PreFitur Academy: Module for Travel Agencies

Booking Engine 08/11/2021
PreFitur Travel Agencies

The weight of travel agencies in distribution is undeniable. Hotels and hotel chains are well aware of this, accustomed to receiving daily quote requests from agencies interested in including their establishments in their catalogs of offers and packages.

Conscious of this situation and immersed in a constant search for new ways to enhance the direct channel, at Paraty Tech, we have developed the Travel Agencies Module. Fully integrated with the official website's booking engine, this functionality allows hoteliers to automate this cumbersome process, freeing their teams from this task so they can focus on what truly matters. After all, technological innovation should precisely replace humans to improve operations and services where the human factor doesn't necessarily add value.

How it Works

Travel Agencies Registration Form
Travel Agencies Registration Form

Travel Agencies Booking Process
Travel Agencies Booking Process

Simplified, the Travel Agencies Module translates into a section on the official website through which travel agencies can quickly and easily register, identify themselves as such, and then start selling directly through the direct channel with conditions predefined via the configuration panel, accessible through Paraty Hotel Manager, the backend of our booking engine.

Throughout the booking process, the agency will have the commission percentage visible, also being able to check the price of their search and the amount in euros that the sale would represent.

From here, the options are endless. Let's explore them in detail.

  • Quick and Easy Registration Process

    • Through the Agencies Section: Travel agencies access the Agencies section of the official website and fill out the registration form. With each registration, the hotelier receives a notification via email. It is solely their decision to determine if the registration requires further validation. If so, the agency is informed that their request is being processed, and the hotelier only needs to access the list of registrations in the configuration panel and change its status from "pending" to "active."

    • Through the Configuration Panel: In addition to validating new registrations, from the configuration panel, the hotelier can also manually add agencies, delete them, change their status, edit their data, and modify, at any time, the sales conditions, payments, cancellation policies, rates, etc.

    Configuration Panel
    Configuration Panel

  • Configuration of Conditions

    • Generic: The hotelier has the option to set, in a generic way, the same sales conditions for all agencies, including the commission percentage, net or retail, rates, regimes, rooms, occupancy, stay restrictions, payment methods and deadlines, booking window, etc.

    • Specific: The hotelier can also configure all these parameters on an individual basis for each agency. This alternative offers the highest degree of possible control.

    • Combined: The third option involves establishing generic conditions for all agencies but manually modifying only those of interest for any reason.

  • Configuration Parameters

    • Commission percentage

    • Special rates

    • Payment method (credit card, transfer, Bizum, etc.)

    • Payment terms (advance, percentage, etc.)

    • Cancellation policies

    • Rooms

    • Occupancies

    • Regimes

    • Stay restrictions

    • Booking window

  • Integration with Paraty E-Payments

  • If the hotelier also has our payment platform, Paraty E-Payments, they can manage everything related to the collection of agency reservations through it (tokenization, installment and deferment, status control, sending links for payment, etc.).

  • Queries and Searches

  • In the administration panel, the hotelier has a search system with filters to locate agencies and check their reservations and the revenue they have generated.

  • Reservation Identification

  • Reservations made by travel agencies are identified as such by the word Agency in the Origin column in the Reservations section of Paraty Hotel Manager.

  • Downloading Reservations to the Channel / PMS

  • The identifier for reservations made by agencies is different from direct reservations made by guests. This makes it much easier to identify them for downloading to the channel or PMS.

  • Confirmation Email

    • Agency: The agency receives a personalized confirmation email with its details and logo to facilitate the delivery of relevant documentation to its clients.

    • End Customer: It is also possible to enable a configuration that sends the confirmation email to the end customer, in this case, hiding the price so that the agency enjoys the privacy and autonomy required for its professional activity.

  • Connection with BI

  • Like with the rest of the reservations, all agency activity in the booking engine is recorded and monitored in the BI. Information of extraordinary value to identify trends in this sales channel.

  • Redirects

  • A feature of Paraty Tech's booking engine is its obsession with achieving zero unavailability. Agencies can also benefit from this and obtain availability for virtually any search, including those where other channels cannot offer it. For example, if they are looking for a quadruple room and the hotel does not have one, the engine will return availability by offering two double rooms.

Benefits for the Hotelier

Well-managed, the role of agencies can be very profitable. Certainly, facilitating their registration, consultation, and booking processes through the direct channel can encourage an increase in the number of agencies interested in marketing a particular establishment, with the potential for increased sales. But there is more.

  • Accurate and Up-to-Date Information: No channel has the level of updating that the direct channel offers, by definition, the most carefully maintained by establishments.

  • Inventory Available Only in the Direct Channel: Certain rooms will only be available in the direct channel. Agencies can benefit from this circumstance, and hotels find in them an additional sales avenue.

  • Absolute Control Over Prices: If agencies search directly in the direct channel, you prevent them from offering erroneous quotes obtained from pirate channels.

  • Ease and immediacy in managing this intermediary profile: Hotels optimize dealings with this intermediary, and communication between agencies and the hotel becomes more agile and fluid.

  • Maximum Autonomy for Agencies: Unless the hotelier is interested in validating new registrations, agencies can start selling, unaided, in a matter of minutes.

  • Workload Reduction for Hotel Staff: The automation of this process translates into valuable time savings.

  • Greater Visibility of the Direct Channel: The fact that agencies offer a particular hotel to their clients ensures that they visit the official website to learn more before making a purchase decision.

  • More Traffic to the Official Website: Greater visibility means more traffic. Not only from potential buyers but also from those with whom they share their experience in the hotel.

  • Better Organic Positioning: Organic search engine positioning essentially relies on visits and links. It will undoubtedly benefit as the number of agency registrations increases.

If you want to learn more about the Travel Agencies Module and see it in action, don't miss the webinar:

“Pre-Fitur Academy: Travel Agencies and Companies Module”, November 9, 11:30 a.m.

You can register by clicking here!