Paraty Tech and Sojern establish a strategic alliance to continue promoting hotel direct sales

Partners 02/03/2021

Paraty Tech and Sojern, two of the main proponents of direct hotel sales, decide to join forces and share resources to devise new formulas to further boost hotel bookings through the direct channel.

  • Paraty Tech's primary strength lies in the high conversion capacity of its tools. Sojern, on the other hand, specializes in generating quality traffic through the execution of programmatic campaigns based on real-time traveler purchase intent.

  • Both technology companies aim to strengthen their contribution to the increase in direct bookings from their clients and, at the same time, access new markets and establish positions in those where they already operate.

The paths of Paraty Tech and Sojern, two technological giants and key figures in the culture of direct hotel sales, have crossed on numerous occasions in the past. They have been seen together in various webinars and panel discussions, or more recently, sharing the spotlight at Pavilion 8, a virtual tourism and technology fair organized by Paraty Tech, in which Sojern actively participated as a sponsoring company.

Now, both technology companies have decided to go a step further, formalizing a collaboration agreement aimed at enhancing their current competitiveness and efficiency through the sharing of resources, data, knowledge, and tools. Always with the common goal of favoring the exponential increase in direct hotel sales, this union of specialties constitutes the definitive reinforcement for the measurement and control of each stage of the traveler's purchase intent process, as well as for the joint analysis of the factors that influence the different phases of the conversion funnel.

Sojern describes themselves as experts in travel marketing. According to Richard Cottrell, Commercial Director at Sojern, "thanks to our technological platform, Sojern Traveler Platform, we leverage real-time travel intent data and machine learning algorithms to execute programmatic campaigns across display, mobile, video, social media, etc., with a clear goal: personalize the message and ensure the generation of quality traffic to the direct channel."

On the other hand, Paraty Tech's solutions, 100% focused on sales, with its booking engine as its flagship, range from website design to the development of proprietary revenue management tools, including various online marketing services that, together, guarantee one of the most reliable conversion rates in the market. In the words of Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer, "the formula we intend to implement through this strategic alliance is as simple as it is effective: quality traffic, plus a high conversion rate, equals elevated direct sales."

The brands Paraty Tech and Sojern, therefore, seem destined to move forward hand in hand over the next few years, during which it will become increasingly common to find them sharing the spotlight in their respective communication channels. Both also agree that this new journey, as part of the planned actions in their international expansion plans, will facilitate their access to new markets and help establish positions in those where they already operate today.