Know the benefits of SEO for your hotel

Marketing 21/02/2023

Benefits of SEO for Hotels

SEO positioning for hotels can benefit the increase in direct sales for your hotel or tourist business. What are the strategies and tools that Paraty Tech uses to achieve this goal? Join us, we'll tell you everything.

SEO Positioning in the Hotel Sector

First, let's take a look at the hotel sector. According to a report by the consulting firm We Are Marketing, online bookings will grow by 261% in the coming years due to digitization. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are one of the most consolidated and preferred booking channels for users. What can be done to increase direct bookings? The answer is a good online marketing strategy.

Users search the internet and compare prices and services before making a reservation. As a result, the website of your hotel or tourist complex must operate correctly (both the booking engine and all integrated functionalities). If the page is not attractive or does not function correctly, it will affect your bookings and the SEO positioning of your hotel.

SEO Strategy for Hotels

The SEO strategy for hotels begins with a study of the potential customer and their journey to formalize the reservation. This data is obtained from the hotel's own database and tools, such as Google Analytics. A family looking for accommodation does not have the same needs and interests as a solo traveler, so these factors must be taken into account when working accordingly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research will improve your website traffic, increase its visibility, and ranking in search results (SERP). There are numerous tools to conduct this type of study, but one of our favorites is SEMrush. The hotel sector is a market niche with high demand and competitiveness, so the keyword strategy to attack should be long-tail and related to the user's search intent, for example:

  • Service prices (hotel + location + offers): hotel name in Malaga, offers.
  • Service level (hotel + location + with service): hotel name in San Sebastian with parking.
  • Target audience and location (hotel + target audience + location + services/service level): hotel name for families in Tenerife.
  • Target audience and services (hotel + target audience + location + services/service level): hotel name for families in Tenerife promotions.

Once the keyword strategy is designed, it will be used to:

  • Design or optimize the website architecture and URL structure.
  • Content curation to promote services and products.
  • Update or create content for the blog (we recommend that your site has one).
  • Optimize on-page elements (title and meta descriptions).

Mobile Compatibility

According to the 2021 mobile report by Ditrendia, Spain is the European country where we spend the most time on mobile phones, and 76% of users have already made purchases through their mobile devices. Therefore, your hotel's website must be compatible, function correctly, and be optimized so that your potential customer can make reservations through their mobile.

Local SEO for Hotels

Local SEO positioning is essential for your hotel; it provides visibility to your business for users who perform a geolocated search, helps you compete against OTAs, and increases direct sales. The Google My Business listing is the star of local SEO. How can you optimize it? Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Upload photos and a 360º video.
  • Review and respond to visitor comments.
  • Ensure that it is up to date.


In summary, if you leave it in the hands of our team of professionals, who will implement the techniques described above and use the right tools; they will design a SEO strategy for hotels that will provide the following benefits: