The last push of the summer: 6 tips to "make a killing"

Revenue 11/08/2022
6 summer tips
The heat and sun continue to accompany the beach, the mountains and the urban centers. It's August and we all know what this means: madness. But it is also synonymous with opportunities . Are you prepared to make the most of direct sales? We are going to help you “make your August”.

August, key month for European markets We are entering a key period of the summer: August. Disowned by many, the preferred choice of so many others, the truth is that it is probably the most representative month of this time of year.

It is also the moment chosen by many companies to close, forcing their workers to go on vacation during this period of maximum influx and massive mobilizations.

Hotel pages are fuming, as there are still too many travelers who leave everything until the last minute.

A circumstance that you can, and should, take advantage of as the owner or manager of a tourist accommodation.

Under the title of Summer Tips , with this series of documents in the form of recommendations we hope to provide you with support to give your summer reserves one last push. While we focus on 6 key actions that you should implement, we take the opportunity to remind you of the tools and solutions that we put at your disposal to implement them.

It is evident that all these initiatives are valid throughout the year, but it is important to understand where the potential buyer or guest is at. Those who plan to stay during August, but have not yet selected a destination or hotel, are very receptive, almost desperate, we dare say.

  1. Attract

  2. More than ever, it is time to be where your potential guests are searching: Google Ads, goals, networks... In each channel, specific things are sought: inspiration, opinions of other travelers, reviews, destination information, the best price, services complementary, flash or last minute offers... Give them what they want, when they want, and you will have taken a giant step.

  3. Retain

  4. Once on your website, you must deploy your entire arsenal to retain the user. It is as difficult for it to arrive as it is for it to stay, and the price will be a very good first argument. Use tools like Rate Check and Parity Maker to make it clear that only you offer the best price.

  5. Seduce

  6. But it doesn't all come down to price. In fact, that can be considered a lost battle no matter how many efforts you make to combat disparities. From the moment those intermediaries with whom you sign can sell their inventory to third parties or sacrifice a part of their succulent commissions for the benefit of the end client, you lose control. So advocate seducing your guests with the most exclusive web benefits. Those that only you offer and lead you to generate positive disparities.

  7. Convince

  8. During the booking process, there are also many potential leaks. Use resources that convey urgency, the need to close the reservation as soon as possible and secure it. To do this, you can use what we call boosters, 100% configurable mini-popups with messages such as "There are 20 people viewing this hotel at the moment", "Last available rooms", "Prices may change, secure your reservation", etc. . With them you can enhance impulse purchases.

  9. Convert

  10. Even if the user reaches the last step of the booking process, there is still risk. Something may come up that forces you to get out of your chair, you may reconsider your choice, you may encounter some technical or usability complication, etc. At this point, the guest cannot escape you. You can rely on Rescue Seeker, our active retargeting platform, which tracks user activity and responds to it in different ways. For example, offering an incentive in real time if you express your intention to leave the page, or offering you the possibility of saving the reservation to return to it later if you detect a certain period of inactivity.

  11. Loyalty

  12. This does not end when the user closes the reservation. The other way around. You have probably achieved the most difficult thing, it is true, but a repeat guest is much more profitable than one who is staying at your establishment for the first time. Now it's time to build loyalty and there are a thousand ways: pre- and post-stay emails, loyalty clubs, satisfaction questionnaires, birthday greeting module, etc. All these solutions will help the guest choose your hotel again.