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Events 10/12/2020

Introducing Our Latest Creation: Pavilion 8 - Virtual Tourism and Technology Fair

The postponement of FITUR was unexpected and saddening, as we believed its celebration would have brought a much-needed boost of optimism to start the year, as expressed in our article Fitur 2021: Te quiero, no te quiero. However, there's no time for lamentation; it's time to take action. We have some exciting news.
"Where some see a gap, others identify an opportunity." Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech

In the words of our CEO, Gina Matheis, "where some see a gap, others identify an opportunity." That's why, from the Paraty World group, we've launched an innovative initiative to replicate everything that would have happened during those days at IFEMA.

Pavilion 8 - Virtual Tourism and Technology Fair, a clear nod to the usual location of stands like ours in Madrid, is a FREE, LIMITED CAPACITY event scheduled for January 26-27, in a virtual format, welcoming all players in the tourism and hotel sectors.

Two days of networking, panel discussions, and presentations, during which ALL PARTICIPANTS will have the opportunity to build a schedule of short one-to-one meetings, and attend a comprehensive program of content featuring top national speakers like Victor Kúppers, and renowned professionals in the tourism and revenue management sectors.

Who Will I Meet at Pavilion 8?

A diverse list of participants, like you, eager to put faces to names (even if it's through a screen) with a common goal: the revival of one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic:
  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Technology providers (booking engines, channel managers, PMS, chatbots, programmatic advertising companies, payment platforms, big data platforms, revenue management tools, etc.)
  • Institutional representatives of destinations
  • Rent a cars
  • Training schools
  • Legal offices
  • Media
  • Etc.

All participants share a common goal: the revival of one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Daniel Romero, Communications Director of Paraty Tech

In short, a heterogeneous list of participation profiles designed to accommodate all types of companies in the tourism sector, eager to showcase and discover the latest offerings, solutions, and services.

Pavilion 8 - Virtual Tourism and Technology Fair will also have the invaluable support, as Media Partners, of leading specialized publications in our ecosystem: Smart Travel News, Tecnohotel, HostelPro, etc. These partners will not only provide media coverage but will also have the opportunity to participate in negotiations, just like any other participant. The media has also faced challenges during this crisis, and we feel indebted to them for their support over the past months.

What Sets Pavilion 8 Apart as an Online Event?

Firstly, while we've curated a content program full of interesting and current topics, Pavilion 8 is not just another day of webinars. It's a real fair, an event where participants come to do business, build agendas, and make deals with other companies.
It's not just another day of webinars; it's a real fair... and it's free! Silvia Muñoz, Commercial Director of Paraty Tech

Secondly, it's a free event. The platform, speakers, and all the infrastructure to make it happen are covered by the organization, partners, the altruism of collaborators, and the media, which, with their dissemination, will ensure the success of the event.

Lastly, it's a limited-capacity event. We don't aim to have 3000 attendees and only 800 show up. We want only those who are genuinely interested in adding value. We prioritize quality over quantity. Proactivity and formality in building the agenda and attending meetings are essential for success.

When Can I Sign Up?

We're working hard to get everything ready as soon as possible. The official announcement will be made in late December, opening registration for various profiles. Participants will have just over a month to sign up and schedule their meetings. Stay tuned to our usual communication channels and media posts. We'll make sure everyone gets the news.

Can I Be a Partner of the Event?

Those who want extra visibility can also collaborate as partners, enjoying additional privileges. However, we want to make it clear that we're not seeking funding; we're looking for collaboration from companies willing to contribute their know-how and experience. Therefore, the number of partners is limited, and the cost is very reasonable. We are aware of the current situation.

Feel free to contact us for more information:

Where Can I Get More Information About the Event?

You can directly contact Daniel Romero, Communications Director of the Paraty World Group, via email, phone, or WhatsApp Business:

Email: / WhatsApp Business: 952.23.08.87 / Mobile: 666.59.20.08

We are confident that this new adventure we've embarked on will capture your interest and that of the entire tourism sector, translating into an unprecedented business opportunity to face the immediate future with optimism and hope. We hope to have your presence.