After 5 years promoting direct sales in Latin America, at Paraty Tech we establish a permanent team in Cancún

Corporate 10/02/2022

First came Spain (Málaga), then Portugal (Albufeira) and now, after five years of increasing direct reservations from hotel establishments located in different parts of Latin America, we opened an office in Cancún (Mexico) and established a permanent team there.

It has been 10 years since the great crusade for direct hotel sales began by Paraty Tech , parent company of the Paraty World group, our conglomerate of technology companies that operate primarily in the tourism sector. From our headquarters, located in Torremolinos, we were then able to revolutionize the world of hotel reservations, thanks to a pioneering reservation engine, exclusive revenue management tools and a complete range of online marketing services.

Only five years after our birth, after consolidating our presence in the Spanish and Portuguese territories, in which we are leaders in the segment, we decided to take our technology and solutions to more distant lands, entering the Asian continent through Japan, and in Latin America via Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. Our expansion process thus continued on a firm course.

Today, coinciding with our tenth anniversary and fully established on this continent, we take one more step in our internationalization, and not just any one, establishing a permanent team in Mexico, made up of salespeople and account & revenue managers, and led by Omar Guardia , expansion director for LATAM.

A decision that addresses, in the words of Gina Matheis, our CEO, the obligation to offer even better service here:

“Our Latin American clients deserve even more, they have earned the right to have us closer, closer at hand, in order to receive the treatment that we know they expect, and that we want to offer them, faithful to our customer-centric philosophy, one of our unequivocal signs. of identity".
Gina Matheis, CEO at Paraty Tech

Paraty Tech has more than 3,000 clients around the world and, thanks to our business model, based on a win-win relationship, we are able to guarantee the increase in direct sales of the hotels and chains with which we collaborate, and with whom we strive to form “solid and supportive work teams, in which both parties are always very clear that we are fighting for the same objective.”

Some of us have traveled to Cancún, where we are currently finalizing all the details (CORPORATIVO MALECON AMERICAS, Av. Bonampak Sm. 6 Mz. 1 Lt. 1, 5th Floor, +52 99 8341 4897). We face this new stage with great enthusiasm and convinced that we can continue contributing to an exponential increase in direct sales of hotels and hotel chains in the area.

Latam Expansion
From left to right, Daniel Sánchez (CRO), Gina Matheis (CEO) and Omar Guardia (LATAM expansion)

"The potential of Latin American hotels in terms of direct sales is enormous and our technology, optimized to the maximum over a decade, is more than prepared to face this challenge."
Omar Guardia, director of LATAM expansion at Paraty Tech