The Paraty Tech engine, the only one that integrates transfers in real time in your purchase process

Booking Engine 07/07/2022
The algorithm is capricious and that is why it is sometimes not easy to detect certain functionalities that they implement and that can generate disparities of various kinds with the direct channel. Today we understand as common in the OTA an initiative that they began to put into practice selectively two or three years ago, which consists of offering the guest a free taxi from the airport to the hotel.

This measure is significantly painful for the hotel , especially in those destinations where tourists from certain source markets can only reach by plane. Even more so taking into account the general shortage, and high cost, of rental cars , as a result of the drastic reduction in their fleets as a result of the pandemic.

Paraty Tech, the only engine that allows you to package reservations and transfers in real time, without hotel intervention

Today we are the only booking engine on the market that allows us to head-on combat this type of disparity that both OTAs and tour operators cause. The first, as we have already explained to you, the second, for example, giving away the shuttle bus to their clients.

The Paraty Tech engine enables the option to package transfer (from the guest's arrival point to the hotel and vice versa) and room within the reservation process . The real difference with respect to other engines lies in the fact that direct integration with destination suppliers makes the reservation “fly by itself”, allowing the hotelier to not worry about managing the service.

With a wide range of vehicles available, ranging from standard or executive private cars, to minibuses of different capacities, the cost of this service can be configured depending on the value or duration of the reservation, and even offer it free of charge , as long as the hotel is willing to assume the cost of this added value for its client.

How does it

We already told you that they don't always do it, but when the algorithm decides that this option comes into action, within the "Your options" column, and in green, so that it is free of charge, they add a tick with the message “FREE taxi from the airport to the accommodation” (see screenshot).

How does it
Free Taxi from

How we do it at Paraty Tech

As simple as purchasing any additional service:

  1. The guest performs a search.

  2. In the first step of the process, you select your room/rate/plan.

  3. In the second step of the process, you have the possibility of adding the transfer, at the cost previously determined by the hotelier.

  4. As can be seen in the following screenshot, a banner informs the user that, once the reservation is completed, they will receive a link to close all the details of the transfer.

How we do it at Paraty Tech
Hiring a transfer in the Paraty Tech booking engine

Benefits for the hotelier

The benefits for the hotelier of implementing this option are many. Fundamentally, it will match forces with certain intermediary sales players , but not only that. You will also improve your guests' experience:

  • Match the conditions offered by tour operators, which normally include free transfers.

  • It matches the conditions offered by some OTAs, such as Booking, which gives away taxis to certain clients.

  • Improve the web shopping experience.

  • Boost sales in international markets.

  • Generates extra income (commission for the hotel for each completed transaction), without having to add or modify operations, or serve the client directly. It is a sale that is automatically generated by the web, in real time and immediate confirmation.

As we have already mentioned, although when the word “disparity” is mentioned it tends to be assumed that we are talking about prices, the truth is that they can be of many more types: payment methods, diets, rates or , as in this case, of extras or additional services.

In fact, it is in these categories that the official website has it easiest to differentiate itself from its competitors , taking into account the economic power of the large OTAs , which allows them to sacrifice part of their commission to try to position themselves as the most cheap, and how difficult it is to identify opaque disparities , a consequence of their agreements with third parties.

We already talked about all this in our article “Against disparities… disparities!” . Now, the topic comes up again due to this improvement that we make available to you quickly and easily. Contact your account for full details.