this case we use Rate Check, our metasearch engine inserted into the reservation process of your official website, to detect disparities in real time and monitor them through Price Seeker .

    Last Rooms Available

    Knowing the status of the availability of your compset is a great competitive advantage that can help you, and a lot, to refine your pricing strategy. Now, with Price Seeker v4 you will be able to detect when your competing hotels have only a few rooms left and use that information for your own benefit.

    New indicators

    In the first position of the ranking of new indicators we highlight the data related to flight + hotel . To do this, we have implemented a module from our destination intelligence platform that extracts information from any channel of the tour operation . We are talking about more than 200 websites, understood as data sources!

    3 different packages and online contracting

    Undoubtedly, one of the great novelties of this new version of our rate shopper is the packaging of functionalities . And it is that each hotel or chain has specific needs. A vacation resort is not the same as an urban boutique hotel, to give two examples.

    For this reason, you now have three different packages, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise , and you can enjoy Price Seeker v4 from €49 per month (VAT not included). A more than competitive price, within the reach of the pocket of any type of establishment.

    In addition, you can request your free 14-day demo or contract the tool directly online , by filling out a simple form. Once your user has been created, you can access it to start consulting and analyzing data.

    Price Seeker v4 will be one of the main novelties that we will bring to Fitur 2023 , a fair in which we intend to make a live presentation of the tool and offer you resources to test it in situ at our stand. You can find us in Hall 8, Stand 8D15 .

    For any question or more information, you can contact Cindy Johansson , Sales & Project Manager of the tool directly:
    Paraty Tech integrates with Hotelverse to offer a new dimension of direct sales

    Paraty Tech integrates with Hotelverse to offer a new dimension of direct sales

    A new way to book

    The first hotel in which it will be possible to verify the result of the integration between theParaty Tech booking engine andHotelverse will be the Amare Beach Hotel Ibiza by Amare Hotels , belonging to Fuerte Group, which has already created its digital twin and will be operating soon . That technology advances by leaps and bounds is unquestionable. But in this process, first there are those who open the way, and then those who take advantage of the clear path to follow the marked path. Hotelverse is undoubtedly part of the first group. In fact, they have achieved something as complicated as creating a solution that, in some way, represents a reinvention of the wheel of hotel reservations. A new dimension of direct sales from all possible sides. On the one hand, the guest will now be able to book exactly the room they want, through an immersive interface based on a digital twin of the establishment, which will allow them to move around the facilities practically as if they were there . On the other hand, it will change the traditional way of making revenue, by enabling the option of setting prices by specific room number , instead of doing so by the usual types or categories. For its part, Paraty Tech , a company with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in the development and implementation of technological solutions aimed at increasing direct hotel sales, has always been characterized by getting on the bandwagon of innovation. So it is not surprising that it has become one of the first booking engines in the market to integrate with them. In the words of Fermín Carmona, CEO & Co-founder of Hotelverse , "if anything characterizes Paraty Tech it is its functionality and ease of use, essential requirements for us, as a brand and as a product promise". Paraty Tech continues, "complete its proposal to generate reservations with the digital twin, thus taking a giant step in technological transformation and sales conversion ”. The Amare Beach Hotel Ibiza , belonging to the Amare Hotels (Fuerte Group) chain, has already planned its digital twin and will be the first establishment in the Paraty Tech client portfolio to implement Hotelverse in its reservation process. Fuerte Group is a clear example of direct sales at a national level, which has always been characterized by its innovative attitude, as Martin Aleixandre, Chief Commercial Officer , explains to us, for whom this initiative represents a new opportunity to continue differentiating itself and setting trends : " Anything that adds value in terms of direct sales and in relation to the guest experience, we value internally and try to implement it. Especially if it is a disruptive and useful solution, such as Hotelverse, with the peace of mind of having a partner like Paraty Tech, always ready to undertake any project or suggestion for improvement that we propose ”. Gina Matheis, CEO and Co-founder of Paraty Tech is aware of the potential of this integration, especially for hotels and vacation resorts, where the location of the room can make a big difference : “ having the ability to decide to sleep on foot the beach, having views of the pool, being close to restaurants or far from the facilities for children, supposes a great differential value for the traveler, who will surely be willing to pay more in exchange for enjoying the power of choice and know exactly where your room will be located. In turn, hoteliers must understand that an integration of this nature will help them increase the price of certain rooms, the average ticket and the total revenue , paradoxically, also improving the accommodation experience of their guests, despite the probable increase in their bill. . With Hotelverse and Paraty Tech we all win ”.
    Casual Hoteles launches the new version of the BeCasual Club

    Casual Hoteles launches the new version of the BeCasual Club

    La importancia de tener un programa de fidelización

    El objetivo de este innovador y tecnológico programa de fidelización, que ha sido diseñado en colaboración con Paraty Tech, es premiar el compromiso de sus huéspedes, crear comunidad y conocer los hábitos viajeros de los clientes de la cadena, con el fin de seguir adaptando su oferta a sus gustos y necesidades.

