Ring2Travel reaches 20,000 hours of telephone service and loyalty

Corporate 09/11/2021
Ring2Travel 20000h

Because that is, above all, what telephone service represents: loyalty in the strict sense.

A little less than two years have passed since the happy Coronavirus decided to break into our lives to turn everything upside down. Fear and uncertainty took over the sector and settled in the traveler's mind, changing their habits and transforming the way they had been relating to tourist accommodation. The OTAs, especially those in the second line of battle, lost weight, and the direct channel became the main source of consultation and reservation.

At a time of unprecedented overflow for hotels, given the avalanche of cancellations and inquiries, a tourist profile was imposed that demanded, more than ever, first-hand information, trust, closeness and security. A very hard time, but also a unique opportunity to win guests for life. And there we were, giving the call, doing the coverage, showing ourselves patient, giving off empathy and imparting encouragement. Because it is much easier to answer a call from a happy client, eager to travel and determined to book, than to face a demand crisis like the one we have been through. And, without a doubt, we have lived up to it.

It is not surprising, therefore, that at Ring2Travel we are celebrating. Not even in our most optimistic predictions could we have guessed that as of today, November 9, 2021, we would have reached the beautiful figure of 20,000 conversation hours with our (your) customers.

Sometimes we release data, but we do not stop to reflect on it. On this occasion, we wanted to do a nice calculation exercise to understand and explain, in a very graphic way, the magnitude of this figure. And the truth is that the results have been, to say the least, surprising.

20,000 hours of telephone service is equivalent, for example, to spending 833 days talking non-stop. To swallow more than 13,000 classics (Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona) without getting up to go to the bathroom. To go around the world almost 300 times in a Boeing or to read Don Quixote up to 900 times. Almost nothing.

Family playing on the beaches of Acapulco

20,000 hours of unprecedented requests (this is for a separate book), information and reservations. But above all, it has been 20,000 hours of hotel brand reinforcement, personalized support for guests, for whom we dedicate ourselves and to whom we aspire to offer, every day, an excellent, unique booking experience.

20,000 hours of work that have automatically translated into a constant flow of data inputs of extraordinary value, essential to better understand our customers. Can you imagine the millions of data that are extracted from each call? From the reason, to the source of the same, going through the city of origin of the interlocutor, their motivations and interests, or such basic and important issues, such as simply knowing if they have contacted us for a specific campaign that they have seen on a social network. Pure gold. Big Data. Big words.

Still, this wheel does not stop. There are still days to end the year and very relevant dates for direct sales. In fact, we've been preparing for the November and December events for weeks. We are referring, obviously, to the Black Friday, December Bank Holiday and Christmas campaigns. Very demanding milestones that inevitably lead us to review our “to do list”:
  • Do you have a well-segmented database of your potential guests?

  • Have you evaluated any email marketing or SMS action for the Black Friday campaign?

  • Have you already communicated to your guests the New Year's Eve Menu?

The data: since mid-September, we have already begun to receive the first requests for Christmas, so the most advanced hotels have achieved conversions above 30%, beyond the reach of any other channel.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are still here, that we are at your entire disposal and that we can help you close the year in the best possible way, and also start selling 2022 like never before, as always: in advance and with guarantees. But, above all, we want to convey our gratitude for the trust placed in our agents. 20,000 thanks from the Ring2Travel team.