The latest technology, marketing and efficient teamwork
At Paraty Tech we are specialists in the development and implementation of technology and online marketing services for the tourism and hospitality sector.

We help you to sell more on your official website.
We offer complete solutions to make an increase in direct sales a reality. We guarantee an increase in bookings on your official website with innovative tools, ensuring you develop all your online potential.
More than 1000 hotels already trust in us.
In technology we trust
The efficacy of our tools, the dedication in our service, and the continual development of our technology constantly invites new clients to trust in Paraty Tech. We continue growing and we continue to help you increase bookings.
We guarantee an increase in bookings on your website
We are hoteliers and our systems, with the latest technology, are the best reflection of this. Our team is characterised by its quality, flexibility and professionalism in its service, which results in an increase in annual bookings.
65,000+ bookings / 20 million
104,000+ bookings / 32 million
156,000+ bookings / 48 million
A global model in a state of constant international expansion
Here at Paraty Tech we have already successfully established our business model in other European countries as part of the international expansion plan we are currently undertaking. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany... And there are more to come!
A mosaic of personalities,
a highly compact team.
This is Paraty Tech
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