    Tras una exitosa temporada estival, la cadena hotelera temática Casual Hoteles ha empezado el otoño con una importante novedad: el lanzamiento del Club BeCasual, su renovado programa de fidelización, cuya nueva versión ha sido diseñada en colaboración con su principal socio tecnológico, la empresa Paraty Tech.

    Se trata de una propuesta rompedora, como lo es la propia compañía valenciana, que incluye servicios diferenciales muy singulares, que aportan mucho valor a sus miembros y, sobre todo, favorecen el sentido de pertenencia y crean comunidad.

    Porque este es, según Juan Carlos Sanjuán, presidente y fundador de Casual Hoteles, uno de sus principales objetivos, “conocer en profundidad a los huéspedes que se alojan en nuestros establecimientos, y que ese conocimiento nos permita seguir adaptando nuestra oferta a sus gustos y necesidades”.

    Una opinión que comparte Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer de la tecnológica, que añade que este club ejemplifica “nuestra capacidad de adaptación a las necesidades de cada establecimiento o cadena, pues ha sido diseñado desde cero, 100% a la medida de un cliente que nos empuja permanentemente a subirnos a su tren de la innovación”.

    Así, además de generar beneficios desde el minuto 0, a pesar de su gratuidad, ya que al inscribirse el usuario recibe 5 euros gratis, que pueden ser canjeados en reservas en hoteles de la cadena; percibe otras ventajas como acumular euros canjeables, por cada 10 euros que gaste a través de la web del grupo o recibir dinero como regalo de cumpleaños.

    Mimos y atenciones que se complementan con otros detalles como los regalos de bienvenida que se ofrecen al usuario al llegar al hotel; desde el 10% de descuento en las reservas de alojamiento y en servicios extras propios del hotel; la participación en varios sorteos al año y la posibilidad de realizar una salida tardía, según disponibilidad.

    Un programa escalable, que premia como ninguno la fidelidad

    Y es que, según Juan Carlos Sanjuán, “el Club BeCasual destaca por ser personalizado, escalable y flexible”.  En este sentido, explica, “es un programa de fidelidad que ha sido diseñado a medida por Paraty Tech, nuestro socio tecnológico. Es muy intuitivo y está pensado tanto para el cliente final, como para nuestros empleados, que se pueden beneficiar de todos los beneficios en igualdad de condiciones”.  También es escalable, agrega, “porque adapta las ventajas al nivel de compromiso demostrado por cada socio, generando 3 categorías: BeCasual (disponible con solo registrarse), BeCasual Fan (para los clientes que hayan reservado entre 4 y 6 estancias) y BeCasual Lover (a partir de 7 estancias)”.

    Por último, concluye, “tecnológicamente es muy flexible y eso, a nivel interno, significa que podemos gestionar los contenidos y otras funciones de manera autónoma y ser muy ágiles en la creación de nuevas promociones. Por ejemplo, de cara a 2023, tenemos previsto incorporar nuevas ventajas como obtener euros gratis por cada amigo que los socios de BeCasual logren que se inscriban al programa, y la posibilidad de convertir los puntos acumulados en aportaciones solidarias, entre otras”. BeCasual destaca por premiar desde el minuto 0 a sus socios, y por recompensar con más beneficios su fiel compromiso

    Acerca de Casual Hoteles

    Casual Hoteles es una compañía hotelera valenciana, que fue fundada en 2013 por Juan Carlos Sanjuan, con el objetivo de convertirse en el referente de alojamientos urbanos temáticos de España. Todos sus hoteles cuentan con una decoración personal, inspirada en los destinos en los que están ubicados, y ofrecen unos estándares de calidad y unas ubicaciones céntricas a precios asequibles. Son divertidos, sorprendentes y provocadores, haciendo de Casual Hoteles una cadena disruptiva que, en 2018, fue reconocida con el Premio Hostelco al “Mejor Concepto Hotelero”.

