Travel Assistance Insurance as an additional service within the reservation process of your official website

Booking Engine 07/06/2023
The alliance between FlexMyRoom and Paraty Tech takes a new giant step with the launch of a new product that will allow hotels to include travel assistance insurance as an additional service in their online booking process.
The Pandemic, and the insecurity of travelers as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, highlighted the need to take out travel insurance that guarantees the reimbursement of your reservation, in case you are forced to cancel your trip, and/or the coverage of health expenses in case of contracting the infection and needing medical treatment. Once the worst of this tragic situation has been overcome, this type of product continues to be in high demand, both by the guest and by the hotelier.

In addition, as a curious fact, the launch could not come at a more opportune moment, because due to the next general elections that will take place on July 23 (in the middle of the summer vacation campaign), after being called in advance by the current Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, there has been an understandable slowdown in bookings and a certain fear of an increase in cancellations. On the one hand, due to the obvious desire to exercise their desire to vote, but also due to the fear of Spanish citizens of being forced to cancel their vacations if they are called to fill a position at one of the polling stations. A circumstance that would not be so dramatic if you had travel insurance.

What is truly new?

Until now, insurance used to be packaged with a specific rate, forcing the user to select it if they wanted to enjoy the benefits associated with contracting this product, thus limiting their options and preferences. And, in parallel, this format also prevented the hotelier from marketing their inventory with full freedom. For this reason, after months of work, listening to requests and receiving feedback, carrying out tests and carrying out improvement work, we are very happy to announce the launch of a new optional assistance product that adds to those already active in FlexMyRoom and Paraty Tech.

As of today, hotels can now offer their clients, through the official website, travel assistance insurance as an additional service, in the second step of the reservation process, regardless of the rate selected by the user, improving thus retention and loyalty, and matching the offer of most OTAs.

It should be remembered that the disparities are not only in price, and with this novelty, this particular form of disparity is also put to an end, while a positive disparity is generated with all those channels that do not have this alternative.

Over the last year, the purchase of travel insurance has grown remarkably. A situation that has not gone unnoticed by insurers, and which has also been echoed by the main hotel distribution channels, which have already made a move, as Miguel Signes, CEO of FlexMyRoom, explains:

"Every day, the industry continues to move towards hyper-segmentation and personalization of the customer experience. For this reason, most OTAs already allow users to purchase travel insurance on their platform during the booking process. From Hence, from FlexMyRoom, in collaboration with our partners and hotels, we have developed this new product so that the traveler continues to find the best, most competitive and customizable option, on the hotel's own website.We are really excited that this new product by finally see the light and take one more step towards that personalization of experience, both for the hotelier and for the traveler."

What are the advantages of including travel assistance insurance during the booking process?

By offering travel insurance, the hotel provides protection for its guests and demonstrates that it cares about the well-being and safety of its guests during their trip and stay.

In other words, it constitutes a competitive advantage, in the form of peace of mind, which will allow travelers to enjoy their stay without unnecessary worries.

This new product is added to those already active and will allow the customer to take out travel assistance insurance and customize their vacation directly in the booking process without having to leave the hotel's website.

Just as some OTAs or tour operators already include this service on their platform, with Paraty Tech and FlexMyRoom the hotel can also offer it to its direct customers and, thus, improve retention on its booking engine, avoiding unnecessary leaks, and increasing the satisfaction of its guests.

You want to know more?

You can contact your Paraty Tech Account Manager directly or, if you prefer, follow the following 3 easy steps:

  1. Access the FlexMyRoom website and go to products.
  2. Click on LEARN MORE and fill in the form, selecting the product "Optional travel assistance insurance".
  3. We will contact you to see the connection details.

If you already have the Paraty Tech booking engine, activating it will be a matter of minutes.