Hotel direct sales have a new ally: don't look crazy, look for

Partners 05/05/2021

We integrate with, the official website search engine for tourist accommodations, conceived as a reinforcement for direct hotel sales, offering clean results without advertising or third-party ads.

Despite the resources allocated by hotel establishments to occupy the best position in search engines and the efforts of giants like Google to ensure the cleanest possible response, faithful to the user's search criteria, the fierce battle of advertising investment and the sophisticated SEO engineering of online pirates end up tarnishing the results.

It is common for the official hotel website, even though it provides the most relevant information aligned with user interests, to be blurred and relegated to a much less visible location, immersed in a sea of advertisers, OTAs, metasearch engines, and even competing establishments who have earned their dubious privilege of appearing first through bids or questionable positioning procedures. We suppose anything goes... was specifically created to address this issue, a search engine for official websites of national tourist accommodations that also includes valid discount promotional codes. This allows the end customer to find exactly what they are looking for and complete their online reservation directly on the official website, at the best price. Calling it the Google of tourist accommodations may sound ambitious, but that's exactly what it aspires to be. However, it leaves out an important detail, very characteristic of the American giant: its results do not contain advertising or third-party ads that could divert the attention of its users.

What is the goal of has two clear objectives. On one hand, to increase the capacity and potential for direct sales of its collaborators: hotels, hostels, apartments, rural houses, pensions, charming accommodations, aparthotels, inns, hostels, etc. On the other hand, to make the final user's arduous task of finding the ideal accommodation for their vacation easier. Ultimately, all players involved in direct sales will benefit.

To achieve this, only direct links to the official websites of accommodations will be shown in search results, presented in a clean and clear manner, accompanied only by promo codes, if the establishments have agreed to make them available to during the integration process.

How does it work and how is it fueled?

From the perspective of the end user, its operation is very simple. They just need to access through their browser and, once inside, find a field to perform their search, which they can specify by entering the name of the establishment or the destination where they would like to stay. Then, by clicking "Search," the results provided by will include 4 fundamental pieces of information:
  • Name of the establishment
  • Location
  • URL link to the official website
  • Discount promo code (if the hotelier has created one)
As simple as it is effective. Meanwhile, hotels wishing to be part of the directory must wait for their booking engine provider to integrate with the search engine. Currently, more than 2000 establishments are already Alolocers.

Paraty Tech is already integrated

As is customary at Paraty Tech, we always open our doors to any friendly initiative in direct hotel sales. That's why our booking engine has been one of the first to integrate with, and all our clients already enjoy this new showcase for their establishments at no additional cost.