    El grupo también destaca por su política de férreo compromiso social y medioambiental a través de su propio Código Ético, y por sus colaboraciones con ONG’s como Save the Children y Unicef, entre otras. En la actualidad, Casual Hoteles cuenta con 22 hoteles y 848 habitaciones en 11 ciudades de España y Portugal, de los cuales 1 es propiedad, 15 son operados bajo régimen de alquiler y 6 en franquicia.
    The (r)evolution of the rate shopper and its mutation into a Price Intelligence Platform

    The (r)evolution of the rate shopper and its mutation into a Price Intelligence Platform

    Countdown to Price Seeker v4

    Technology, like the needs of hotels, is in a process of permanent change. Business strategies, revenue, marketing, etc. They are almost exclusively based on data, and these, in turn, are like an entity with a life of its own that does not stop integrating new indicators, formulas, display formats and analytical variants, in response to the constant proliferation of the most varied requirements. by the professionals called upon to exploit them.

    What in the past could have been an A, may now barely touch the pass, and the only valid path for tool developers is to adjust their cruising speed to that of this wheel that does not stop turning. Even more. Overcome it to be able to anticipate and overcome unexpected obstacles or sudden changes in direction.

    Spoiler alert! We are going to reveal some details of the most recent episode in the history of Price Seeker , our rate shopper, and its mutation into a Comprehensive Price Intelligence Platform .

    We like to define the next and imminent launch of Price Seeker v4 , and that everyone understands it that way, more than as an evolution, as a true revolution of this product , flagship of our brand. This version, the most ambitious to date, has led us to rethink, even its categorization. And it is that, perhaps, the concepts of rate shopper and rate checker, already fall short.

    a bit of background

    Before getting into the matter, let's take a look back. It is important to know that Price Seeker arose from the concern of our own colleagues , revenue and account managers who felt the need to automate certain processes in order to carry out more exhaustive monitoring of the growing number of hotels they managed.

    In other words, like so many other solutions that we have developed in-house, Price Seeker was originally conceived as a tool for internal use, an ally that would allow us to continue increasing direct sales from our clients through price control. , and those of its competitive set, in its distribution channels. It didn't take us long to realize its potential... The rest came alone, backed by an unwavering argument: if it's useful for us, it will also be useful for any hotel establishment, regardless of its degree of involvement with direct sales. A star was born and his role was none other than to monitor, generate and boost sales in the channels of greatest interest , whatever they were, according to the commercial strategy of each accommodation.

    Throughout almost a decade of production, Price Seeker has passed through the hands of revenue managers from leading hotel chains and groups, such as Meliá, Barceló, Blue Bay, Eurostars, Iberostar, RIU, Fuerte or Best Hotels, which It certainly constitutes a guarantee of its reliability.

    But it has been by identifying actions or discount programs implemented unilaterally by the large OTAs, to the detriment of the interests of the hotels, when it has hit the table. For example, the detection of the Booking Early Payment Benefit comes to mind, even before its arrival in Spain. Expedia would later follow in his footsteps and, once again, the exclusive was carried out by our tool.

    Price Seeker v4, what's new mate?

    Now yes, we leave the past behind, we place ourselves in the present and look to the future. As we already mentioned, Price Seeker v4 is the definitive twist. A (r)evolution attacked from all possible sides. From the redesign of the UX, to the implementation of a wide range of brand new functionalities, through the inclusion of new indicators, a vocabulary and a more "hotel friendly" nomenclature, up to three different packages and the possibility of contracting and starting it. directly online. All this, focusing on the management of the establishment, but, above all, on its profitability. Let's see it in detail.

    • User Experience : We won't dwell too long on this point. Just to say that we have listened to you and we will continue to do so. We are taking note and the new look & feel will reflect this. In any case, the best thing you can do is try it. By the way, we are going to launch a Price Seeker Beta Testers campaign. Do you want to be part of "The Chosen Ones"? Stay tuned.

    • Monitoring of the vacation package / flight + hotel : One of our main objectives is to grow hand in hand with projects in which the flight + hotel is of vital importance. Price Seeker v4 monitors the competitiveness of hotels in more than 200 distribution points, including tour operators and highly relevant platforms, such as Jet2Holidays or TUI. Remember that we work with hotels in multiple destinations, so we can apply this criteria to any channel with which you may be interested in making comparisons.

    • Control of disparities taken to the highest level :
      • You will receive real-time alerts of disparities in the direct channel, identifying as priority those with a high probability of abandonment .
      • Price Seeker v4 indicates the opportunity cost , because it is not the same to know that you have disparities, than to know the real cost that they imply for you in each channel.
      • Specific dashboards for hotel chains.

    • Competition : detection of functionalities and promotions, including aspects such as the "last available rooms".

    • Market data : online reputation of the destination, prices of the place, tour operators, flights...

