Tech-Driven Integration Alliance between: Asksuite and Paraty Tech

Partners 18/08/2022

We add new alliances

We do not stop! This time, we partnered with Asksuite , the first omnichannel service platform for hospitality . Specialists in hotels, their customer service tool generates direct reservations . A more productive and intelligent function for the hotel, serving customers, optimizing its reservation center and increasing its sales.

Reservation systems have evolved a lot, but even so, the time has come to lead a new significant change, which is why Paraty Tech and Asksuite have decided to advance further in integration with the aim of leaving obsolete methodologies behind and continuing to contribute. to the growth of its hotel clients.

Both companies share the objective of providing innovative solutions to hotel establishments of all types and sizes. This integration agreement is intended, therefore, to come up with new formulas that continue to make it easier for hotels to attract a growing number of reservations.

“We are very proud of our solution, and connecting with other like-minded companies is the boost we need to address everything from the most basic to the most challenging needs for hotels. By adding this integration to Asksuite's growing network of technology providers, we easily get exceptional delivery from both.” Rodrigo Teixeira, CEO of Asksuite

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the Asksuite and Paraty Tech integration :

  1. Instant price quote on different messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Messages, webchat and Google Business Messages.
  2. When the AI Booking Assistant doesn't find availability for a specific period, it suggests the closest available dates, and when the same is the case with groups, it suggests nearby properties.
  3. Integration of the booking engine to make smart quotes via email and WhatsApp.
  4. Centralization of the main communication channels.
  5. Easy sending of massive WhatsApp campaigns to answer common questions, with calls to action that go directly to the Paraty Tech booking engine .
  6. Conversions and tracking data to power the most effective and profitable marketing channels and increase direct bookings.

«Asksuite is much more than a chatbot and we are sure that the fusion of our technologies constitutes a winning bet, both to favor our expansion in new markets, as well as in relation to the increase in direct sales, but also in everything related to alleviate the workload of hotels, which will be able to focus more and better on offering an even more rewarding experience to their guests, while the technology takes care of automatically solving tasks in parallel that do not require human intervention.” Gina Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech


With 2,000+ customers in 40+ countries, Asksuite's AI Booking Assistant is linked to a powerful omnichannel service platform, ensuring hotels can respond to all customer inquiries (both during and after business hours). , also helping teams to organize the workflow with a unified inbox that includes all communication channels.

Why Asksuite?

  • Communication channels turned into sales channels
  • Increase in direct bookings
  • performance metrics
  • 100% Omnichannel
  • High productivity of reservations and sales agents with reduced task deadlines
  • Natural language in more than 35 languages
  • Easy-to-navigate AI booking assistant with CTA buttons that keep potential customers from getting lost

Paraty Tech

With +3000 clients, Paraty Tech is a leading technology provider of solutions aimed at optimizing online distribution and increasing direct bookings for hotels , hotel chains and other tourist accommodation. Paraty Tech, a company characterized by having 100% in-house technology, offers a booking engine, revenue management and price control tools, custom web page design, without templates, and a wide range of digital marketing services with the Focus on optimizing investment and maximizing revenue from the direct channel, the hotel's official website.

Why Paraty Tech?

  • Official website of the hotel 100% customized, with a clear focus on sales and user experience
  • Intelligent and flexible booking engine optimized for a decade for all types of hotel establishments
  • Revenue management tools, including a powerful rate shopper , price comparison, and real-time price matcher
  • Preparation of the online marketing strategy and a wide range of services to execute it, working tirelessly to reduce the dependency of hotels on OTAs and brokered sales in general
  • Active retargeting platform integrated with the booking engine
  • Up to 5 loyalty programs suitable for the different types and sizes of establishments
  • Average increase of 30% in direct sales of hotels and hotel chains

It's not too late to step up the game

A Google study reveals that 69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing and relevance of a company's message influence their perception of the brand.

Covering different phases of the purchase process, both Asksuite and Paraty Tech strive to offer quality communication to hotels , help them consolidate their brand message, improve productivity and focus on response speed. The union of both companies creates the complete coverage that hotels need so that travelers choose them.

Through Paraty Tech's Paraty Digital Suite (SEM management, metasearch engine management, emailings, social network management, etc.) it redirects the user to the booking engine of the hotel's official website , while Asksuite offers on-time availability to respond to the new demand.

All flanks covered!