Paraty Tech integrates with BeSafe at a key moment

Partners 04/07/2023

We integrate with BeSafe

Paraty Tech, hotel booking engine, integrates with BeSafe to offer a prepaid rate with insurance included, flexible and easy to integrate into the sales strategy of each accommodation, at a key moment and boom in travel policies.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world hard. Travel was paralyzed and millions of people were forced, first, to cancel their vacations and, later, when mobility was reactivated, with the virus still very present, to assume medical expenses derived from their health care outside their countries of origin. . Once the worst of that situation has been overcome, today we know that many of the steps that were taken then to try to alleviate, to some extent, the drama that it entailed and its most direct consequences, are here to stay.

In the travel sector, one can openly speak of an obvious change in trend. Both in the type of experiences that have become more in demand, and in relation to the preventive measures that travelers seek to safeguard their rights in the event of an unforeseen event. Security and the contracting of flexible insurance policies linked to hotel reservations are a priority for what can already be classified as a new traveler profile and a new way of traveling.

We have a very recent example of an insurmountable setback in the early call for general state elections in Spain, scheduled for July 23, that is, in the middle of the summer campaign. A decision that implies that the options of millions of Spaniards, fearful of being called to occupy a polling station or willing to vote in person, are basically reduced to three: not traveling during those dates, risking having to cancel without guarantees refund in case of being summoned or contracting an insurance policy such as BeSafe Rate PLUS.

Flexible insurance, the safe way

It is for this reason that the integration of the Paraty Tech booking engine with BeSafe comes at a key moment, precisely when travelers need it the most to ensure their vacations, offering a safe way that everyone wins, hoteliers and guests alike.

Thanks to the suite on which BeSafe operates, whose main differential value lies in its flexible nature, the service directly connects the insurer with the hotel's booking engine, offering travelers a prepaid rate with insurance included that adapts their coverage to the type of establishment and its main customer profiles. In the event of cancellation or accident, the hotelier will not have to worry about managing the reimbursement request procedures. BeSafe will take care of it, regardless of the variant contracted:

  • BeSafe Rate: indicated for hotels that want to offer security to their guests, offers coverage in case of cancellation or illness. The cancellation guarantee covers the reimbursement of up to 100% of the amount in case of unforeseen events, such as illness (COVID-19 included), hospitalization, accident, etc. While the assistance coverage during the stay, valid from arrival to departure, allows you to enjoy medical and health assistance, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance.
  • BeSafe Summer: indicated for hotels that operate during the summer season, offers medical assistance for outdoor activities and civil liability coverage.
  • BeSafe Business: indicated for mainly urban hotels, it offers a refund in case of canceled meetings, transport delays, etc. The ideal option for business trips.
  • BeSafe Winter: indicated for hotels that operate during the winter season, it offers mandatory civil liability coverage, medical assistance in case of injury, reimbursement for rescue on the ski slopes, etc.
  • BeSafe Rate PLUS: indicated for hotels that want to offer all refund guarantees to their guests, it is similar to the BeSafe Rate, with the exception that it offers almost revolutionary coverage in the event of cancellation, taking as valid any documentable reason, guaranteeing refund in 7 days, through your automated Refund & Go refund claims portal.

Both companies very satisfied

The integration process is now complete and it is possible to see this product in operation at the Nura Boreal hotel, which belongs to the Nura Hotels chain. Representatives of both companies state that they are very satisfied with this alliance.

Thus, in the words of Daniel Sánchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Paraty Tech, "the integration with BeSafe Rate should favor the resurgence of the non-refundable rate, which was almost extinct during the Pandemic, by encouraging guests who are reluctant to pay in advance to book without fear of losing the money for their trip in the event of an insurmountable setback and, consequently, allowing the hotelier to once again enjoy the cash flow provided by this type of rate".

For his part, Alessandro Bartolucci, CEO of BeSafe Rate, assures that "they are delighted to join forces with Paraty Tech and to embark together on this path towards the digitization of the sector, combining their experience with this innovative hotel booking engine", and adds which "intend to provide hoteliers with a unique offer that helps them increase their income with a flexible insurance solution, to ultimately protect guests during their stays".