    • And also : all the advantages of a pricing tool aimed at providing information in an agile and reliable manner, but with a degree of detail prepared to satisfy the highest levels of demand:
      • Competition monitoring.
      • Parity monitoring.
      • Maximum reliability and solidity of the data, supported by screenshots.
      • Personalized alert system.
      • Competition and parity report generator.
      • Events and notes.
      • Daily updates.
      • Selection of your competitive set.
      • Free setup.
      • Free personalized training.
      • Online support.
    Up to here we can read... Follow us on our usual communication channels to be aware of new steps. Price Seeker v4 is coming very soon .
    Paraty Tech 10th Anniversary Party in Portugal: for many more decades

    Paraty Tech 10th Anniversary Party in Portugal: for many more decades

    We celebrate 10 years in Portugal

    As we have already commented on more than one occasion throughout 2022, this is a year that is giving us many reasons to be very proud. After a decade of experience, at Paraty Tech we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our clients, partners and friends, holding a series of events that have served, above all, to thank them for their support, trust, and loyalty.

    If on June 9 we convened in Malaga, more specifically, in the mythical Baños del Carmen, in what ended up being a party full of emotions and good memories, on September 15 we did the same in Portugal. The place chosen was the Hotel NAU Sao Rafael Atlántico , belonging to NAU Hotels & Resorts, one of the first chains that opted for Paraty Tech when we decided to start our journey through Portuguese lands. A location, therefore, charged with symbolism for us, which undoubtedly contributed to raising the level of emotion of the meeting.

    Being able to organize something like this implies many things. It means that we are still in the market, that when we decided to bring our services and our collaboration model to the neighboring country, because we were clear that we had a lot to contribute here, we were not wrong. It also means that the team has done and continues to do a great job , also in terms of loyalty, because the company has grown, of course, but, above all, the Portuguese delegation, led by its Country Manager, Diana Costa, has managed to relationships with clients are becoming closer and closer, in many cases exceeding the strictly professional scope, forming solid teams in which the borders of the supplier-hotel relationship are increasingly blurred.

    Show-cooking, a cocktail of height, cake with candles and sparklers, broadcast of videos, speeches of thanks, reunions, anecdotes, laughter... Everything that could be expected from the party was more than fulfilled.

    Words from our CEO, Gina Matheis

    Throughout 10 years many things happen and it is difficult to choose between so many anecdote, challenge, victory, etc. However, there is no doubt that our CEO, Gina Matheis, has a very special memory of the first reservation that came through our booking engine, at the hands of a Dutch family that she says will always be remembered. This is how he wanted to convey it to all the attendees in his thank you speech, highlighting the nerves that invaded his body while he made sure that the reservation was well priced. He also took the opportunity to recall that Portugal is the first great success story of our international expansion process, thus opening the door to other markets, such as Latin America, with the peace of mind of knowing that our model and our strategy do not understand countries or borders. .

    The fragment of her speech dedicated to Diana Costa deserves a special mention, who practically in tears listened carefully to how Gina was full of praise for her work and her management, elevating our Country Manager Portugal to the position of main architect of the place she occupies currently Paraty Tech in Portugal, generally recognized as one of the best booking engines on the market .

    The round of interventions was completed by Diana herself, in charge of opening the event and welcoming attendees, and Sancha Pina, Marketing & CRM Executive of NAU Hotels & Resorts.

    Awards Ceremony

    Finally, as the culmination of the celebration, an awards ceremony took place in which we wanted to reward good work in different plots of some of the establishments with which we collaborate. Everyone picked up their smiling statuettes, posing proudly for the photo, and showing their appreciation for the recognition of their work:

    Impressions and conclusions of the Torremolinos Innova 2030 Urban Agenda Conference

    Impressions and conclusions of the Torremolinos Innova 2030 Urban Agenda Conference

    Paraty Tech at the Innova 2030 Urban Agenda Conference

    Last Friday, September 9, the Urban Agenda Innova 2030 Conference was held in Torremolinos. It is an agenda in which the town sets specific goals to achieve the objective of becoming a more sustainable, fair, intelligent and balanced city by the year 2030.

    Our CEO & Co-Founder, Gina Matheis, participated in the second round table organized for the occasion, together with Javier Hernández, Executive Vice President of Aehcos (Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol), to talk about Tourism, Commerce and Digitalization , moderated by Ignacio Lillo, editor of Diario Sur .

    During the morning, there was extensive talk about digitization in the tourism sector, focusing on the city of Torremolinos, emphasizing a key fact: the role of the tourism sector , a pioneer in its digital transformation through the incorporation of technological platforms.

    "Digitization should help solve needs in an easy and useful way" , are the words of Gina Matheis, who insisted on the importance of promoting initiatives that favor the application of digitization techniques in the city's commerce sector.
    Everyone knows that the pandemic has unexpectedly and abruptly accelerated the digitization processes. Nowadays, we do any management with the mobile. A reality that forces us to promote the use of digital supports in the tourism sector, being clear that their contribution is decisive for the increase in direct hotel sales.

