Paraty Campings presented for the first time at FITUR

Booking Engine 22/01/2024
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At Paraty Tech it is clear to us: more and more campsites and/or glampings operate, at all levels, as horizontal hotels. Of course, there are differences. Their casuistry is particular and there are many configuration parameters that must be taken into account when it comes to enabling the complete creation of this type of online lodging experience. We also know that, in general terms, their direct sales rates, per se, are much higher than those of hotel establishments. After all, they have hardly any presence in OTAs (except for some very specialized ones) and practically all their guest flow has traditionally been channeled through requests via their website (usually without immediate confirmation) and the voice channel.

But, precisely for this reason, their digitalization process has advanced at a slow pace, in contrast to other segments, a circumstance from which they now suffer to a greater extent, also due to the irruption and incorporation of new accommodation modalities that are a trend.

The margin for improvement is enormous. The reality is that, today, they are more likely than ever to benefit from all the technological arsenal available in the market to improve the way they sell, to reinforce their way of making revenue, to optimize their distribution and, above all, to take care of every detail of the trip or of the guest's experience. Their owners and managers know this and demand it, and we have decided to take up the baton.

A little context: from camping to glamping

Gone are the days when camping was, yes or yes, synonymous with adrenaline and adventure. Setting up the tent at nightfall, with almost no light, cursing when the pegs were bent due to the hardness of the ground or waking up sweating like a chicken, with your back stiff as a trunk, as a result of the classic standard mats, thinner than cigarette paper, were part of the attractions of a type of getaway that, almost always, turned into a fun (and uncomfortable) experience from which you returned full of anecdotes.

The sector (and the traveler profile) has evolved a lot over the last few years and, although there are still brave DIY (do it yourself) advocates, today they are almost an endangered species and, in their absence, an endless number of accommodation alternatives have proliferated within the framework of what is now known as glamping (a term that combines the concepts of glamour and camping). The purists have been replaced by more comfortable tourists, attracted by this new vacation modality that does away with the usual difficulties and setbacks of this form of active tourism, without renouncing open spaces or contact with nature, inevitably associated with it.

The traveler (especially the post-pandemic) has welcomed with open arms proposals such as Kampaoh, which, after establishing agreements with an infinite number of campsites distributed throughout the national territory, exploits a percentage of its plots to offer different categories of tents, already assembled for their use and enjoyment, or Ohai Nazaré Outdoor Resort (Portugal), which markets plots, yes, but also bungalows, apartments, tents, static caravans, etc., applying a modus operandi that allows for a more flexible and flexible use of the camping area, applying a modus operandi closer to that of the traditional holiday resort (with diets, catalog of complementary activities, facilities with every detail), than to that of the traditional campsite.

The sack has been replaced by spotless sheets dressing king size beds, the common bathrooms and kitchens by coquettish toilets and last generation vitrines respectively, the community swimming pools by water parks, shopping at the supermarket by full board and all inclusive, and so on, a long etcetera of advances that have exponentially multiplied the spectrum of guests to be addressed.

The answer: Paraty Campings

The idea of adapting our business model to the world of camping has always been an important point on our growth roadmap. Until now, the circumstances had simply not been right. However, we are pleased to announce that Paraty Campings is now a reality that takes advantage of the best of our booking engine for hotels and chains and is completed with functionalities and modules specifically developed for this emerging sector.

  • Pre-search accommodation filtering
  • Sorting results by price
  • Filtering results by price range
  • Filtering results by services
  • Supplements and packages
  • Additional services
  • Special Member Rate
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Conversion boosters
  • Retargeting
  • Dietary plans
  • Multi-tariff
  • Multi-currency
  • Call Center integration
  • Integration with revenue tools

For this, on the one hand, it was necessary to solve everything related to the tariff structure, which was very different from that of hotels. On the other hand, it was essential to allow the selection and booking of different accommodation formats (plots, bungalows, glamping, etc.) and to associate them with their own logic. All this, without renouncing a fundamental premise, a direct consequence of always placing the guest at the center of our developments: make it simple.

One base price per capacity

Our solution to overcome the first obstacle consists, in essence, in creating a simple configuration that allows the application of a base price per capacity, which is the one taken as a reference for accommodation, since it normally does not vary according to occupancy. Everything else can then be added and managed very easily from the Supplements & Packages and Additional Services modules.

A customizable filtering system

To overcome the second obstacle we have chosen to implement an advanced filtering system by levels, which allows the user, if desired, to initially select between different accommodation formats (plots, bungalows, tents, glamping, etc.). For each type of accommodation, independent filtering criteria are established which, once you are in the booking process, will allow you to fine-tune your selection.

Take advantage of Fitur to ask us about Paraty Campings

The most interesting thing about all our developments is that they feed back on each other bidirectionally. For example, this filtering system, located in the first step of the booking process, is also available to hotels, which can use it to allow their potential customers to find the ideal room, filtering by bed type, amenities, views, etc., thus further enriching their shopping experience. Similarly, the infinite possibilities available to hoteliers are enabled in Paraty Camping, which brings great value in a segment where conversion and loyalty enhancers are not so widespread.

We can't think of a better place to showcase Paraty Campings than Fitur, an unmissable event for us, where we always take the opportunity to present some of our latest launches. Come to our stand, 8D15 (Hall 8) and find out more. In addition, you will have two tablets at your disposal to test all its functionalities and see its extraordinary potential.