Paraty Tech 10th Anniversary Party: everything you could expect and much more: Thank you!

Corporate 14/06/2022
On Thursday, June 9th, Paraty Tech celebrated its 10th Anniversary. An event designed not only to mark a decade of achievements but also to express gratitude to those who have contributed to our success: the hotels and other tourist accommodations we collaborate with. The evening exceeded all expectations, with a perfect setting, a relaxed atmosphere, and magical weather.

The sun, an impromptu protagonist

The chosen venue was El Balneario, at Baños del Carmen, a location known for offering some of the city's best sunsets. The sun became an impromptu protagonist, not only for shining as usual in Malaga almost year-round but also because Daniel Romero's opening speech revolved around this star, stating, "In addition to giving its name to our planetary system, the solar system, and to our coast, the Costa del Sol, it is at the very center of the activity we develop."

Paraty Sunglasses, our new corporate symbol

In line with this theme, it's no surprise that the gift chosen by the team for attendees was personalized sunglasses, a new distinctive element of Paraty Tech's corporate identity. These sunglasses now carry symbolism beyond their material value as merchandise. In a "Caiga Quien Caiga" style, our communication manager invited everyone to wear them during his speech, where he acknowledged the challenges faced by hotels over the past two gray and cloudy years, praised their extraordinary resilience, thanked them for their unwavering commitment to our technology, and gave them a well-deserved applause.

Family playing on the beaches of Acapulco
Paraty Sunglasses

Gina Matheis, emotion, and professionalism

One of the most anticipated moments was the appearance of Gina Matheis, Co-founder and CEO of the company, likely its most visible face. And she didn't disappoint. Gina added an emotional touch by recalling the origins of Paraty Tech, sharing anecdotes about proposing the idea to her brother Franz (Co-founder and CTO), the origin of the company's name, the first reservation from Hotel Puente Real, and how establishments like Gran Hotel del Coto and Hotel Pradillo Conil trusted their word. "None of this would have been possible without you," she concluded, announcing the projection of a video summary of Paraty Tech's journey.

Family playing on the beaches of Acapulco

The cherry on top: public entity support

The speeches concluded with two women who, despite their busy schedules, not only attended but also spoke to us. A gesture for which we will always be grateful.

We're talking about Margarita del Cid, Mayor of Torremolinos, and María Rosa Sánchez Jiménez, Deputy Mayor Delegate for Tourism and City Promotion and Investment Attraction. Each, in her own style, emphasized the importance for Torremolinos and Málaga of having technology companies like ours, capable of completing a decade of activity, employing over a hundred people, and generating a sense of belonging, a group, almost a family feeling, despite Paraty Tech's exponential growth over the years. They congratulated the company founders and extended their congratulations to the entire team.

Awards ceremony: congratulations to the winners

The party continued, and people stayed with us, enjoying the positive atmosphere and the good relationships we always seek to build with our clients. As the night progressed, another highlight approached... the awards ceremony.

Our unique way of recognizing the excellence and loyalty of certain clients, without diminishing the efforts of others, was to present awards in six categories. Here are the recipients:

·Premio Honorífico en Agradecimiento a todo el Equipo
·Hotel Puente Real

·Premio a la Fidelidad
·Gran Hotel del Coto
·Hotel Pradillo Conil

·Premio al Hotelero Más Innovador
·ON Hotels

·Premio al Mayor Exponente de la Venta Directa
·Hotel Blaumar

·Premio a la Paridad de Precios
·Hotel La Barracuda

·Premio a la Mejor Progresión en Venta Directa
·Best Hotels

Premio Puentereal