    For his part, Javier stressed the need for the hotel sector and the destination to work together to sell more and offer more and better information.
    On the other hand, Gina recalled the importance of always having the hotel's official website ready, a channel of growing importance due to the distrust that the closure of various agencies has generated in the tour operation in recent months. The traveler, in the event of any incident with the reservation, can contact the hotel directly and resolve it, which translates into a great opportunity in terms of loyalty.

    Ignacio Illo, moderator of the table, asked what was the current degree of digitization of the Costa del Sol , to which Gina responded by recalling how well prepared the hotels on the coast are thanks to the use of a complete technological mix: pms, booking engines, chat bots, etc. Nevertheless, he highlighted that there is always room for improvement and that work is being done actively in this area:

    “It is about technology optimizing processes, so in hotels people will dedicate themselves to people”
    Gina Matheis

    Regarding the overcrowding of the city, Javier commented on the problem that coexistence between the resident and the tourist staying in holiday apartments constitutes. Today, with digitization, it is even easier to migrate an apartment to the vacation rental format and get it booked. Therefore, new proposals should be put forward to regulate this situation and promote a peaceful and sustainable coexistence between the different parties. He also highlighted the need to work together with Urban Planning to alleviate the overcrowding of destinations.

    Gina Matheis gave some ideas on how to combat the consequences of overcrowding with simple actions: warning of traffic to avoid traffic jams, reporting queues at a certain monument/experience, even offering a lower price during "dead" hours are some examples. , in addition to promoting other types of tourism , such as sports, cultural or gastronomic and attracting travelers outside the summer season of sun and sand. In this sense, it was emphasized that Torremolinos has much more to offer than just sun and sand and that this offer could contribute to the seasonality of the destination, thus avoiding overcrowding from June to September.

    “The hotel floor of Torremolinos is reformed, passing the majority of the hotels to be 4*”
    Gina Matheis

    Both Javier and Gina agreed that the heart of the Costal del Sol can attract higher quality tourism. With a well-kept hotel base and most of the establishments renovated, Torremolinos can afford not to lower prices and not be tempted to attract budget tourism.

    The CEO of Paraty Tech also recalled that before lowering the price of the establishment due to the lack of reservations, the reason must be carefully studied, understanding the demand and the cause of not reaching the objectives. Lowering prices is easy, but unfortunately, this step will lead us to attract a tourist profile that the city is not interested in. Javier added that the municipality and the hotel must be on the same page in order to improve the attractiveness and general perception of the Torremolinos destination.

    “Talk more about the cost of the impact of the real tourism activity than about the number of overnight stays”
    Javier Hernandez

    Traditional markets will change the perception of destinations and improve the visitor's profile.
    Another topic addressed was the possible digital divide that may exist in the municipality. In this sense, Gina Matheis stressed the need for the City Council to promote training in technology. Paraty Tech develops user-friendly tools, but it is true that even if they are intuitive, training must be increased so that users have at least a basic starting level.

    Also, it must be taught that the digital environment is a trustworthy environment , as Javier commented, so that these people feel safe when using the different tools.

    Finally, they spoke of the uncertainty that seems to reign in the face of autumn and, although they stated that due to factors such as inflation, the war between Ukraine and Russia, or the Breixit situation, we will experience this time of year with more anxiety than usual Gina recalled that national tourism is giving very good results and that current trends indicate a predominance of last-minute reservations in the international market.

    They ended by talking about next year and expressing their optimism, predicting a probable increase in reserves in Spanish territory due to the foreign context.
    Thus concluded a morning of presentations in which ideas, improvements and projects were shared to continue making Torremolinos a tourist destination of 10 .
    "Back to school": we launched Paraty Academy, a free training platform for customers

    "Back to school": we launched Paraty Academy, a free training platform for customers

    Learn more with Paraty Academy

    September arrives, the last month of summer, and with it the engine of the business fabric of the tourism sector roars again, which, after the general slowdown in its activity during the summer season, returns to recover its usual cruising rhythm for autumn .

    In this sense, at Paraty Tech we already have our particular "back to school" prepared, and we do it with a calendar full of events and, above all, with a novelty of great relevance to the interests of our clients: the launch of Paraty Academy , our training platform, developed hand in hand with TuriSCool, in what constitutes a further step within the framework of collaboration that we signed months ago.

    Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech, tells us:

    We have always insisted on the importance for the success of our collaboration format that the hotels with which we work are duly trained and aware of direct sales, and we believe that it is also our responsibility to promote and facilitate access to this knowledge. Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech

    The Paraty Academy content program has more than 50 courses in audiovisual format, with a focus on topics as varied and enriching as revenue management , hotel management , online marketing , the main technological tools , leadership , management of people or accounting and finance .

