Paraty Tech 10th Anniversary Party in Portugal: for many more decades

Corporate 23/09/2022

We celebrate 10 years in Portugal

As we have already commented on more than one occasion throughout 2022, this is a year that is giving us many reasons to be very proud. After a decade of experience, at Paraty Tech we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our clients, partners and friends, holding a series of events that have served, above all, to thank them for their support, trust, and loyalty.

If on June 9 we convened in Malaga, more specifically, in the mythical Baños del Carmen, in what ended up being a party full of emotions and good memories, on September 15 we did the same in Portugal. The place chosen was the Hotel NAU Sao Rafael Atlántico , belonging to NAU Hotels & Resorts, one of the first chains that opted for Paraty Tech when we decided to start our journey through Portuguese lands. A location, therefore, charged with symbolism for us, which undoubtedly contributed to raising the level of emotion of the meeting.

Being able to organize something like this implies many things. It means that we are still in the market, that when we decided to bring our services and our collaboration model to the neighboring country, because we were clear that we had a lot to contribute here, we were not wrong. It also means that the team has done and continues to do a great job , also in terms of loyalty, because the company has grown, of course, but, above all, the Portuguese delegation, led by its Country Manager, Diana Costa, has managed to relationships with clients are becoming closer and closer, in many cases exceeding the strictly professional scope, forming solid teams in which the borders of the supplier-hotel relationship are increasingly blurred.

Show-cooking, a cocktail of height, cake with candles and sparklers, broadcast of videos, speeches of thanks, reunions, anecdotes, laughter... Everything that could be expected from the party was more than fulfilled.

Words from our CEO, Gina Matheis

Throughout 10 years many things happen and it is difficult to choose between so many anecdote, challenge, victory, etc. However, there is no doubt that our CEO, Gina Matheis, has a very special memory of the first reservation that came through our booking engine, at the hands of a Dutch family that she says will always be remembered. This is how he wanted to convey it to all the attendees in his thank you speech, highlighting the nerves that invaded his body while he made sure that the reservation was well priced. He also took the opportunity to recall that Portugal is the first great success story of our international expansion process, thus opening the door to other markets, such as Latin America, with the peace of mind of knowing that our model and our strategy do not understand countries or borders. .

The fragment of her speech dedicated to Diana Costa deserves a special mention, who practically in tears listened carefully to how Gina was full of praise for her work and her management, elevating our Country Manager Portugal to the position of main architect of the place she occupies currently Paraty Tech in Portugal, generally recognized as one of the best booking engines on the market .

The round of interventions was completed by Diana herself, in charge of opening the event and welcoming attendees, and Sancha Pina, Marketing & CRM Executive of NAU Hotels & Resorts.

Awards Ceremony

Finally, as the culmination of the celebration, an awards ceremony took place in which we wanted to reward good work in different plots of some of the establishments with which we collaborate. Everyone picked up their smiling statuettes, posing proudly for the photo, and showing their appreciation for the recognition of their work: