Flexmyroom and Fideltour, our most recent strategic alliances

Partners 31/03/2021

Continuing to Explore Solutions to Address the Traveler's and Hotelier's Needs in the New Reality Shaped by the Covid-19 Crisis.

  • Reduced cancellations, enhanced safety, lower volatility in on-the-books reservations, resurgence of non-refundable rates, segmentation, one-to-one revenue, and customer experience: these are just a few tangible benefits of these partnerships.

  • Ultimately, the primary beneficiaries of these agreements will be the hotel establishments currently using the Paraty Tech booking engine – our dear clients.

We are adding two new strategic alliances aimed at, on one hand, minimizing the impact of Covid-19 on current traveler booking trends and, on the other hand, providing hoteliers with deeper customer knowledge, fostering greater segmentation, and thus enabling the creation of increasingly personalized experiences.

Our integration with Flexmyroom, a company that has experienced extraordinary growth during the pandemic, offers hotels the opportunity to include, in their chosen rates, cancellation and travel insurance. This coverage protects travelers by refunding their payments and addressing potential health issues at the destination. The benefits for the hotel are evident, allowing them to reintroduce Non-Refundable Rates, which were virtually extinct, increase their cash flow, and reduce forecasting and on-the-books volatility risks.

The agreement with Fideltour, which among other solutions, provides a specialized CRM for hotels, will demonstrate the multiple benefits for direct sales resulting from its integration with our booking engine. This integration transforms our booking engine into a constant source of information for the CRM, which organizes, segments, and makes sense of the data for a tailor-made customer experience, bringing the hotelier closer to the concept of one-to-one revenue.

Miguel Hita, Sales Manager at Fideltour, emphasizes that "a booking engine like Paraty Tech's, due to the high volume of reservations it manages, is a raw diamond to maximize the potential of our hotel CRM. All these reservations translate into information, which, when well treated, becomes extremely useful and valuable for customer loyalty and, therefore, for guaranteeing future direct bookings."

In turn, Javier Quesada, CCO of Flexmyroom, is convinced that their solution "addresses the security demands of the traveler, both at the time of purchase and during their stay at the destination. The integration with the Paraty Tech booking engine is an undeniable competitive advantage for the hotelier, at the expense of their compset and OTAs."

A sentiment echoed by Daniel Sánchez, CRO of Paraty Tech, who concludes, "every step we take to make things easier for customers, reducing the uncertainty for hotels – the primary beneficiaries of these agreements – will have a very positive impact on direct sales."