    A training offer that, however, does not stop there and we will gradually update and increase it, as Daniel Sánchez, our Chief Revenue Office, tells us:

    The courses developed by TuriSCool constitute, without a doubt, a very important part of the offer of this platform, but we already know that they will not be the only ones, since we intend to periodically upload new content, available exclusively through Paraty Academy, developed by our team thinking about the particular needs and interests of our clients, who through their username can also consult our calendar of events so as not to miss any of our actions. Daniel Sánchez, CRO Paraty Tech

    For some time here, at Paraty Tech we have worked hard to convey the idea that the website and the booking engine are only the first step to boost direct sales. Hence, over time we have been increasing our portfolio of services, increasingly promoting online marketing ( Paraty Digital Suite ), giving the voice channel the importance it deserves ( Ring2Travel ), developing our own revenue management tools and, now, also offering a free training platform:

    The only way to continue differentiating ourselves and adding value to our clients is not to stand still, showing them that we go far beyond giving them a rod and waiting for the fish to come in... We also want to teach them how to fish, discover where the best fishing grounds are, tell them which is the best bait and which techniques are most effective. In short, we want to continue fishing with them, as a team, for many years, enjoying the art of fishing in the seas and oceans around the world, and enjoying the resulting banquet together. Gina Matheis, CEO Paraty Tech

    Paraty Academy is available from September 1 and hotels and hotel chains in Spain and Latin America will be able to request access, for now. Those establishments interested in accessing the platform should contact their assigned account manager, who will be the person in charge of creating the relevant license(s).
    Google Ads Performance Max: what you need to know about this new campaign format

    Google Ads Performance Max: what you need to know about this new campaign format

    Google adds news

    Today we want to talk to you about Performance Max , the new campaign format launched by Google , which aims to maximize performance based on a specific conversion objective (online sales, leads, etc.), using all your inventory to do so:

    • Search
    • display
    • Youtube
    • gmail
    • discover
    • google maps

    What is Google Ads Performance Max?

    The first thing you should know is that it is a campaign format based on artificial intelligence and automation . In other words, Google will show all the ads to the users of the different channels of its network that it believes are more likely to convert for the specific objective marked. Even so, the configuration of the campaigns makes it possible to provide indications in this regard. Therefore, when deciding which users the ads will be shown to, the behavior is very similar to display or YouTube campaigns, in which custom audiences provided by Google are used.

    In essence, this is equivalent to running most of the Google Ads advertising formats in a single campaign , therefore, without the need to create separate campaigns for each channel. And it is especially suitable for clients who generate conversions in all the channels of the Google network and are interested in using and exploiting all their inventory in a single campaign .

    It is worth knowing that, gradually, Google's intention is for Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to become Performance Max campaigns.

    What benefits does Google Ads Performance Max bring?

    It is a comprehensive automated solution that will allow us to fully track the customer journey , supported by an attribution model based on multi-channel data. In addition, it brings a whole series of new statistics , such as increasing search trends, which will allow us to accelerate the achievement of results.

    It also offers complete visibility into auction data across all Google properties , allowing you to optimize retail bids to maximize campaign performance.

    In short, Google Ads Permormance Max makes the most of Google's automation possibilities , including campaign segmentation and delivery.

    • Comprehensive automated solution
    • Full customer journey tracking
    • New performance statistics
    • Accelerating the achievement of results
    • Complete visibility of auction data

    When to use Performance Max according to Google

    According to Google's opinion, this campaign format is especially indicated in the following cases:

    • When you have specific advertising and conversion goals
    • When you want to maximize the performance of your campaign without limitations regarding channels
    • When you want to access all channels without creating separate campaigns
    • When you want to maximize reach and conversion value

    What do the Paraty Tech experts think?

    According to the specialists at Paraty Tech Performance Max, it is a format that they would include within the "visibility" objective and not short-term reservation conversion. The main advantage of this model is that by using artificial intelligence with different types of campaigns at the same time, you can get better results in terms of visibility than if you launch display or YouTube campaigns separately.

    According to this argument, the recommended time to use this type of campaign would be around a month before the start of the high season for accommodation , maintaining it throughout the season (as we do with display or YouTube).

    For example, at this time, in peninsular destinations it could be an interesting option for snow and mountain hotels, and not so much for sun and beach hotels, since it would not make much sense to invest in visibility in the coming months. The opposite would happen in markets such as the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, where the high season is about to begin.

    What do you need to launch a Performance Max campaign?

    For this campaign format we need to have as many resources as possible (images, videos, audiences, texts, etc.) so that Google can use them in the different distribution networks. If you do not have videos, Google will take care of generating a high-quality one from the available graphic resources. The rest is up to us, you don't have to worry about anything.

