PreFitur Academy: Paraty E-Payments

Booking Engine 11/11/2021
Paraty E-payments

Compliance with PCI DSS and PSD2 Regulations, Rise of Flexible Rates over Virtually Extinct Non-Refundable Rates, Rapid Acceleration of Digitalization...

We have experienced many changes, too fast, and having a payment management system that responds to a range of new needs has become practically essential for any hotelier.

For each functionality, there are undoubtedly multiple providers. However, if you are looking for a single provider capable of offering them all, that's a different story. At Paraty Tech, we strive daily to embody that partner profile, capable of adapting to market changes in real-time through the implementation of adaptive technologies.

So, when circumstances required it, we got to work to launch, in record time, our own payment system, integrated with our Paraty Hotel Manager extranet, and compatible with any payment gateway. This system ensures transaction security, compliance with current regulations, reduces the likelihood of fraud, and facilitates the management and monitoring of the overall payment status. We call it Paraty E-Payments, a resource at your disposal as a customer of our booking engine.

How It Works

Paraty E-Payments is, in five words, a payment management system. Nothing more, nothing less. Fully integrated with the booking engine, it allows you to check all reservations and their payment status (total amount, amount paid, and pending amount).

On the other hand, it allows you to create payment rules with multiple configuration parameters, based on various criteria:
  • Payment on the website or scheduled payment

  • For specific rates or cancellation policies

  • By date range or number of days before arrival

  • Full or partial payments (number of nights or percentage of the total)

  • And more.
Finally, it allows comprehensive management of pending payments and refunds. The status of each reservation is always available at a glance, with multiple filters to locate one or more reservations (reservation ID, name and surname, booking window, travel window, etc.).

Paraty E-Payments is compatible with any payment gateway that has a tokenization system and strictly complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) regulations, minimizing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Here are some of its main features:
  • Creation of payment rules: you decide how your guests can pay for reservations based on the selected rate, cancellation conditions, reservation timing, etc.

  • Check the payment status of reservations: easily review the amount paid and the pending amount for existing reservations.

  • Generation and sending of payment links: at any time, you can generate a link for the payment of the total or a part of the pending amount. Use it to expedite processes during check-in.

  • Processing of payments: thanks to card tokenization during the booking process, you can make payments at any time, especially useful if the guest contracts any services after the reservation or if you need to charge a penalty for a no-show or late cancellation.

  • Processing of refunds: given the widespread use of flexible or semi-flexible rates, you may have to deal with refunds for cancellations within the deadline, which you can manage very easily with Paraty E-Payments.

  • Check the payment history: see when, and by what method, payments for a specific reservation were made.

Benefits for Hoteliers with Paraty E-Payments

Flexibility, security, agility, centralization, and process automation are the main benefits for hoteliers with a payment system like Paraty E-Payments, integrated into the extranet of their booking engine. But let's delve into the details:

1. Flexibility
  • You, and only you, decide how and when your reservations are paid.

2. Security
  • Forget about complying with PSD2 and PCI DSS.

  • Minimize fraud and chargebacks.

  • Stay informed with email alerts.

3. Agility
  • Streamlined and simple processes within a system with a look & feel you're already familiar with.

4. Centralization
  • Payments, refunds, inquiries, etc., within the extranet of your booking engine.

  • Reduced number of providers.

5. Process Automation
  • Paraty E-Payments automatically integrates with your booking engine.

  • Simplifies the work of the revenue manager.

  • Reduces the workload for staff in certain hotel departments.

  • Saves time and resources.

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