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We are constantly looking for alliances with companies of all kinds. With each new collaboration agreement, we increase our competitiveness and, in this way, we also improve for you, offering you more options and diversification, which contribute to increasing your direct sales.

Asksuite: Artificial Intelligence as a booking assistant

With more than 2,000 customers in +40 countries, Asksuite's AI booking assistant is linked to a powerful omnichannel service platform, ensuring hotels can respond to all customer inquiries (in and out of business hours), while also helping teams organize workflow with a unified inbox that includes all communication channels.

  • Communication channels turned into sales channels
  • Increased direct bookings
  • Performance metrics
  • 100% Omnichannel
  • High productivity of reservation and sales agents
  • Reduced task lead times
  • Natural language in over 35 languages
  • Easy-to-navigate AI booking wizard
  • CTA buttons that prevent leads from getting lost
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SIHOT: hotel management

SIHOT offers one of the leading hotel management software systems, adapatable to all hospitality options. The SIHOT hotel management platform covers all main operational processes and offers tailor-made solutions based on a modular structure.

Improve the efficiency of your processes and enable your employees to focus on what really counts: your guests. All front office, reservation and property management functions are combined in a highly flexible and dynamic user interface. The installation process we offer has the highest degree of flexibility and we can adapt our system to suit your business operations.
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Sojern: the power of data

Sojern specializes in the generation of quality traffic, through the execution of programmatic campaigns, based on the purchase intention, in real time, of the traveler. This alliance between two of the main exponents of hotel direct sales aims to share resources to devise new formulas, with which to continue promoting hotel reservations through the direct channel.
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Flexmyroom: guaranteed reservations

Flexmyroom is the technological solution that will allow you to include travel and cancellation insurance in your direct channel. By combining our engine with its technology, you will reduce the number of cancellations, you will ensure your treasury, you will provide security and confidence to the traveler and, ultimately, you will improve your direct sales.
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Fideltour: a CRM for your engine

The competition over who gets the customer is more intense than ever. Understanding who your customers are and personalizing your communication with them drastically improves their loyalty and repetition. Much more than a CRM, it offers a complete set of marketing automation tools to attract your guests and generate cross-selling.
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Bedsrevenue: a benchmark

Bedsrevenue, led by its CEO, Chema Herrero, is a benchmark in terms of revenue management. They fully take advantage of the potential of their clients to focus on growth and sustainability points, and introduce Revenue Management into the DNA of your company. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.
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Ostelea: training is evolution

Arisen in the most spontaneous way, the partnership established with Ostelea has already borne many fruits. Belonging to Grupo Planeta, Ostelea is one of the most prestigious training companies in the tourism sector in the world. It is a pride and a pleasure to be able to cross and share knowledge, news, etc. Our first meeting was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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Quicktext: not another chatbot

AI, big data, structured data & NLU dedicated to hospitality. AI-powered chatbot, AI-powered marketing tools and messaging hub for hotels. Quicktext helps hotels deliver More direct revenues, More productivity, More guest satisfaction.
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