    Max Performance campaign settings. Both the added resources and the selected audiences are grouped into "Resource Groups". On the left we see all the added resources and on the right the selected audiences. At the top it is indicated on which networks the ads are being shown.
    Tech-Driven Integration Alliance between: Asksuite + Paraty Tech

    Tech-Driven Integration Alliance between: Asksuite + Paraty Tech

    We add new alliances

    We do not stop! This time, we partnered with Asksuite , the first omnichannel service platform for hospitality . Specialists in hotels, their customer service tool generates direct reservations . A more productive and intelligent function for the hotel, serving customers, optimizing its reservation center and increasing its sales.

    Reservation systems have evolved a lot, but even so, the time has come to lead a new significant change, which is why Paraty Tech and Asksuite have decided to advance further in integration with the aim of leaving obsolete methodologies behind and continuing to contribute. to the growth of its hotel clients.

    Both companies share the objective of providing innovative solutions to hotel establishments of all types and sizes. This integration agreement is intended, therefore, to come up with new formulas that continue to make it easier for hotels to attract a growing number of reservations.

    “We are very proud of our solution, and connecting with other like-minded companies is the boost we need to address everything from the most basic to the most challenging needs for hotels. By adding this integration to Asksuite's growing network of technology providers, we easily get exceptional delivery from both.” Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO of Asksuite

    Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the Asksuite and Paraty Tech integration :

    1. Instant price quote on different messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Messages, webchat and Google Business Messages.
    2. When the AI Booking Assistant doesn't find availability for a specific period, it suggests the closest available dates, and when the same is the case with groups, it suggests nearby properties.
    3. Integration of the booking engine to make smart quotes via email and WhatsApp.
    4. Centralization of the main communication channels.
    5. Easy sending of massive WhatsApp campaigns to answer common questions, with calls to action that go directly to the Paraty Tech booking engine .
    6. Conversions and tracking data to power the most effective and profitable marketing channels and increase direct bookings.

    «Asksuite is much more than a chatbot and we are sure that the fusion of our technologies constitutes a winning bet, both to favor our expansion in new markets, as well as in relation to the increase in direct sales, but also in everything related to alleviate the workload of hotels, which will be able to focus more and better on offering an even more rewarding experience to their guests, while the technology takes care of automatically solving tasks in parallel that do not require human intervention.” Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech


    With 2,000+ customers in 40+ countries, Asksuite's AI Booking Assistant is linked to a powerful omnichannel service platform, ensuring hotels can respond to all customer inquiries (both during and after business hours). , also helping teams to organize the workflow with a unified inbox that includes all communication channels.

    Why Asksuite?

    • Communication channels turned into sales channels
    • Increase in direct bookings
    • performance metrics
    • 100% Omnichannel
    • High productivity of reservations and sales agents with reduced task deadlines
    • Natural language in more than 35 languages
    • Easy-to-navigate AI booking assistant with CTA buttons that keep potential customers from getting lost

    Paraty Tech

    With +3000 clients, Paraty Tech is a leading technology provider of solutions aimed at optimizing online distribution and increasing direct bookings for hotels , hotel chains and other tourist accommodation. Paraty Tech, a company characterized by having 100% in-house technology, offers a booking engine, revenue management and price control tools, custom web page design, without templates, and a wide range of digital marketing services with the Focus on optimizing investment and maximizing revenue from the direct channel, the hotel's official website.

    Why Paraty Tech ?

    • Official website of the hotel 100% customized, with a clear focus on sales and user experience
    • Intelligent and flexible booking engine optimized for a decade for all types of hotel establishments
    • Revenue management tools, including a powerful rate shopper , price comparison, and real-time price matcher
    • Preparation of the online marketing strategy and a wide range of services to execute it, working tirelessly to reduce the dependency of hotels on OTAs and brokered sales in general
    • Active retargeting platform integrated with the booking engine
    • Up to 5 loyalty programs suitable for the different types and sizes of establishments
    • Average increase of 30% in direct sales of hotels and hotel chains

    It's not too late to step up the game

    A Google study reveals that 69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing and relevance of a company's message influence their perception of the brand.

    Covering different phases of the purchase process, both Asksuite and Paraty Tech strive to offer quality communication to hotels , help them consolidate their brand message, improve productivity and focus on response speed. The union of both companies creates the complete coverage that hotels need so that travelers choose them.

    Through Paraty Tech's Paraty Digital Suite (SEM management, metasearch engine management, emailings, social network management, etc.) it redirects the user to the booking engine of the hotel's official website , while Asksuite offers on-time availability to respond to the new demand.

