Implement wallet cards in your booking engine with Paraty Tech

Booking Engine 11/03/2024
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The thing is to reinvent oneself, to find formulas to differentiate oneself from the competition, to gain more and better guest loyalty and to increase new access routes to increase direct reservations . It is not so much about trying to invent the wheel, but about being able to find possible use cases for solutions and purchasing dynamics that are already applied and have been revealed to be effective in other sectors or segments. This is how Wallet Cards have arrived in the Paraty Tech hotel reservation engine.

Wallet Cards: what do they consist of?

You are probably already familiar, to a greater or lesser extent, with the concept of a Wallet Card . If not, it is quite simple to explain: in general terms, it could be defined as the issuance of virtual or physical cards on which an amount of money is loaded, so that the user can later make payments with it (in view of your next reservation), always according to certain previously defined conditions. From here, the possibilities are endless.

The virtual Wallet Cards of the Paraty Tech hotel reservation engine, a new functionality accessible in the Paraty Hotel Manager, have a very similar operating mechanism to the one just described, but the uses that can be given to them are as diverse as they are interesting.

Possible uses of Wallet Cards

With a wide range of configuration parameters at their disposal, the hotelier can issue as many wallet cards as they want, with very diverse conditions and objectives:

  • Compensate a guest
    If a guest experiences an incident or has a bad experience during their stay, they can be compensated with a wallet card so they can enjoy a discount on their next reservation.

  • Attract and/or retain guests
    Campaigns can be launched in which nominative wallet cards are given as an incentive.

  • Establish agreements with companies
    Cards can be created with particular conditions for the workers of a specific company.

  • Have a detail with your workers
    For example, in a chain, cards can be created so that hotel workers can enjoy discounts on stays at other establishments in the hotel chain.

How Paraty Tech Wallet Cards work

This new functionality is activated directly in Paraty Hotel Manager with an advanced configuration (which will add the account assigned to the account). Once done, under the Useful heading of the menu , the "Wallet Cards" section will appear, from which the cards can be issued.

The hotelier may issue one or more cards for specific guests, or issue cards for multiple recipients. There is no limit on the issuance of wallet cards, but there is a condition of associating each of them with an individual email address . To facilitate this task, the functionality allows the upload of CSV files with the data of each recipient, and the system will automatically generate a card associated with each person included in the file.

Configuration parameters include the following options:

  • Recipient email
  • Promocode prefix (numbering will be generated automatically)
  • Number of cards to be issued
  • Expiration date of the card(s)
  • Discount to be applied in euros or as a percentage
  • Discount type (per day or voucher type)
  • Language
  • Rate(s) to which it applies

Afterwards, the hotelier will be able to consult at any time the cards issued , their specific configuration parameters, the use that has been made of them, in relation to the number of reservations, the revenue generated and the total discounts applied.

Benefits for the hotelier

The benefits for the hotelier of using Wallet Cards are numerous, since they will have a new resource to encourage, compensate or reward past, present or future guests , favoring the opening of a new way to boost reservations through the channel. straight. All this from an environment that you know very well and through a simple and intuitive module:

  • Security and convenience The wallet card is generated, configured, sent and managed from the booking engine extranet, with which you are already very familiar.

  • Agility and automation of processes Generating wallet cards is very easy and fast, and the possibility of uploading a CSV file also greatly speeds up multiple card issuance.

  • Flexibility The hotelier has multiple configuration parameters that will allow him to determine the duration of the promotion / expiration of the card, personalize the prefix of the promotional code, something very useful to identify the reason for issuance, and determine the language of issuance, among others. Other options.
    Example: The hotel can issue cards for the company JCK, which wants to give €200 wallet cards to its workers or clients so that they can use them to reserve a stay at their hotel. The promotional code will be of type JCK-XXX (where XXX represent random characters). In this way, all members of the company who have been depositaries of the card will receive it in their email, for their use and enjoyment.

  • Loyalty Wallet cards can be very useful in turning around an uncomfortable situation, making the initially dissatisfied guest go home happy knowing that they will be able to enjoy a discount on their next stay.
    It can also be an effective way to reward the loyalty of repeat guests, with a detail that will largely ensure a new visit in the future.

  • This functionality is now available to Paraty Tech booking engine customers. For more information about its activation, please contact your account manager .