All the strength of active remarketing
is on our platform
Our active remarketing platform works for a good cause: to ensure you don't lose another booking. Rescue Seeker follows the browsing trail of approximately 25% of your users and utilises this information to offer them real time solutions. By reducing the rebound percentage and increasing the conversion ratio through rescuing potential buyers, an increase in direct sales is assured.
Rescue Window: artificial intelligence
If the user attempts to leave the website for any reason, Rescue Window aims to dissuade them with advice or additional advantages in real-time. The longer a user spends on your hotel's website, the more likely they are to book, especially if you offer incentives.
Rescue Mail and Rescue Contact: stay in touch
With a unique objective but subtly different methods, these two tools contact clients who leave an incomplete booking by email, offering them advice to complete it or simply leaving a link that is always accessible so they can continue where they left off.
Rescue Minder avoids unnecessary efforts
Sometimes your potential customers run searches out of curiosity or simply to make comparisons. Rescue Minder remembers these searches and shows them to users on their next visit to your page. With just one click, they can recover any of them and continue with the booking process from where they left off.
Save the bookings.
This is our motto
We fight for every area available in direct sales and we rescue every lost booking. We are a part of your team and our tools are yours too. Make the most of them.
Gold and Platinum:
two customised price plans
Promotional or commercial window / popup
Information request window related to abandoning the page
Booking recovery email, subject to prior request by the user, after abandoning the process
Recovery email for emails abandoned at the last step
Recent or previous searches widget
Personalised training
Survey about the reason for abandoning the booking and offering an incentive during the first stage of the booking process
Incentive popup for page inactivity
Daily reports of the activity of Rescue Seeker
Improved cancellation ratios: popup, reason for cancellation and improved price incentive

* Set Up: Gold €250 / Platinum €350.
Minimum and Maximum Prices: Gold Min. €50 - Max. €250 / Platinum Min. €100 - Max. €350
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