Park Royal Hotels & Resorts chooses Paraty Tech to boost its direct channel

Projects 30/05/2023

The hotel chain has been in business for more than 30 years

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain with more than 30 years of experience and presence in the best destinations in Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico and Argentina, chooses Paraty Tech as a technology provider to boost the sales of its direct channels.

Paraty Tech, with headquarters in Torremolinos (Spain) and branches in Cancun (Mexico) and Albufeira (Portugal), specialised in the development of technological solutions aimed at increasing the direct reservations of hotels and hotel chains, continues its incursion into Mexico with a firm step, incorporating the hotel chain Park Royal Hotels & Resorts to its portfolio of clients.

The choice of Paraty Tech by Park Royal Hotels & Resorts is based on the vast experience of the technology company, as well as its wide range of services, which translates into greater agility of implementation, favours the integration and interconnection between modules and tools, significantly reducing the number of interlocutors and favouring client-supplier communication.

With this partnership, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts has satisfied its need for renewal, evolution and adaptation to the present time, betting even more on its direct channel to achieve its objectives. Seeking to squeeze the maximum potential out of their official website, they have completely re-launched it with a daring integral renovation of image and usability, which has led them to gain positioning, freshness and user experience. This is how Claudia López Huesca, Corporate Marketing Manager of the hotel chain, explains it:

"We know the potential that our direct channel has. Our expectation and challenge is for it to reach a sales share of 20% of our annual closing. The objective of this evolution, in addition to improving the experience and usability of our current and potential customers with a fully optimised website for any device, is to take advantage of technology to simplify processes and be more productive, focusing more on planning strategies and being able to configure them in the system in a quick and easy way. And what could be better than to be accompanied at all times by experts who share our same objective: to maximise the direct channel. It was necessary to dare to make a big change and we are convinced that Paraty Tech is the best option, and they have demonstrated this from the beginning".

The project has ranged from the design of the website, 100% customised, with independent versions for desktop and mobile devices, to the implementation of the booking engine, loaded with new ad-hoc functionalities and directly integrated with Duetto, the chain's RMS, including the loyalty programme, Loyalty Experiences by Park Royal, the Park Royal Pro module for professionals and the deofuscation of the blog, now much more visible for Google, and loaded with resources to get to know and enjoy the facilities of its heterogeneous offer of establishments and the destinations in which they are located. A complete and enriching experience for potential and current guests.

The agreement also involves the adoption of the role of digital marketing partner by Paraty Tech. Through its Paraty Digital Suite division, the company is carrying out, from day one, a meticulous work of positioning the official website and generating traffic to it, which is already bearing its first fruits. It includes the management of metasearch, SEM and Social Ads campaigns, the creation and sending of newsletters, and meticulous SEO and UX work, "an indestructible tandem in the direct channel" according to the words of Carlos Mérida, Product Designer at Paraty Tech:

"The new Park Royal Hotels & Resorts website is a clear success story in many ways. For example, it has gone from 9500 keywords positioned in October 2022 to more than 25700 today. The information architecture has also been improved, reducing the number of URLs with Thin Content (content of little value) in favour of landings for each establishment, loaded with content of interest to the user. All of this paying special attention to accessibility (outlining the brand's corporate colour palette and adapting texts), giving great importance to the attraction power of video, cleaning up online reputation (disavowing fraudulent links) and optimising international labelling (language codes for the main core markets)".

One of the main challenges when undertaking such an important change was to ensure that the diverse range of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts brands, associated respectively with the different types of accommodation they manage, coexisted in harmony within the corporate site. Rafael Sandoval / Commercial Director at Park Royal explains:

"Park Royal Hotels & Resorts has a brand manual that represents the values that mean everything to us, but we felt that our previous site did not reflect them properly. It was crucial that Grand Park Royal Luxury Resorts, Park Royal Beach Resorts, Park Royal City and Park Royal Homestay could share the spotlight but without losing their identity and market, each product needed its own space and images and a cleaner, brighter, fresher and more modern website, without giving up its content, that is, its own autonomy and identity. An objective that we are sure we have achieved thanks to the commitment and involvement of Paraty Tech".

This is undoubtedly a very ambitious step for the hotel chain, to which Paraty Tech has responded, above all, with a sense of responsibility, always aware of the complexity and importance of the assignment, according to its CEO & Co-founder, Gina Matheis:

"From the beginning of our discussions with Park Royal we understood perfectly what this project represented for both of us. From their perspective, a commendable vote of confidence. From ours, it was a golden opportunity to make our mark on the Mexican hotel industry, demonstrating that the big players are betting on our technology. We knew that it would mean putting all our heart and soul into it, and that is what we have done from the very first second. Starting with a good, solid and stable foundation, and finishing off the work with a host of tweaks that make it very different from the rest".

When she talks about "tweaks" she is referring to those little details that make the difference, such as the browser tab titles, which confess to "missing you" if you change tabs, independent and coherent colour palettes for each brand, the display of rooms in list mode or in mosaic mode, a blog that allows you to filter by theme, the display of a featured hotels module when you click on "Book" without having previously chosen an establishment, the new flexible calendar, the option to change currency in real time or to hire a transfer with immediate confirmation during the booking process, or a mobile version that is independent and optimised to the highest level.

In conclusion, Daniel Sanchez, Chief Revenue Officer at Paraty Tech, reminds us that:

"Bringing the project into production is only the first step. Our work includes exhaustive, daily monitoring, so that absolutely everything is always optimised, with no margin for error: prices, parity, meta search engines, offers, incentives, content, page speed, general stability of the site... We want to demonstrate the extraordinary growth potential of the direct channel and to be able to do so hand in hand with Park Royal is a precious gift".