Paraty Boosters: increase conversion with real-time incentives

Booking Engine 17/03/2023

Discover our incentive generator in real time

When we talk to hoteliers, it is increasingly common for terms such as autonomy, data, analytics, sales tools, etc. to come up in these conversations. In short, they seek more freedom, they yearn for greater self-management capacity, they demand effective and agile commercial resources on which to rely to boost their direct sales, without losing control over the decisions they make and the solutions they implement.

We come to respond to all these requests from Paraty Tech with Paraty Boosters, one of the latest modules developed for Hotel Manager, the back-office of our booking engine. An even more effective tool when combined with others such as Rate Check and Rescue Seeker, with which we seek to improve results by increasing direct bookings.

What is Paraty Boosters?

Paraty Boosters is a generator of incentives in real time, 100% configurable and measurable at any step of the reservation process or section of the official website. The appearance that the incentives can acquire is varied, and the activation possibilities and functionalities associated with them, very numerous.

From traditional popups, to floating elements of limited duration, through banners, subscription boxes for the newsletter, the loyalty club or the application of promocodes, countdowns, impulse sales accelerators or flash offers, responses to periods of inactivity of the user or abandonment intention, etc.

How does Paraty Boosters work?

Paraty Boosters has an intuitive interface integrated into the extranet of our booking engine. Through a simple drag & drop system that, first, allows you to select the type of incentive, second, offers the possibility of customizing the content and, third, select its location and configure its behavior.

  1. Access the Paraty Boosters module on the Extranet
  2. Choose your template and give it a name
  3. Use the Drag & Drop system to add or delete elements
  4. Edit the available text and image fields
  5. Customize the aesthetic by adding your corporate colors
  6. Define the sections or stages of the reservation process in which it will be displayed
  7. Sets the status to active or inactive
  8. Ready! Prepare to witness the results of your action

And also, A/B Testing

Any implementation carries a risk and we want you to always be sure that the incentives you apply are as effective as you expect. Therefore, you can also decide to activate them in A/B Testing mode.

In essence, A/B Testing enables the option to activate the incentive for only half of the users who access the website, allowing you to analyze the differences between the conversion rates of the website when the incentive is active and when it is not. it is. Information that you will have at your fingertips in the BI of Paraty Boosters.

Advantages of having a real-time incentive generator

A real-time incentive generator on your hotel's official website is a very valuable resource to improve the guest experience, increase their satisfaction and degree of loyalty, and increase the conversion rate of the booking engine.

Paraty Boosters is a commercial resource with which you can launch special offers, accommodation packages and activities or services, additional discounts, loyalty bonuses or any other initiative you can think of. The possibilities are endless and all of them increase the degree of motivation of the potential guest during the reservation process, always eager to find the best possible offer for their future stay. With Paraty Boosters you will make them feel valued and appreciated by giving them special treatment, with which they will feel more comfortable and satisfied.

  1. Increase the conversion rate
  2. Improve user experience
  3. Increases the degree of guest loyalty
  4. Get data that helps you get to know your audience better
  5. Get a higher level of personalization of your offer

Combine Paraty Booster with Rate Check and Rescue Seeker

In order to make the most of the potential of the tools we make available to you, we suggest you combine Paraty Boosters with two other top tools: Rate Check and Rescue Seeker.

Our price comparator with OTA's and Goals within the reservation process, Rate Check, can only add up. Not being afraid to show OTA prices is a clear sign of transparency and trust. Values perceived by your users, who also appreciate the comfort of having everything in the same place, and the satisfaction that this site is the official website. Rate Check integrates with your booking engine to offer your clients OTA prices for their same search criteria, always according to your business rules. In other words, if the price of the OTA or the Metasearch engine is lower than that of the official website, it will not be displayed.

On the other hand, Rescue Seeker, our active retargeting platform, launches to the rescue of lost reservations, tracking the footprint that your users leave when browsing and using it to offer them real-time solutions that respond to their behavior: recovery of reservations left by half way, dissuade users from leaving the website, give them that necessary push after periods of inactivity, a clear sign of uncertainty, etc. Rescue Seeker reduces the bounce rate and contributes to increasing the conversion rate.

Next, we leave you with a short video of Paraty Boosters. You want it? Ask your account for more information.