The metasearch engine integrated with your engine
to help improve your conversion rate

We're turning the tables. Rate Check is incorporated into your booking engine to offer your clients the prices of OTAs for their search criteria. Users no longer need to leave your page to make comparisons. They can comfortably do so from the booking process.Checkmate, OTAs.

Show the rates of OTAs the way you want

Rate Check is as useful as it is configurable. For this reason, you will always have the power to make decisions and establish control percentages that differentiate prices and results.
Less abandonment
Prevent users from abandoning the booking process
More conversion
Greater trust, more bookings
Full control
Establish your control percentages

A widget that adapts to the design and allows filters

Once the results of your search engine are shown, the Rate Check widget appears as another element integrated within the booking process. The user may filter OTA prices by board plan or room type. Your hotel's price will always be the protagonist.
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And what's more, it helps you control parity

The Rate Check alert system coordinates with your users' searches to offer information in real time. If a disparity with an OTA exists, you will be informed right away so you may correct it and the user will always see your price as the most economic option.
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Transparency is key

Not being afraid to show OTA prices is a clear declaration of transparency and confidence. These values are perceived by your users who also appreciate the comfort of having everything in one place and the satisfaction that that place is the official website. This tool can only bring benefits.
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