Paraty Tech obtains Google Partner Premier 2023 recognition

Marketing 24/02/2023

We are Google Partner Premier

The creation of Paraty Digital Suite was in its day a declaration of intent by this technology company based in Torremolinos (Málaga) and offices in Cancún (Mexico) and Albufeira (Portugal). This important step, in addition to ratifying the growing role of digital marketing within the commercial strategy of hotels, implied, above all, the firm determination of Paraty Tech to strengthen this department, considering it as a fundamental pillar for direct sales. hotel industry , ranking at the same level as others such as the official website, the booking engine or the revenue management and price control tools.

Today, this change of course and the strong investment in resources and personnel associated with it, recently reinforced with the incorporation of Bárbara Balderas as director of digital marketing, has borne fruit. And it is that Google has recognized this work by granting Paraty Tech the status of Google Partner Premier 2023 , granted only to 3% and reviewed annually.

To select this select group of collaborators, Google takes into account variables such as the volume of investment and campaign optimization, channel diversification, technology, or the degree of specialization and certification of the team members who manage all of this.

Paraty Tech has spent more than a decade developing solutions and implementing tools aimed at promoting direct sales of hotels, hotel chains and other tourist accommodation. This recognition constitutes not only indisputable proof that, far from having stagnated, they continue to update their range of services according to the new needs of their clients, but also represents a well-deserved award both for them and for the hotel establishments with which they who work, who have placed all their trust in the Paraty Tech experts and have made the relevant investments, always guided by the recommendations of the Paraty Digital Suite members.

In the words of Bárbara Balderas, director of digital marketing at Paraty Tech, "we cannot be happier with this recognition that, on the one hand, clears up any possible doubts about the contribution to direct sales of digital marketing and the importance of not setting a ceiling investment in this field as long as the return is as expected, on the other, it further increases my degree of confidence in this wonderful team that I have just joined (all the credit goes to them) and, finally, it opens many doors for us to finish positioning ourselves definitively as authentic specialists in the field”.

For her part, Gina Matheis, CEO of the company, is aware that "thanks to the extraordinary work of the team, we will now enjoy multiple advantages associated with this recognition that will allow us to improve even more, such as access to new Google products in the beta, to the latest statistics and trends, and to exclusive events hosted by the American tech giant.”