    All flanks covered!
    Dive into Google Analytics 4: Nothing to Fear, You're Covered

    Dive into Google Analytics 4: Nothing to Fear, You're Covered

    GA4 time is coming

    Some time ago Google announced the new version of Google Analytics 4 (hereinafter, GA4). However, it has not been until very recently when they have ventured to set and communicate the final date of this migration: on July 1, 2023 Google Analytics Universal (the one of a lifetime, hereinafter GAU) will stop processing data.

    The first thing we want to do is invite you to calm down. If you work with us, you don't have to worry or do anything, because we are already on it and there is no possible data loss. In fact, in this article we will tell you the reason for the launch of this new version, the advantages that it brings with it and how we are managing this change of scenery that mainly addresses respect for privacy and the suppression of third-party cookies, a an issue that Chrome has promised to settle once and for all by the end of the year. Nothing will ever be the same again in terms of data analytics and marketing campaign attribution, and GA4 is nothing more than Google's response to a cookieless world, which threatens to steal its advantageous position and hegemony in this field.

    Why Google Analytics 4?

    Said bluntly, the traditional version, Google Analytics Universal, has become obsolete in its approach. Designed in a context in which the bulk of online traffic came mainly from web pages and desktop devices, its configuration had been designed to count independent sessions, and relied heavily on cookies to carry out its measurements.

    Today, the user "travels" through the most varied platforms: web, mobile web, mobile apps, progressive web apps, single page applications... Therefore, the original approach, based on the concepts of "pages", " hits” and “sessions” began to make less and less sense. We could say that GA4 is an update that Google has been practically forced to undertake in order not to be left behind.

    Main differences between GA4 and GAU

    Two years ago, Google already saw the ears of the wolf and began to develop in GA4 a totally different approach to the one it had been working on, focused, on this occasion, on measuring the traffic of "web + apps", with the aim of offering a much more accurate reading of a user profile whose habits had changed radically.

    The most relevant difference refers to a change in the measurement model . While GAU was always supported, as we said, on a model based on user sessions and the hits it generated (page views, events, transactions), GA4 is built around the events themselves . In fact, the event has been established as a unit of measurement , to the detriment of the concepts of "page" and "session", which are already meaningless due to the multiple current sources of Internet traffic, in which the event does allow carry out more effective measurements.

    In addition, GA4 incorporates important advances in automatic learning (what is known as machine learning ), favoring much more reliable, precise and revealing predictions and conclusions .

    As expected, this structural change is accompanied by a revamped interface , in which the data visualization model experiences a notable qualitative leap.

    • Events replace pages and sessions as the unit of measure.
    • Incorporation of advances in machine learning.
    • More reliable and accurate predictions and conclusions.
    • Revamped interface.
    • Qualitative leap in the data visualization model.

    Advantages of Google Analytics 4

    If Google had just responded to a problem, I think we would all have been pretty disappointed. Fortunately, this has not been the case, and GA4 also brings certain advantages over its predecessor:
    • New prediction metrics, such as the probability that a user will convert or stop visiting us.
    • Centralization and unification of the measurement of user behavior in web and app environments.
    • Greater protection of user privacy.
    • Better analysis of the behavior of individual users.
    • More facilities to export to Big Query.
    • New metrics for measuring user engagement or interaction with our website, such as scrolling, file downloads, etc.
    • Easier to manage and measure custom events from GA4 itself.
    • More facilities to correct and debug errors in measurements.
    Obviously, not everything is rosy, and we could alarm you with certain disadvantages of GA4, which mainly address the discontinuity between the traditional measurement model and the new one. But the truth is that we are sure that they will be corrected soon and that the change, in global terms, will provide greater control over the behavior, habits and trends of our users and potential customers.

    How are we proceeding at Paraty Tech?

    • Raise awareness : We are investing efforts in highlighting the importance of configuring the GA4 to start recording data now, and have a history in the near future, when GAU stops recording or disappears forever.
    • Accommodations with which we already worked : In those accommodations in which we already had the "Web+App" property active and configured, basically there is not much more to do, it could be said that they already have GA4. In those that we had not activated this property, we are gradually configuring a GA4 property, and we will maintain both versions for a recommended prudential period of time.
    • New housings : Since GA4 was launched, in all the new housings with which we started to collaborate, the team is configuring both versions by default, GA4 + GAU, in order to enjoy the maximum measurement width while we have this option.

    Until when will we have the information from GAU?

    Although, as we announced at the beginning of these lines, Google Analytics Universal will cease to exist on July 1, 2023 , Google will continue to keep the historical data of each account for at least 6 more months from that date.

    In any case, do not hesitate to tell us about any concerns that may arise in relation to this topic. Your assigned account and our experts will be happy to assist you.
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