12 of our clients give away free nights to reward the work of the healthcare team at Fundación La Esperanza EBS

Corporate 23/12/2020

We have reached an agreement with Fundación La Esperanza EBS to reward the efforts, during the Coronavirus crisis, of the teams at the Juan González and Manuel Dovado Elderly Residences.

  • Up to a total of 12 hotels and hotel chains (26 establishments combined), belonging to our client portfolio, have volunteered to gift free nights, despite their current difficulties.

  • Fundación La Esperanza EBS, located in Churriana (Málaga), thanks to the dedication and effort of all its teams, has managed to prevent the virus from entering its doors, at least for now.

We have reached a collaboration agreement with Fundación La Esperanza EBS to reward the healthcare workers at the Juan González and Manuel Dovado Elderly Residences, both belonging to the mentioned Charitable Social Entity. An initiative that began, in the words of María Díaz Gómez, director of the Juan González Residence, "with the humble intention of offering a free weekend, or with some discount, to our healthcare staff, to somehow compensate for their effort and sacrifice during the last months. However, it has ended up becoming a significant event behind closed doors, thanks to the efforts of Paraty Tech and the altruism of its clients."

Despite the difficulties currently faced by the hospitality sector, up to 12 hotels and hotel chains, belonging to our client portfolio, have welcomed this action and have volunteered to offer free weekends, including accommodation and breakfast, to support the cause. On the one hand, we are deeply moved by the selfless attitude of our clients, willing to collaborate despite their challenging situation, and on the other hand, we acknowledge that it has not surprised us too much because we know well their philanthropic spirit. We are firsthand witnesses to how much they have committed to this crisis and the great value they place on the work of those who care for our well-being, especially for the elderly.

The establishments that have made it possible for this initiative to have the best possible outcome, totaling 26 establishments to offer up to 28 free nights in total, are:
  • Hotel Puente Real
  • Hotel Parasol Garden
  • Oh!tels Hotels & Resorts
  • Casas y Palacios de España
  • Hotel Rincón Sol
  • Boho Club
  • Apartamentos Turísticos China Sol
  • Bibo Suites
  • Hotel Symbol Las Arenas
  • Hotel La Barracuda
  • Estepona Hotel & Spa Resort
  • Hotel PYR Fuengirola

It is well known that Elderly Residences have suffered with particular intensity from the cruelty of Covid-19 due, above all, to the vulnerability of their users, undoubtedly one of the groups considered at higher risk. Therefore, it is especially gratifying to know of centers that have been able to prevent the entry of the virus, at least for now.

This is precisely the case of the Juan González and Manuel Dovado residences, belonging to the Charitable Social Entity Fundación La Esperanza, which also has a Day Stay Unit (La Esperanza) and a Center for People with Special Needs (Virgen de la Candelaria).

"That the virus has not entered has to do, of course, with the work of our team, but we cannot ignore the luck factor; this is a lottery, and in this case, our fortune is, paradoxically, that we did not win the jackpot," points out Mari Paz Dovado, Manager of the foundation.

"We only have words of gratitude for Paraty Tech and, above all, for the hotels that wanted to help us because we will never forget the faces of our colleagues when they received their gift vouchers," continues María, the main driver of the initiative.