Turistech Day will present the latest trends in technology applied to tourism

Events 15/05/2023

Paraty Tech sponsors Turistech Day

  • It will be held on May 25 via streaming and in the metaverse of the school for free
  • It will feature speakers such as Alfonso Pérez Liñán, Corporate Sales and Marketing Sr. Director at Only YOU Hotels, Elena Mateos, CEO & Founder of HotelSAAS and Jesús García González, Co-Founder of Xperiencia Virtual, among others
Barcelona, May 15, 2023.- Technology has had a profound impact on all industries, and tourism has not been an exception. This is how the Turistech concept was born, which aims, thanks to digitization, to promote sustainable and inclusive tourism that benefits both travelers and the local population and their environment. For this reason, IEBS Digital School celebrates Turistech Day , an event that will bring together experts from the tourism industry to discuss the new trends and opportunities that are emerging from digital transformation, which we at Paraty Tech have the great pleasure of sponsoring.

The use of digital tools is key to attract increasingly hyperconnected tourists and to engage with them in an intelligent and scalable way. In this context, Turistech Day was created to offer tourism professionals a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and challenges in the ecosystem.

The event will feature recognized experts in the field of Turistech, who will share their experiences and knowledge on how to implement new technologies in tourism businesses. They will talk about, among other things, marketing and innovation in tourism 4.0, how to create immersive experiences using the Metaverse, key technologies for personalizing the tourist experience in hotels and future technologies in the tourism sector, among others. things.

The speaker's agenda will feature recognized professionals in the sector, such as Alfonso Pérez Liñán, Corporate Sales and Marketing Sr. Director at Only YOU Hotels, Elena Mateos, CEO & Founder of HotelSAAS, Jesús García González, Co-Founder of Xperiencia Virtual, José Luis Fernández, Chief Commercial Officer at Jacidi & eRoom Suite, Jorge Vallina, Managing Partner & CEO at Global Consulting and Tourism and Rocío Rojas, founding CEO of Turistech, among others.

Turistech Day is a free online event that will take place on May 25. It can be followed in streaming or in the metaverse from anywhere in the world.

Lastly, and for all those professionals in the industry, IEBS offers the Postgraduate in Tourism Transformation: Turistech and Traveltech, a program to learn to adapt to the changes that occur in organizations and the needs of an increasingly demanding and documented.

You can register for the event here

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