PreFitur Academy: Clubs and Loyalty Programs

Marketing 17/11/2021
Prefitur Loyalty

Loyalty is a trend. The Pandemic has undoubtedly provided an opportunity in this regard.

Those hotel establishments that, despite the difficulties, have been able to live up to the task, showing themselves to be flexible, understanding and empathetic when it comes to offering solutions to the problems and concerns of their guests, in many cases, beyond their control, have taken a giant step in terms of loyalty.

But this actually comes from much earlier. Traditionally, loyalty clubs have been associated, fundamentally, with large hotel chains. We are referring to the classic programs for accumulating points or nights per stay. However, gradually they have been extended to all types of establishments, to the point of making their implementation almost an obligation.

Loyalty clubs are an effective resource for generating positive disparities, justifying preferential booking conditions and direct channel privileges, and maintaining a one-on-one relationship with guests, making them feel special before, during, and after their stay. The key is to have an affiliation operation and mechanics appropriate to the characteristics of each establishment. Not all hotels require, nor does it work for all, the same loyalty program.

Not only is it much more expensive to get a new customer than a repeat customer, but the figures that the latter leave behind speak for themselves:
  • The repeat customer spends up to 23% more

  • Repeat customers book stays up to 30% longer

  • The repeat customer buys up to 10 times more
Repeat customers, or what is the same, loyal guests are a growth locomotive and exponentially multiply profits. It is worth giving them as much attention as possible and allocating resources to ensure that every customer who stays at our hotel, wherever they have arrived, leaves the door wanting to come back and convinced that the direct channel is the most appropriate to satisfy their interests and needs.

At Paraty Tech we have 5 predesigned loyalty programs, designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of establishments. Even so, we also have the ability to complete them with suggestions for improvement or additional features, and even design them to measure. They all pursue the following common objectives:
  • Segment

  • Strengthen ties

  • Differentiate

  • Foster feelings of loyalty and commitment

  • Increase profitability

Below, we will briefly tell you what they consist of, as a preview of what you will be able to see in detail tomorrow, November 18, starting at 11:30 a.m., in the webinar "PreFitur Academy: Clubs and Loyalty Programs", given by Silvia Muñoz. You can sign up here!

    • Designed for those who offer privileges designed to be enjoyed during the stay.


    • Reward your guest's reservation by offering them a discount promocode, sent on the day of checkout, for use in future reservations. You can establish different discounts according to the value of the original reservation.


    • Create a special rate for members and display it in a separate tab in the search results of your booking engine. The user will only need one click to join and be able to complete the reservation benefiting from the best price.


    • The user registers and from that moment begins to accumulate points with each reservation.

    • You decide the equivalence in euros of each point and the guest will be able to use that virtual money in hotel services or allocate it to the use that you decide when defining the club's operating mechanics.

    • You can establish levels based on the number of points and associate different benefits to each level (reservation discounts, discounts on hotel services, courtesy gifts, etc.)

    • Countdown to reset points

    • Microsite

    • virtual wallet

    • Customer Area (guest) and Management Panel (hotelier)


    • The classic program of accumulation of nights, taken to the maximum level of personalization.

    • You can establish levels based on the number of nights and associate different benefits to each level (reservation discounts, discounts on hotel services, courtesy gifts, etc.)

    • Countdown to the reset of the nights

    • Microsite

    • virtual wallet

    • Customer Area (guest) and Management Panel (hotelier)

    Benefits for the hotelier of having a loyalty Club

    Definitely, the customer who adheres to a loyalty program is a potential repeater. He has shown interest in the brand and wants to continue to be part of it, which translates into a great opportunity in terms of profitability.

    • Promotes the acquisition of new customers

    • Promotes the consolidation of repeat customers

    • Makes the guest feel special before, during and after the stay

    • Provides segmentation and customer knowledge

    • It allows generating positive disparities with the OTAS

    • Increase guest spend

    • Increase the revenue of your establishment

    If you want to know more about our Loyalty Clubs, we remind you that you can register here for the webinar that we will give tomorrow, starting at 11:30 a.m.