The Rooming List of your booking engine, every day in your email

Booking Engine 27/06/2023

Do not lose detail of your last reservations

It's not artificial intelligence, but hey, it is an intelligent novelty, because we know that it responds to a real need. As much as technology evolves, we will always end up reviewing the list of reservations for the day, paper and highlighter in hand, checking that everything is in order to offer the best guest experience.

For the enemies of Anglicisms, the rooming list is nothing more than a document used in the hotel industry to provide detailed information on the distribution of rooms and the guests who will occupy them, during a certain period of time. The rooming list is important to the hotel as it helps organize and allocate rooms efficiently, and to guests as it ensures a smooth stay and allows them to confirm that their booking details and preferences are correct prior to arrival.

At Paraty Tech, as hoteliers that we are, we know that, although there are many procedures that continue to be carried out, commonly said, "on the old lady's account", it is essential to be able to contribute to their streamlining and efficiency, thus optimizing the productivity of the establishment staff and favoring its natural operation.

From the direct engine to your email

A new functionality of our booking engine saves the hotelier from having to access the extranet to check the day's reservations generated through the official website, which will now be sent daily to your email (or to the email accounts you indicate ). A very comfortable way of respecting current processes, improving them in terms of efficiency.

In that email the hotelier will have in a very accessible way data such as:
  • reservation identifier
  • Origin of the reservation (mobile, Google My Business web, call center, etc.)
  • Check-in and check-out date
  • Country
  • Occupation
  • Fee
  • promo code
  • Room
  • Regime
  • Comments
  • Price
  • Additional services
Activating this functionality is as simple as adding an advanced configuration, indicating the recipient emails. You still do not have it active and you would like it to be like that? Get in touch with your account.