Your guests deserve
a special treatment

Your clients deserve to feel special before, during and after their stay. Loyalty Clubs can be a very effective resource to generate positive disparities with OTAs, get to know your guests better and encourage them to repeat their experience at your establishment.

How does a Loyalty Club contribute to your hotel

Differentiation, loyalty, commitment, profitability. Guests who join a Loyalty Club buy and spend more, stay longer, repeat more often, and help drive profits.
Up to 30% longer stays
10 times higher purchase volume
Up to 23% more spending

Up to 5 different Loyalty Clubs

Each hotel, each hotel chain, has its own characteristics. Not all require, nor does it work for all, the same Loyalty Program. For this reason we have up to 5 variants of Loyalty Clubs, designed to suit your needs.
Privileges during the stay
Promo Plus
Discount promo codes for future visits
Rate Plus
Special rate for members
Points Pro
Points to spend on hotel services
Nights Pro
Rewards for accumulating nights of stay

We create your custom Loyalty Club

You can choose some of the Loyalty Club options that we put at your disposal, combine them or tell us the idea you have in mind so that we can shape it. We develop your Loyalty Club tailored to your needs.
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Plus, integration with CRM

Integrating your Loyalty Club with a CRM will allow you to increase the potential of this resource, by taking the segmentation capacity and knowledge of your guests to another level. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.
Loyalty Clubs
Promo Plus
Rate Plus
Points Pro
Nights Pro
Web and engine registration
Welcome email
Digital membership card
Own database
Subscriber management
Mechanics of promocodes
Membership fee tab
Administration area
Membership levels
Virtual wallet
Reset countdown
Ask for information