Paraty Tech booking engine integrates with Duetto RMS

Partners 24/01/2023

Paraty Tech integrates with Duetto

We are pleased to announce the direct integration of the Paraty Tech booking engine with Duetto , one of the world's leading revenue management solutions, with the aim of simplifying the distribution of hotels in Spain.

The association was made public during the recent edition of FITUR and has been designed to help hoteliers streamline the reservation and pricing processes. The direct integration connects the booking engine with the revenue management system (RMS) without the need to go through a channel manager, and allows the seamless transfer of data on:

  • Minimum length of stay (MLOS)
  • Closures on Arrival (CTA)
  • Closures on departure (CTD)
  • And other restrictions

  • This helps revenue teams to better dynamically price and distribute their room rates in real time:

    The integration between Paraty Tech's booking engine and Duetto will allow hoteliers to automate more processes within their pricing and distribution strategies. Duetto now sends rates and restrictions directly to Paraty Tech's booking engine, helping teams eliminate unnecessary manual work. This simplifies the distribution path and allows hotels to dynamically set prices, ensuring they are selling the right room at the right rate at the right time. Guido Salvatori, Senior Director of Duetto Integrations

    With this direct integration between Paraty Tech and Duetto, hoteliers can send their prices and business rules directly from their RMS to the booking engine, helping them create a unique strategy for their direct channel. This allows hotels to drive a higher conversion rate through their direct channel, leading to a reduction in commissions paid to third parties such as OTAs. Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech

    The integration features are now available to all joint customers of Duetto and Paraty Tech .