The JTB Group, the main Japanese tour operator, buys technology “made on the Costa del Sol”

Corporate 11/04/2019
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JTB Business Innovators, Corp. (JBI), will exclusively distribute our booking engine and revenue management solutions in Japan.

JTB Business Innovator, Corp. (hereinafter JBI), the innovation division of the JTB Group, Japan's main tour operator, has ratified its interest, through a collaboration agreement that will soon come to light, in our technological solutions. After months of negotiations, JBI will distribute exclusively in the Japanese market our booking engine and our revenue management tools, among which Price Seeker and Rate Check stand out.


We came into contact with the JTB Group in June 2018, thanks to the Trade Missions organized by the Malaga Chamber of Commerce (Chambers of Spain), together with the Spanish Tourism Office in Tokyo , and co-financed by the European Tourism Fund. Regional Development , aimed at disseminating and promoting the export to other strategic markets of all the national technological potential and, more specifically, of the province of Malaga.

Already at that time, the JTB Group expressed its admiration for the Spanish model of tourism development, from which they confessed to having a lot to learn, placing special emphasis on the undeniable contribution of technology to this cause. Immersed in an almost obligatory generalized process of digitalization, they recorded their desire to internalize this model, with the intention of adapting it to replicate it in their country, always with the priority objective of improving their ability to awaken interest in Japan from a increasing number of tourists.

Not in vain, according to the most recent estimate from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Spain occupies second place in the world ranking, only behind France, with a total of 82.6 million international tourists received in 2018. , which represents an increase of 0.9% compared to the previous year. The third position would correspond to the United States.

Seminar in Tokyo: How accommodation business change post 2020 to 2030

Within communications that have not ceased since then, last March 2019, Kanko Keizai Shimbun , the most relevant newspaper of the Japanese tourism business fabric, echoed the seminar organized by JBI at the Tokyo Intl. Forum , which brought together more than 130 management positions from Japanese hotel establishments. The event had the notable presence of our CEO, Gina Matheis , who in addition to being part of the debate table How accommodation business change post 2020 to 2030 , led the presentation Tourism and Tech Trends: past, present and future , which meant everything a tour of the current situation of hotel direct sales in Europe, and a detailed analysis focused on the important contribution of direct online reservations to Spain's leading role in the global tourism panorama.

The future of Paraty Tech in the Asian market

The current situation paints a very optimistic picture regarding our future establishment in the Asian market. On the one hand, currently more than 50 ryokans already have our reservation engine, the result of the agreement signed with Bear Luxe Japan , a B2B project that markets tourist products and experiences, including accommodation, with luxury and distinction as premises.

On the other hand, protected by the technological quality of our products and services, and endorsed by a group of the magnitude of JTB, everything invites us to think that this is the path, that we follow the correct path to arouse expectation and inspire confidence in decision makers. of the hotel panorama of the, not so distant, east. We are proud to continue being able to extrapolate our model of promoting direct sales to any market.