Does your distribution need a rate shopper?

Revenue 25/01/2023
Rate Shopper
The technological ecosystem of tourist accommodation is not homogeneous. Depending on the type of establishment, the number of beds, the market niche it addresses, the category or distribution channels, among many other variables, each hotel, chain, hostel, aparthotel or vacation rental home will demand certain or other solutions to optimize your resources, maximize your income and increase your profitability.

Don't give up the basics

Obviously, there are some basics that are practically impossible (and not recommended) to give up. If you aspire to sell online directly, at a minimum you will need a website and a booking engine. This is, without a doubt, the first step. But only that, no more, no less. From there, the concept of “need” is relative.

As specialists in direct sales, at Paraty Tech we know well what other resources are supposed to contribute to boosting direct bookings. But above all, we have always defended that technology is the means, not the end, and we will never recommend arming yourself to the teeth without properly justifying the usefulness of implementing certain tools. Strategy rules.

The crux of the matter

And that is precisely what this article is about. Today we want to analyze the importance (or not) of relying on a rate shopper to guarantee the correct application of your pricing policies in all your distribution channels. Whatever your objective, the current distribution of your sales share and the percentage relationship between your intermediated sale and your direct sale. That is, does your hotel distribution need a price intelligence platform like Price Seeker v4?

Below, we present different examples of possible variants of hotel distribution, explaining their particularities and trying to answer the question posed in each case.

Booking/Other channels

Your distribution depends mainly on Booking, you need to get to the details. It is essential to know what rates Genius is applying, the latest rooms available, the cheapest rates, etc. All this information is offered to you by Price Seeker v4, helping you throughout the process.

Varied distribution

You have a very varied distribution and it is very difficult for you to control all these channels and give them the attention they deserve. With Price Seeker v4 you can do it. We monitor more than 200 distribution sites, including dynamic package sales channels and tour operations.

Third parties

Your hotel depends largely on third parties, which requires greater analysis of these distribution channels and, in addition, your main reservations come from tour operators or vacation packages. Price Seeker v4 monitors your competition on these channels so that you don't miss even the slightest difference.

Direct sale

Direct sales are the means by which you are receiving the most income and, of course, you want to keep it that way. Price Seeker v4 not only helps you keep this happening, but it also helps you manage your channel better. Real Time Parity, Opportunity Cost, etc. You want to know more? Ask us!

Conclusion: a rate shopper, the best possible ally

As you can see, all roads lead to… Price Seeker v4 . There is no cat in the bag. The conclusion you must reach is that, regardless of the drawing that outlines your distribution, a rate shopper or a price intelligence platform, is undoubtedly one of those basics that we alluded to in the first lines of the article. What may vary is the use you make of this tool, as well as the indicators that are most relevant to your establishment.

But control your prices and those of your competition throughout your distribution network, know the opportunity cost of your disparities and the evolution of your parity index, do not lose sight of the commercial strategies of the OTAs or know the general state of the position in which you work, is essential. This is unquestionable.

At Paraty Tech we know that not all hoteliers have the same needs. That's why we have reinvented the concept of rate shopper. Price Seeker has mutated into a comprehensive price intelligence platform and is now marketed through three different packages (Professional, Advanced and Enterprise). Starting from just €49 per month, they go from less to more in terms of the volume of data they include and contribute.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We also invite you to try Price Seeker. It's as simple as filling out a short form and we will provide you with a 14-day Free Demo. Quick and easy.