Join Ring2Travel and get a free 100 Outbound Calls Campaign

Ring2Travel 23/07/2021

At Ring2travel, we are convinced that we can become the ultimate partner for hoteliers. That's why we have decided to offer, to those who choose to invest in our services, a free campaign to strengthen offers or promotions with 100 outgoing calls.

In the current scenario, far from being "normal," the role of agents and, in general, call centers is moving away from what we were accustomed to. Due to the pandemic, they have shifted from being a significant reinforcement for hotels to becoming an almost indispensable service.

We have identified the current concerns of guests to better understand the needs of hotels. In this way, we have redefined our main functions with the aim of providing the best possible response to both. We all must acknowledge that we are dealing with a traveler profile who:
  • Is immersed in uncertainty

  • Does not know if they can travel

  • Does not know if the hotel will be open

  • Does not know if they will have to return early

  • Does not know if they will have to undergo tests and quarantine upon return

As a result, there has been a surge in purely informational calls in recent days. Behind many of them are, on the one hand, tourists with the need to feel in control: their trip, their reservation, compliance with protocols, regulations, and current restrictions, etc. On the other hand, people interested in booking but needing an extra layer of security and trust to make a final decision. And finally, there are those who call to cancel. It's not a pleasant task, but these requests must be faced with empathy, kindness, and assertiveness. The treatment they receive can make the difference between a postponement or losing the customer forever. Pandemic times are the perfect opportunity for loyalty.

By hiring our services, hotels are effectively expanding their staff and responsiveness without assuming additional investments. Having a Call Center brings multiple advantages:
  • Fidelization Mechanism

  • Handling of informational queries

  • Overflow call service

  • After-hours service

  • Multilingual support

  • Benefit from the warmth of human interaction

  • Cancellation management

  • Management of chats and mailboxes

  • Outgoing campaigns for cancellation recovery

  • Outgoing campaigns for commercial reinforcement

  • Pre-stay upselling calls

  • Post-stay satisfaction measurement calls

Whether you are already a client of our booking engine and choose to upgrade, or if you are not and demand a Call Center service, we do everything in our power to give you the final push. Switch to Ring2Travel and get a completely free campaign of 100 outgoing calls to reinforce the effectiveness of your offers and promotions.

How does the outgoing call campaign work?

The process is very simple. Below are the steps we need to follow:
  1. Load rates into our engine: if you are already a client, this is already done. If you don't yet enjoy our booking engine, we take care of everything.

  2. Your hotel profile: our agents, for all intents and purposes, will present themselves as personnel from your establishment. That's why it's important that they know everything about it, and we will ask you to help us complete a simple form that serves as a guide for them.

  3. Transfer of your customer database: we will ask you to share with us the database of those customers you are most interested in attracting. To do this, we will sign a contract that perfectly stipulates our rights and defines our obligations as data processors. We strictly comply with GDPR.

  4. Description of the offer or promotion: you must choose the offer or promotion you want to reinforce. It is common to take advantage of an existing offer, but you can also create a new one for the occasion.

  5. Target selection: from all the contacts in the database you provide, we will select 100. This selection can follow the criteria that interest you strategically (origin, gender, age range, etc.), although it will naturally be conditioned by the degree of segmentation of the database.

  6. Outgoing calls: our agents will call these 100 contacts, informing them of the offer, making them feel special, and assisting them, if desired, in the reservation process until completion.

  7. Results report: once the campaign is completed, subject to the availability of our agents on the selected dates, we will provide you with a results report, including data such as conversion rate or generated revenue.

Keep in mind that if your guests have chosen to talk instead of interacting with a mouse, a keyboard, and a website, it's because they are looking for much more than technology or artificial intelligence. They don't want a robotic voice or a memorized speech. They crave warmth, understanding, and the adaptability of human interaction. And realistically, in the current circumstances, few hotel establishments have the necessary resources and know-how to offer such a service.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and are already a client, just get in touch with your account manager. If you don't work with us yet, both our Commercial Director, Silvia Muñoz, and Julián Alcolea, Ring2Travel Manager, will be delighted to assist and manage your registration. You can contact them by email or phone:

Silvia Muñoz / / (+34) 619 760 159

Julián Alcolea / / (+34) 951 204 813