Last session! PreFitur Academy: Offers and packages

Corporate 30/11/2021
Prefitur Academy

After a month of training, PreFitur Paraty Academy comes to an end. Today, starting at 11:30 a.m., David Madrigal will give the last webinar: "PreFitur Academy: Offers and Packages". Register now!

Seven formations distributed throughout a little less than a month. That is the balance of PreFitur Paraty Academy, an initiative that comes to an end today, leaving us with a very good taste in our mouths. We know that day to day consumes all of us and, despite this, attendance at each of the sessions has been more than respectable. If we have managed to make it clearer to you now what resources you have just for being clients of the Paraty Tech booking engine, then we have fulfilled the objective of this initiative. You still have almost 2 months to get your engine ready for FITUR, the first big event of 2022. This year, by the way, we are opening our new location and you can find us at Stand 8C04, in the central corridor of Hall 8.

In today's session, David Madrigal will explain why with the Paraty Tech engine you can sell exactly as you want, thanks to the novelties, and the usual functionalities, of our offer and package modules, the latter being unique in the market.

In addition, it will present two new functionalities that make the creation of offers the easiest of tasks, in addition to turning them into an interesting incentive for sales. We are talking, on the one hand, about the pre-designed offers module and, on the other, about offers with a built-in countdown. The first of them allows you to activate recurring offers, with the highest level of configuration, in a few clicks. The second, activate a countdown in the offers to urge the guest to book. A very especially useful resource in campaigns characterized by an attitude of compulsive buying, such as the recently concluded Black Friday campaign.

We do not extend much more, we prefer that you see all this in action. Don't forget to register for the latest PreFitur Paraty Academy webinar. Do it now through this link . It will be today, in an hour, starting at 11:30.

Thank you all very much for your attendance at the different training sessions of PreFitur Paraty Academy.