Unlocking Revenue Potential: The Synergy of Price Seeker and XLR8 RMS Integration in Hotel Revenue Optimization

Partners 08/04/2024
Paraty Tech, a leading provider of innovative solutions for revenue management in the hospitality industry, is thrilled to announce the integration of its cutting-edge rate shopper, Price Seeker, with XLR8, a powerful Revenue Management System (RMS) developed to become a Hotel Strategy Assistant, providing a truly interactive solution to achieve optimal revenue results. This strategic collaboration marks a significant advancement in revenue optimization, offering hotels unparalleled control over distribution channels and insightful analysis of competitive landscapes.

Price Seeker, renowned for its insightful advanced technology enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of proprietary and competitor rates across all distribution channels, now seamlessly integrates with XLR8 RMS. This integration empowers hotels to dynamically adjust pricing strategies, capitalize on revenue opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic hospitality market.

"We are excited to unveil the integration of Price Seeker and XLR8 RMS, both solutions born from internal needs, providing hotels with a comprehensive solution to enhance revenue management capabilities, to make Hoteliers’ lives easier whilst boosting results" said Sara Evans, Growth & Partnerships Manager at XLR8.

According to Cindy Johansson, Price Seeker’s Project & Sales Manager, "this integration enables hotels to optimize distribution by increasing automation and focusing efforts on the right channels, while gaining valuable insights into competitor pricing strategies, ultimately driving increased revenue and profitability".

Key features and benefits of the Price Seeker and XLR8 RMS integration include:
  • User-Selected Distribution Channels: Our platform provides users with the flexibility to choose distribution channels that align with their preferences and objectives. Identify other strategies, such as loyalty clubs or last room availability.

  • Personalized Setup for Varied Occupancies: Clients can tailor their setups to accommodate diverse occupancy requirements, ensuring a customized experience that meets their specific needs.

  • Strategic Market Approaches: Users have the option to select and monitor specific domains, enabling them to exercise control over pricing strategies and optimize their market positioning.

  • Comparative Analysis of Parity Rates, with an Emphasis on OTAs: We conduct thorough parity rate comparisons, focusing particularly on online travel agencies (OTAs), to ensure competitiveness and enhance our market presence".

The seamless integration of Price Seeker and XLR8 embraces innovation from within, packing it with purpose and significance, underscoring both companies’ commitment to providing hotels with innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of revenue management in the hospitality industry.