Google Ads Performance Max: what you need to know about this new campaign format

Marketing 30/08/2022

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Today we want to talk to you about Performance Max , the new campaign format launched by Google , which aims to maximize performance based on a specific conversion objective (online sales, leads, etc.), using all your inventory to do so:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Discover
  • Google maps

What is Google Ads Performance Max?

The first thing you should know is that it is a campaign format based on artificial intelligence and automation . In other words, Google will show all the ads to the users of the different channels of its network that it believes are more likely to convert for the specific objective marked. Even so, the configuration of the campaigns makes it possible to provide indications in this regard. Therefore, when deciding which users the ads will be shown to, the behavior is very similar to display or YouTube campaigns, in which custom audiences provided by Google are used.

In essence, this is equivalent to running most of the Google Ads advertising formats in a single campaign , therefore, without the need to create separate campaigns for each channel. And it is especially suitable for clients who generate conversions in all the channels of the Google network and are interested in using and exploiting all their inventory in a single campaign .

It is worth knowing that, gradually, Google's intention is for Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to become Performance Max campaigns.

What benefits does Google Ads Performance Max bring?

It is a comprehensive automated solution that will allow us to fully track the customer journey , supported by an attribution model based on multi-channel data. In addition, it brings a whole series of new statistics , such as increasing search trends, which will allow us to accelerate the achievement of results.

It also offers complete visibility into auction data across all Google properties , allowing you to optimize retail bids to maximize campaign performance.

In short, Google Ads Permormance Max makes the most of Google's automation possibilities , including campaign segmentation and delivery.

  • Comprehensive automated solution
  • Full customer journey tracking
  • New performance statistics
  • Accelerating the achievement of results
  • Complete visibility of auction data

When to use Performance Max according to Google

According to Google's opinion, this campaign format is especially indicated in the following cases:

  • When you have specific advertising and conversion goals
  • When you want to maximize the performance of your campaign without limitations regarding channels
  • When you want to access all channels without creating separate campaigns
  • When you want to maximize reach and conversion value

What do the Paraty Tech experts think?

According to the specialists at Paraty Tech Performance Max, it is a format that they would include within the "visibility" objective and not short-term reservation conversion. The main advantage of this model is that by using artificial intelligence with different types of campaigns at the same time, you can get better results in terms of visibility than if you launch display or YouTube campaigns separately.

According to this argument, the recommended time to use this type of campaign would be around a month before the start of the high season for accommodation , maintaining it throughout the season (as we do with display or YouTube).

For example, at this time, in peninsular destinations it could be an interesting option for snow and mountain hotels, and not so much for sun and beach hotels, since it would not make much sense to invest in visibility in the coming months. The opposite would happen in markets such as the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, where the high season is about to begin.

What do you need to launch a Performance Max campaign?

For this campaign format we need to have as many resources as possible (images, videos, audiences, texts, etc.) so that Google can use them in the different distribution networks. If you do not have videos, Google will take care of generating a high-quality one from the available graphic resources. The rest is up to us, you don't have to worry about anything.

Max Performance campaign settings. Both the added resources and the selected audiences are grouped into "Resource Groups". On the left we see all the added resources and on the right the selected audiences. At the top it is indicated on which networks the ads are being shown.