Paraty Tech and Fehm sign a collaboration agreement

Partners 10/04/2023

We bring our technology even closer to the Balearic Islands

The first step was to establish a permanent team there. Specifically, in Palma de Mallorca. The objective was none other than to improve our customer service in the Balearic Islands through greater proximity and accessibility. Now, with the collaboration agreement reached with the FEHM Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, we bring our technology even closer to the Majorcan and Balearic hoteliers with the intention of taking their direct sales further, to another level.

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most popular locations, both by national and foreign tourists. The direct sales potential of the establishments located there is enormous and, by making the appropriate resources and know-how available to you, we are convinced that we can contribute to making the most of it.

Over the last two years we have been gradually increasing our presence on the islands, a variant of tourist destination, for different reasons, full of particularities: the types of accommodation they house, the visitor profiles they attract, the way in which these arrive at the destination, the services they demand, etc. And at Paraty Tech we have a complete 360º suite of products, tools and solutions that come in handy, and that include the booking engine, custom web page design, revenue management tools with specific functionalities and specifically developed indicators. for independent hotels, chains and resorts, digital marketing services, metasearch engine management and a hotel call center with which to enhance your voice channel.

The work that the FEHM has been carrying out for the benefit of its associates, always led by the omnipresent María Frontera, has been truly fantastic for many years now. That is why we have placed great hopes in this strategic agreement, through which we are convinced that we will be able to contribute our bit to consolidate, once and for all, the role of direct sales in hotel marketing.

Special conditions for associated hotels

As part of the collaboration agreement reached with the FEHM, we have prepared a package of special conditions for its associated hotels, with which we hope to favor conversations with the Mallorcan hotelier, facilitating the contracting of our services:

  • 3 months free of Price Seeker: our recently renewed rate shopper, now a price intelligence platform, more accessible than ever.
  • Elimination of engine implementation costs: Over a decade of optimizing our booking engine has led it to offer one of the highest conversion rates on the market.
  • 3 Months Free x2 Call Seeker Jobs: Booking quotes and pre-booking generation will no longer be a problem for reception and sales teams thanks to Call Seeker .