Digital marketing for hotels:
Web and Engine are just the first step

From metasearch engines, to emailing campaigns, social networks, SEM campaigns, SEO, retargeting and remarketing. Let us help you build your global digital marketing strategy. We optimize the investment, we maximize the benefits.

Paraty Metas: from strategy to reports

Not being in metasearch engines means granting an insurmountable advantage to OTAs. We prepare your strategy, increase the visibility of your establishment, improve its ranking, carry out exhaustive monitoring to maximize profitability and present the results in complete reports.

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Social networks: an alternative booking channel

We integrate the booking engine on Facebook and manage your social networks so your followers always feel duly attended to. With interesting content, competitions, replies and promotional campaigns, we improve your online reputation and make this communication channel profitable.
Paraty Tech Web Corporativa

The conversion power of email marketing

We plan the sending of your hotel's newsletters annually. To do this, we use key dates, tempting offers, interesting news, sales incentives, competitions, prize draws and more. It's good to remind your clients that you're thinking of them.
Paraty Tech Web Corporativa

Retargeting and remarketing: you can't afford losing an interested guest

With our active retargeting platform, Rescue Seeker, our motto is "save the bookings". Losing a guest who has already shown interest in your property is something you simply cannot afford. Our tools work to offer guests real time incentives. From popups intended to lead to impulsive purchases, to real-time incentives in case of detecting inactivity or the intention to abandon the booking process.
Paraty Tech Web Corporativa

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

We are Google Integration Partners, which brings many advantages in terms of connection to the different platforms they offer. Advertising on Google is gaining more and more importance. With constantly changing policies in terms of positioning on the American giant, the use of Adwords is almost essential. You decide how much you wish to invest and we'll ensure your campaigns are worth it.
Audit and investment suggestion
We design the ads for your campaign
ROI tracking and optimization

What else do we do?

We manage any channel that may be interesting to increase traffic to your official website and your direct sales: programmatic, display, social networks, etc. As always, with the best customer service and a team of professionals at your disposal to advise you. Do not put barriers to your investment in digital marketing.
Each moment of the purchase requires a type of impact. We are in each phase of the funnel.
Incorporate Paid Social. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for less than you expect.
Without measurement of results you cannot optimize. Detailed study of the return.

The strategy, the starting point

You are clear about your distribution strategy and we have the know-how so that it and the marketing strategy go hand in hand. Strategy is the starting point. Let our specialists prepare the one that suits you best for your hotel or chain.
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