Payment methods:
Another form of disparity

One of the strong suits of OTAs is the payment methods. The booking engine must be up to the task if it doesn't want to favor another form of disparity. At Paraty Tech we are integrated with more than 50 platforms, making sure that each guest can find the one that makes them feel most comfortable.

Paraty E-Payments: our payment system

First, the entry into force of the PSD2 regulation, and then the Pandemic, have precipitated the creation of Paraty E-Payments. Find out everything about our powerful and intuitive centralized billing system.

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Integrated with
more than 50 platforms

In addition to offering traditional and probably more widespread payment methods, such as credit or debit card and bank transfer, at Paraty Tech we are currently integrated with more than 50 payment platforms, and we continue to seek new alliances.

This range of options translates into greater flexibility for the client. In no case can we allow the payment method to constitute an impediment to complete the reservation, nor that the OTAs find in this area another way to generate disparities. Handing over the management of payments is also giving away customer loyalty.
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Bank transfers are still alive

There is still a traveler profile that shows reluctance when it comes time to provide your credit card details, either online or by phone. For all of them, payment by bank transfer is often presented as the most desirable option.

In any case, you can decide if you want to offer this option, when to do it and in what way. The configuration options are plenty.
After booking
Maximum days to pay after the reservation
Before arriving
Maximum days to pay before arrival
Partial collections
Percentage of the total to be paid via transfer
Date range
Offer this option only on certain dates

Failed payment?
Offer alternatives

Transactions via the payment gateway can fail and, when this happens, you must be there.

At Paraty Tech we have implemented a popup that only appears when an incident arises, informing of the possible causes and inviting you to try again, pay by bank transfer or select another payment method.
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