Paraty Tech, the first booking engine to offer experiences at source with immediate confirmation

Partners 11/07/2023
The sale of destination experiences is a widespread practice. However, if we talk about sales at source, with immediate confirmation and through the hotel's official website, without having to do anything and charging commission for each purchase made by any user, things change. This is already a reality with the Paraty Tech booking engine.

Destination is The King

The traveler does not choose the destination based on the hotel. The process is just the opposite. First you decide where you want to go and then you look for accommodation in that location, except on very few occasions. The sooner we assume it, the sooner we will also understand the importance of trying to go much further than offering a merely accommodation service.

Let us not be misunderstood. The benefits (in terms of gastronomy, entertainment, well-being, security, etc.) that the guest can enjoy behind closed doors of the establishment are essential. The first thing to take care of is our product, of course. But if we are able to complement your stay by making available to you the possibility of contracting experiences (from those usually in demand at the destination, to more exclusive ones, practically tailored to your tastes and preferences), we will be gaining money to capture your attention. , significantly improving the perception of the service you are acquiring.

We are very aware of how tedious it is to negotiate with one and other suppliers to, ultimately, try to resell their products to our guests, once they are in our facilities. In addition to the wear and tear caused by this simple process of closing all these agreements individually, we must add the effort that we must carry out, first, to make sure that our client is duly informed when he arrives, and then, to encourage him to end up hiring one of those activities. To make matters worse, the competition in this sense is fierce, because it is almost a rarity that a hotel does not offer the purchase of experiences at the destination. So how do we differ?

Marketplace of experiences and transfers

At Paraty Tech we knew how to identify this problem years ago and we took an important step by incorporating a very well-positioned company in the world of complementary offerings into the Paraty World group. This movement would allow hotels to have their own marketplace of experiences and transfers with immediate confirmation, under the protection of their own brand, also charging commissions for each sale generated. This meant killing two birds with one stone because, on the one hand, they avoided the problem of dealing with various suppliers and, on the other, they began to have a new source of income that also significantly improved their service in the eyes of their guests.

Obviously, we are not stopping there and we continue working tirelessly on this field of hotel marketing, seeking to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding traveler profile eager for new sensations. We knew of the attraction potential of a resource of these characteristics.

Only a few months later, it was already possible to contract a transfer service as an additional service within the reservation process on the official website, nullifying the efforts of the OTAs to differentiate themselves from the direct channel (for example, giving away the taxi with the reservation) and facilitating a lot of life to the tourist when it is time to set up your vacations.

Sale at source, a novel differential factor

It was about time. The good reception of this add-on to our booking engine pushed us to continue developing in the same vein. Today, the integration with the complete catalog of experiences is already a reality. As we said, the sale at destination is available to anyone. Now, if we talk about sales at source, the spectrum is reduced. And if we add immediate confirmation to the formula, it directly becomes a one-of-a-kind feature.

If you work with the Paraty Tech booking engine, users of your official website can already book their room and, in the second step of the booking process, as if it were an additional service to use, add any experience they want live during their stay at the destination, and do so with immediate confirmation. Meanwhile, the hotel, which does not have to do anything, continues to commission each of those sales.

We already have API: providers, you are welcome

In parallel, the development of our own API, not only speeds up the integration and start-up procedures of the service, but also greatly facilitates the adhesion of new providers, also avoiding that you have to give up your usual partners, who can now connect with us in a much faster and easier way.

From Paraty Tech, hand in hand with our partner Transfers & Experiences, a company also belonging to the Paraty World group, we have proposed to professionalize the non-hotel activities sector, with a platform that facilitates the connection of local providers with hotels, through of our API, favoring the B2B sale of these at the destination, and the B2C sale at origin, through the official web pages of the tourist accommodation.