Paraty Tech's booking engine already integrates Bizum as a payment method

Revenue 28/01/2020
At Paraty Tech we have taken a new qualitative leap to provide greater facilities to users of the official website of your hotel upon arrival when paying for their reservations online. As if by magic… Bizum!

Once the integration is completed and this new functionality has been put into production, the inclusion of Bizum as an alternative payment method means that it is enough for your clients to enter their mobile phone number and the four-digit pin code associated with their Bizum account to complete the transaction.

Trends change at a dizzying pace and Bizum's popularity has not stopped growing since its birth. So much so, that under the motto "if you carry a cell phone, you carry money", in 2019 they registered more than 60 million operations, for a total value of 2.7 billion euros.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Bizum, its success lies in the fact that it allows you to send and receive money through your bank's app, in less than five seconds, using only the phone number.

What does incorporating Bizum into your booking engine give you:
  • You jump fully on the innovation bandwagon.
  • You get your establishment to convey an image of modernity and the impression of being up to date with the latest trends.
  • You offer your clients a convenient, fast and secure payment method, from which you will also benefit, especially due to its immediacy.
  • You reduce the disparities with OTAs regarding payment methods, placing yourself at the evolutionary level of brands, for example, like Destinia.

How to include Bizum in your booking engine

With Paraty Tech it is a routine process. As long as your bank's payment gateway belongs to the Redsys platform, activating payment through Bizum is as easy as completing three simple steps:
    Talk to your financial institution to activate the possibility of payment through Bizum.
  1. Include in the last step of the reservation process a button that identifies payment through Bizum.
  2. Make a call to the Virtual POS with a specific format that is very easy to implement. This is on us.

The payment conditions that Bizum offers you are identical to those offered when used to move money with your mobile device. That is, once configured in your booking engine, the limits and application parameters depend on you:
    Decide for which rate, regime, occupancy, room, etc. you want Bizum to be available
  • Decide how many nights you want to be paid for at the time of booking
  • Decide what percentage of the total reservation you want to be paid at the time of reservation

How your users pay with Bizum

Here's the good part... When your users reach the last step of the reservation process, they will have a box to select this payment method. Identified for your convenience with the Bizum logo, once clicked, you will be redirected to the payment gateway page where, through a simple panel, you will have to enter your mobile phone number and password. If you have forgotten your password or do not have one, you can request it from that same site. That easy.