A basic pillar, an essential reinforcement
We offer you the most versatile booking engine available. We provide you with all the revenue management tools necessary. We dress it all up with a quality design. And we back all this work up with 360º online marketing: SEO, SEM campaign management (Adwords), investment in social networks, email marketing, newsletters, etc.
Social networks: an alternative booking channel
We integrate the booking engine on Facebook and manage your social networks so your followers always feel duly attended to. With interesting content, competitions, replies and promotional campaigns, we improve your online reputation and make this communication channel profitable.
Extraordinary management to improve your ROI
Advertising on Google is gaining more and more importance. With constantly changing policies in terms of positioning on the American giant, the use of Adwords is almost essential. You decide how much you wish to invest and we'll ensure your campaigns are worth it.
Positioning on search engines
Management of PPC campaigns
Trivago, Instant Booking, Google Hotel Ads, Adwords
The conversion power of email marketing
We plan the sending of your hotel's newsletters annually. To do this, we use key dates, tempting offers, interesting news, sales incentives, competitions, prize draws and more. It's good to remind your clients that you're thinking of them.
Nothing is more interesting than a loyal client
Having a loyalty club allows you to stay in touch with your clients and make them feel valued. Via the simple mechanics of promotional codes, you can make it easy for them to return or make them feel special on their first visit.
Make a difference with
online marketing
Online marketing can involve, among many other things, filling your establishment on a day when occupancy is not what you were expecting, or having someone staying at your hotel wanting to return. We help you to sell more.
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