We integrate the “PCR at destination” service into our booking engine

Booking Engine 02/06/2021

Paraty Tech Reaches Agreement with ProcorLab, a company specializing in the early detection and diagnosis of Covid-19, to integrate the "PCR on Destination" service into our booking engine. This service is aimed at all international tourists who need to undergo testing before returning to their home countries. Service

This makes our booking engine the first to offer this option to customers, with the primary goal of enhancing the tourist experience through a new differentiating element that contributes to revitalizing the hotel sector in the context of the eagerly anticipated reactivation.

In this regard, we believe that anything that facilitates the stay for travelers, considering the current environment, is essential for the recovery of the tourism industry.

Travelers who add the "PCR on Destination" option to their reservation can undergo the test at the accommodation, without the need to travel and at a very competitive price. Specifically, they will be provided with a kit at the time of check-in. Subsequently, and based on the check-out date, the tourist will need to take a small saliva sample, which will be collected by ProcorLab for analysis. Within a maximum period of 24 to 36 hours, they will receive the result in their email.

Additionally, the service includes customer support to address any doubts that may arise for the tourist regarding the sample collection, the validity of the test, or the interpretation of the results.

The service, which has been integrated into our engine this week, has been well-received, especially following the approval of the Covid-19 Digital Certificate. This suggests that, at least for this summer, PCR testing is likely to be required in virtually all countries in the European Union.